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Thursday, December 25, 2014


I’m So Grateful To God That A Day Like This Was Chosen To Remember The Day My Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Entered This World To Save Me From My Sins And Reconcile Me To My Father In Heaven. 

As I Wish You A Merry Christmas, I Sincerely Pray With All My Heart That This Season’s Celebration Will NOT STAND AGAINST YOU On Judgement Day. Is Jesus The Saviour And Lord Of Your Life?  Are You Born Again? 

Have You Surrendered Your ALL To Christ? If You’re Not Yet Very Sure, Please Settle It With God NOW! May The Joy Of This Christmas Be Yours Now And Always, Amen! 

HAPPY CHRISTmas With Love And Hugs From Me!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(7)..

Prostitution Is Glamorous:

We May Wonder Why Prostitution Is No Longer Hidden But Legalized In Most Countries And All These Have Their Roots In Pornographic Movies. It Subtly Injects Into Us The Practice Of Homo-Sexuality, Lesbianism And Multiple Sex Partners At The Same Time. Now, Gay Marriages Have Also Been Legalized In Most Countries And Even Some Churches Perform Holy Matrimonies For Them.

Porn Paints An Exciting Picture Of Prostitution. In Reality, Many Of The Women Portrayed In Pornographic Materials Are Runaway Girls Trapped In A Life Of Slavery. Many Of Those Girls Having Been Sexually Abused; Some Of Them Are Infected With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Are Highly Contagious And Often Die Very Young. Also, Many Take Drugs Just To Cope.

We Can See From The Old Testament That The Act Of Prostitution Is Punishable By

Monday, December 08, 2014

Is It Right To Marry A Man That Did Not Pay His Former Wife Dowry And After 14yrs Of Living Together?

Dear Beloved, I’m Intending To Marry A Man That Did Not Pay His Former Wife Dowry And After 14yrs Of Living Together As Husband And Wife Separated. They Had Just One Child. Is It Right To Marry Such Person?

I Don't Think It's Right To Marry Such A Man Who Has Lived For 14years With A Woman He Did Not Pay Dowry For. This Man Has Been Living In Sin For The Past 14yrs And You Want To Get Married To Him?

Is He A Believer In Christ Jesus? I Don't Think So! Are You A Believer In Christ Jesus? If Yes,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Which Cross Is Working In Your Life?

Is It The One That Entertains, Amuses You And Encourages Confidence In Yourself/Flesh?
Is It The One That Slew, Condemns/Convicts Sin And Destroys Your Confidence In Yourself/Flesh?

The Kind Of Cross In Your Life Determines Your Eternal Destination.

Choose Now The Biblical Cross That Slew, Convicts And Destroys Your Self-Confidence; And Ensure Your Eternity With Christ Jesus!

Loving You All..  
And Praying You’ll Have A Weekend Filled With God’s Peace And Comfort..  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(6)..

 Women Are A "Sport":

Porn Subconsciously Injects In Its Viewers The Idea That Women Are A “Sport” By The Way They Treat And Handle The Women Involved In Their Movies. They Count Them As Conquests Which They Win And Should Receive Medals For. This Evil Notion When Not Checked Can Permeate The Minds Of The Viewers And Cause Them To Begin Thinking Of Women As “Sports” And From Thinking To Actualization Because “As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He”.

Some Sports Magazines Have A "Swimsuit" Issue. This Suggests That Women Are Just Some Kind Of Sport. Porn Views Sex As A Game And In A Game; You Have

Monday, November 24, 2014

He’s Not Legally Married; Lives With A Woman And Has Three Kids. Now He Wants To Marry Me. What Do I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am In Great Confusion Now. I Met This Man Through A Sister From My Church. He Proposed To Me But I Later Found Out Through Prayer That He Lives With A Woman In An African Country With 3 Kids. He Didn't Lie About It But He Says They Are Not Legally Married, He Only Hooked Up With Her In Order For Him To Get His Papers And They Signed Some Documents Agreeing To Be Husband And Wife. I Am Confused Cos I Told My Pastors About It And They Said I Should Not Go For It. But When I Told Another Of My Pastor, She Said He Is My Husband And I Should Accept Him. And From The Dream I Had, There Were Battles But Together, I And Him Conquered. I Don’t Know What To Do Cos He Came To See My Family On Monday But They Did Not Accept Him Saying He's Already Married. Please What Do I Do Cos In As Much As I Love Him, I Do Not Want To Enter A Wrong Marriage? God Bless You

My Dear Sister, To Be Really Frank With You, That Man Does Not Seem Like A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus. First Of All, He Proposed To You Without Telling You That He’s Living With A Woman Who Has Had Three{3} Kids For Him Of Which You Have To Find Out Through Prayer. This Shows A Heart That’s Still Unconverted!

That He Didn’t Deny It When Confronted With The Truth But Went Ahead To Make Flimsy Excuses That He Only “HOOKED UP” With A Woman Just To

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Quote..

If You Have Not Come To The Point That It Is Settled In Your Heart That If Death Comes Upon You Now; As You Close Your Eyes Here On Earth, You’ll Open Them In Heaven Beholding Jesus, Then You Are Not Yet Saved!

We Are Saved By Grace For Sure But If Your Eternal Destination Is Heaven, YOU MUST KNOW IT FOR SURE!!

If You’re Still In Doubt Or Not Sure, Please Settle This Matter With God Now Before It’s Too Late. MAY GOD FORBID THAT WE’LL LOSE OUT ON ETERNITY WITH HIM! Amen!

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  
And Praying For A Peaceful Weekend For You All..  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship..

Hello Beloved, I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship. Thanks

My Dear Sister, The First And Best Key On Managing A Long Distance Relationship Is TRUST. Knowing How To Trust Or Not Knowing How To Trust Will Either Make Or Mar Your Relationship. It All Depends On You.

Now When I Say Trust, I Don't Mean Trusting Him 'Cos At Times, He Might Give You A Very Good Reason Not To Continue Trusting Him - It Only Goes To Show He;S Human. When I Say Trust, I Mean Trusting God To Keep The Relationship Since He's The One That Gave The Approval In The First Place.

If Your Fiancé Is Also Born Again, Then You Don't Have To Fear His Cheating On You 'Cos You're Each

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(5)..

A Woman's Value Depends On The Attractiveness Of Her Body:

This Is An Area That Has Eaten Deep Into Our Society Today. Everybody – Both Male And Female Believe That If A Lady Is Not Tall, Slim, Sexy, Shapely(Perfectly Rounded) And Flaunts It, Then She’s Nothing But An Object Which Can Be Considered As A Second Choice. Therefore, Our Markets Are Filled With All Manner Of Lightening Creams, Spot-Removers; Anti-Aging Creams Etc. And Women Are Busy, Seriously Patronizing Them.

Less Attractive Women Are Ridiculed In Porn. They Are Called Dogs, Whales, Pigs Or Worse, Simply Because They Don't Fit Into Porn's Criteria Of The "Perfect" Woman. Porn Doesn't Care About A Woman's Mind Or Personality, Only Her Body.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Are You Genuinely Born Again? If Yes, Then You MUST Always Have This At The Back Of Your Mind: This World Is Upside Down And You’re Swimming Against Its Current.

If You Find Yourself Doing Everything – Dressing, Working, Partying, Behaving, Thinking, Etc. – Like The People Of This World Does, Then Examine Yourself To See If You’re Really A True Believer In Jesus Christ.

We Are In This World To Turn It RIGHT-SIDE UP FOR GOD!! Are You Playing Your Part???

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  
And Praying You Have A Great Weekend..  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(4)..

Good Sex Requires Super-Human Energy:

Porn Makes You Believe That Sex Requires Endless Energy And Passion. In Reality, The Men And Women Portrayed In Pornographic Movies Are Constantly On Hard Drugs Which Give Them The Extra Energy To Perform Endlessly.

Moreover, Movies Are Made In Cuts And Joined At The End Of The Shoot But They Make You Believe In Super-Human Power And If Care Is Not Taken,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Her Parents Does Not Support Our Relationship Because They Don’t Like My Native Land. Please What Should I Do?

Hello Beloved. I’m A Guy Of 28 Years; And Seriously In Love With A Girl Of 23 Years. She Loves Me More Than I Do And Each Time She Do Tell Me How She Wish To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With Me But The Problem Is That Her Parents Does Not Support Our Relationship Because They Don’t Like My Native Land. Please What Should I Do ‘Cos We Both Don’t Want To Lose Each Other.

My Brother, I Observed As I Read Your Message That You Didn’t Specify If God Has Approved Your Relationship With The Lady. You See, One Truth About God Is This; Whatever He Approved, He Creates A Way To Bring It To Pass And Nobody Can Say No Or Do Anything About It! If God Says Yes, Who Is It That Can Say No? No One!

So I Will Begin By Asking You To Go To God In Prayers First Of All So As To Know His Mind Concerning This Matter. But Before

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Have You Been Looking All Over For That Special Person/Thing Who/That Who Can Satisfy The Desires Of Your Heart And You’ve Been Disappointed Several Times?

If You Continue Searching For It In Mere Mortals And Things, You’ll Even Face More Disappointments Till You Look In The Right Place And That Is Heavenwards!

Only And I Repeat, Only GOD Can Satisfy You Simply Because He Created That Heart And Has The Manufacturer’s Manual On How To Satisfy His Creation.

Why Delay Further? Go To Him In Prayers So He Can Quickly Go To Work On Your Heart.

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(3)..

Women Are “Property”:

Pornography Unconsciously Injects The Idea On Our Minds That Women Are Nothing But Properties To Be Purchased And Kept, Used And Discarded When Tired Of Them. Unfortunately, Even Some Ladies Are Buying Into This Misconception Thereby Allowing Themselves To Be Treated As Rags.

Most Men Find It So Easy To Man-Handle And Turn Women Into Punching Bags Because They Believe They Own Them Since They Spend On Them Or Paid Their Bride-Price. These Unfounded Beliefs Stem From Years Of Watching Porn And Allowing Those Subtle Ideas Infest Our Minds Instead Of Renewing Our Mind With The Word Of God.

We've All Seen The Pictures Of The Sleek

Monday, October 13, 2014

She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

Dear Beloved, I Have This Friendship Going On With My Bestie In High School, A Female And We Happen To Meet Again At The University As Students. This Time Around I Have Decided To Take This Friendship To The Next Level And Get Intimate With Her. Even Though I Haven't Spoken To Her About It Yet, I Have Showed It In My Actions That I Am Deeply In Love With Her And Hoping That Her Reaction Would Be The Same As Mine But She Still Sees Me As Just Friends. I’m Shy To Tell Her That I’m Deeply In Love With Her And Also Afraid Of What Her Answer Might Be Because This Can Also Ruin Our Little Friendship. I Feel So Secured And Comfortable When Around Her. The Feeling Of Just Wanting To Do Just Anything For Her, Anything That Would Make Her Happy Because When She Is Happy Then I Am Happy Also. She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

My Brother, My First Observation As I Read Your Post Is That No Mention Of Having Prayed And Felt God’s Confirmation Was Made. You See, I Don’t Support Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships And A Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Not What Delve Into Just By Your Feelings. You Must Be Fully Convinced Or You May Break Her Heart Unnecessarily.

Before You Take This Friendship To The Next Level, Please Pray About It First And Seek The Lord’s Confirmation But Know That Before

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man?

Dear Beloved, I Have Being Praying And Waiting On God For A Life Partner. Some Promising And Genuine Sons Of God Have Proposed To Me Overtime Which Got Me Excited That God Has Done It Finally. But Each Time I Took It To God In Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me Clearly Not To Marry Them Because If I Did I Would Sink, That I Should Exercise More Patience And My Spiritual Mentors Also Confirmed It Each Time. 
Now A Friend Has Been Asking For My Hand In Marriage For About 5yrs, But I Had Always Said NO Even Without Praying Because I Think He's Not So Spiritually Sound To Be My Head, He Doesn't Drink But Takes Red Wine When Making A Toast @ A Party Occasionally Because He Doesn't Believe It Is Wrong To Do So As A Christian, I Don't Even Love Him And He Only Knows Something Keeps Drawing Him To Me
Recently He Proposed Again And Said He Has Waited For A Long Time For Me Without Proposing To Another Lady, That If I Told Him No This Time, He Would Pitch His Tent Somewhere Else And Not Bother Me Again. And So I Took It To God In Prayers This Time, As Advised Not To Turn Down Any Proposal Without Seeking God. 
In The Place Of Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me "Shift Your Gaze From Others, Fear Not And Open The Door For The One Knocking At This Time, For Every Lying Tongue Will The Lord Destroy". I Asked For More Clarity From God And He Led Me To Read Heb 3:15 To Heb 4:1. Also Some Other Signs Followed. With All These, Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? 
Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man? I Sincerely Do Not Believe He Can Be My Husband Because I Had Always Thought God Will Give Me A Spiritual Giant As A Partner. But With All These Signs, I Really Do Not Understand. I Have Waited This Long In Order To Please God And Do His Will.

My Dear Sis, After Reading The Scriptures You Wrote Out, I Feel It Could Be God Telling You To Go Ahead. BUT Please Be Very Sure It Is From God ‘Cos His Word Standeth Sure; And Also, Meet Your Spiritual Mentors On This Matter To Confirm It Further.

Now, One Thing I Should Let You Know Is That Our Thoughts And Ways Are So Different From God's Therefore What We

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(2)..

Little Kids Should Have Sex:

Most Times, We Wonder At The Rate Child Trafficking, Child Abuse And Other Forms Of Child Malpractices Are On The Increase But Its Root Can Be Found In The Subtle Psychological Influence Of Pornography Whereby Women Are Dressed As Little Kids And Behave As Such Too To Win Over Their Male Counterparts. This Injects Into Most Men The Thoughts Of Molesting And Sexually Abusing Babies And Little Kids, Even Their Children In Some Cases.

One Of The Biggest Sellers In Pornography Is Imitation Of "Child" Porn. The Women Are "Made-Up" To

Monday, September 15, 2014

Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do!

Please Beloved, My Past Is Haunting Me Now. The Man That Proposed Marriage To Me Has Found Out My Past Affair With A Married Man, He Is Confronting Me About It And I Don’t Know What To Tell Him. Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do. Please Help Me, I Have Used My Own Hands To Destroy Myself.

My Dear, The Bible Never Contradicted Itself When It Said The Truth Sets Us Free So I Will Not Advise You Contrary To The Word Of God. You Did Wrong By Committing Adultery But I Believe It Was Done Before You Met And Knew Christ.

Tell Him The Truth And Explain That You Did It In Ignorance When You Haven't Really Known Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Personal Saviour. Do Not Be Afraid Of Losing A Man But Be More Afraid Of Losing Your Salvation.

If You Decide To Lie To Him, For How Long Will You Live A Lie? Remember, The

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(1)..

Women Are Less Than Human:
In Most Pornographic Movies And Magazines, The Way Women Are Treated And The Parts, Dances And Positions Given Them To Perform Portrays Them As Mere Playthings And Less Human. This Is The #1 Lie Because Women Are Not Playthings.

Porn Often Refers To Women As Animals, Playthings, Or Body Parts. Some Pornography Shows Only The Body Or The Genitals And Doesn't Show The Face At All. The Idea That Women Are Real Human Beings With Thoughts And Emotions Is Played Down Thereby Subconsciously Filling Your Mind With The Same Thought Pattern.

But The Bible Has The Original Theory On Women. In Gen.1:27, It Says “So God Created Man In His Own Image, In The Image Of God He Created Him; Male And Female He Created Them”.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Enjoy This Lovely And Thought-Provoking Poem By Anidebe Chimezie Obiorah Who’s One Of Us..

Beauty Of A Woman Lies Not On Physical Attraction,
But A Step Towards It,
Beauty Of A Woman Is Based Not On Decoration
But A Strive Toward It,
Beauty By Physical Attraction
...Last Not Forever     
Beauties By

Monday, August 18, 2014

I Feel Telling Her Of My Love For Her Might Be Too Early As We Have Known Each Other For About Two Months Now. What Do You Think?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Believer In Jesus, A University Student And Presently Managing A Job. I Met A Lady At My Work Place. Since We Met, We Have Been Very Good Friends And Enjoyed The Company Of Each Other. I Really Admire Her And I Desire Her For A Helpmeet. I Have Sought The Lord And My Heart Is Still In That Direction But I Feel Telling Her Of My Love For Her Might Be Too Early As We Have Known Each Other For About Two Months Now. What Do You Think? I Don’t Want Her To Feel The Reason I Have Been Nice Is Because I Want An Affair? What Do I Do?

My Brother, Desiring A Woman To Be Your Helpmeet Is A Godly And Honourable Intention BUT I See You Are Yet To Receive A Full Confirmation From God About Her. You Said You Have Sought The Lord And Your Heart Is Still In That Direction But You Didn’t Say If You Have Received A Go-Ahead From God.

You See, The Reason I Brought This Out Is That Women Have Very Tender Hearts And It Would Not Be Wise To Reveal Your Feelings For Her And Maybe

Friday, August 08, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Is It Masturbation? Homosexualism? Lesbianism? Pornography? Etc. Whatever Vice You May Be Involved In, Please Don’t Hide It ‘Cos The Devil Loves Secret; Confide In A Trusted And Reliable Servant Of God And Seek Deliverance.


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(Intro)..

Introduction: Sex Out Of Context

Imagine Or Visualize A Blazing Fire In The Fireplace. It's Safe, Warm, Relaxing And Romantic. Now Take That Same Fire Out Of The Fireplace (Which Was Built For It) And Drop It In The Middle Of The Living Room. Suddenly It Becomes Destructive. It Can Burn Down The Whole House And Kill Everyone Inside. Sex Is Like That Fire. As Long As It's Expressed In The Protective Commitment Of A Marriage Relationship, It's Wonderful, Warm And Romantic. But Porn Takes Sex Outside That Context.

Porn Is A Big Business That Makes A Lot Of Money And Doesn't Care How. They'll Show You Whatever They Think Will Make You

Monday, August 04, 2014

Please Guide Me, Am Really Confused - It Makes Me Laugh At Times, Love Is Bizarre. I Really Need Your Advice, Please.

Dear Beloved, Since I Liked This Page, My Faith Really Grow, But Still Then, My Heart Is Troubled A Little. My Situation Is Really Complicated. I Know I Did Not Please God In The Past, Because I Started An Early Relationship With A Girl, We Were Together For About 5 Years, She Was Pregnant For Me (The Child Died), I Had A Lot Of Trouble With My Family, I Abandoned My Friends But We Are Not More Together; That Was In The Past - Since That Time, I Have Repented And Seek Jesus To Guide Me Every Day. But, Now Am In Love. I Love This Girl, I Don't Know Why. We Know Each Other Since I Was 22 Years, Now Am 25. She Has The Fear Of God But She Is Easily Manipulated Or Influenced By Her Friends And The Environment She Is Growing In. At Times, She Will Become A Nice And Gentle Girl, But After Some Few Days, She Will Return To Her Old Behaviour. It’s True That I Have Broken One Of My Rules Since My Past Experience - I Wanted To Make Love Only With My Wife, But In The Past 3 Years, I Had Sex With This Girl - We Did Love One Time. In My Heart I Know I Did Not Please God, Because I Promised Him That It Will Be Only With My Wife. Since I Know Her, She Always Behaves As If She Does Not Care Much About The Relation We Have, But I Don't Know Why We Are Still Together. At Times, She Does Not Show Her Feelings - I Don't Know How To Describe It, A Type Of Girl That When She Has Anything In Her Mind That She Wants To Do, She Will Do It, Even When You Tell Her To Do Otherwise. I Have Prayed That If She Is Not Sent By God, She Should Go, But She Is There More And More. At Times I Go, I Don't Want To Think About Her, But I Will Be With Her After Sometime. They Are Many Things That She Did Or Are Doing, That At Times I Ask For A Break, But I Will See After Sometimes, We Will Be Together Again. Sometimes Also, I Believe She Is Acting Funny Because She Did Not Grow Up With Her Dad, Just Her Mom And Because Of That Dad's Affection She Lost, She Does Not Want To Open Her Heart To Any Man - The Only Man She Really Respect And Care At Times, Is Me - I Know Her Family Very Well, Everybody There Appreciate Me A Lot. Sometimes, I Asked Myself, If God Want To Test Me Every Day, Because Am Really Confused. I Am Praying God To Change Her Behaviour And Her Heart - That He Should Even Take My Life But Save Her From What She’s Going Through, Still Then - We Are Still Together. Sometimes, I Asked Myself If She Is The One, And If She Is Indeed That God Has Chosen Her For Me, Why Is It That Difficult For Me To Enjoy Her Or Not To Stress Too Much About Her. Love Is Complicated, I Don't Understand. I Am A God-Fearing Man, Really - I Will Not Say Am Perfect At 100%, But Every Day I Put Considerable Effort And I Know The Holy Spirit Is By Me. But Concerning My Relationship With This Girl, Am Confused - I Have Prayed That God Truly Tell Me If She Is The One - And He Showed Me - But Really, Am Confused - Because I Know That When You Seek God With All Your Heart He Will Give What Your Heart Desire (And I Believe - God Will Give You A Good Something Immediately). Please Guide Me, Am Really Confused - It Makes Me Laugh At Times, Love Is Bizarre. I Really Need Your Advices, Please.

My Brother, The Issues You Presented Were Quite Lengthy But What I Can Make Of It Is That You’re Really Confused About The Girl In Your Life. You See, You Can’t Be In A Relationship And Expect God To Speak To You – It’s Like You’ve Already Gone Ahead Of Him And He Just Can’t Take The Back Seat! You Have To Surrender All – Even That Relationship – For Him To Take Over!

When You Want To Seek The Lord’s Face About Someone, You Must

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear Children,

Should The Lord Give You The Good Gift Of A Husband Or Wife, And I Hope He Does, There Are A Few Things I Want You To Know. Things That You May Not Hear From Anyone Else, And Certainly Not On TV Or Other Media. Sadly, Your Church May Not Even Tell You.

Marriage, Sweet Little People, Is Not For The Purpose Of Your Happiness. Happy As I Want You To Be And Hope You Will Be, You Must Yet Understand That Marriage Is God’s Design And His Purposes Must Be Pursued In Order For You To Be Truly Happy. His End Is Holiness And He Will Use All Things In A Life Devoted To Him To Fulfill That End.

To My Girls:          
Marry A Man Whose First

Monday, July 21, 2014

He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

Hello Beloved, I Like Your Blog Page, It’s Really Inspiring. I Am A Christian And Have Been Raped Before By Someone I Trusted. Afterwards, I Just Hated The Act But Now I Have A God Fearing Man God Has Given Me, Due To My Vulnerability. I Have Kissed Him And Even Spent The Night With Him But No Sex Involved; I Told Him About My Past And He Understands And Helps And Looks For Ways To Make Me Happy And Satisfied So He Tries To Fill The Vacuum Of My Sexual Urges Cause I Was Told That These Urges Will Come So Long As Have Be Active. We Have Asked God To Forgive Our Times Of Weakness, But I Know He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

My Dear Sister, Thanks For Visiting And Learning A Lot From My Blog. I’m Happy To Hear That You’ve Recovered From Such An Ordeal And Also Been Blessed With A God-Fearing Man; I Give God All The Praise And Glory.

Even Though You Kissed And Passed The Night In His Place Without Any Hassle Or Sex Involved, I Wouldn’t Advise That Or Support It ‘Cos You See,

Monday, July 07, 2014

She’s Married To A Drunk Who Mercilessly Beats Her And She Wants To Return To Her First Love Who She Had A Son For. Am I Right To Help Her In Her Plan To Run Away From Her Husband??

Dear Beloved, I Have A Friend Who’s Married To A Man, At16, She Was Impregnated By Her Boyfriend And The Guy Wanted To Marry Her But Due To Some Family Problem, They Broke Up. She Later Had A Successful Child Birth And That Was Her First Son. She Later Married A Drunk; This Man Became My Friend Due To My Relationship With His Wife. 
Now The Problem Is That, Whenever This Man Gets Drunk, He Will Beat His Wife Mercilessly And Some Time Uses Knife To Chase Her About At Mid-Night, So She Always Come To Me Those Nights Just To Pass The Night. 
I Have Talked To This Man As A Friend Severally And He Will Promise To Stop, But After Some Time He Will Go And Get Drunk And Repeat That Again. Now Her First Son Got Married But No Issue Yet, And The Man She Got Pregnant For At 16 Is Coming For Her Now, But She Has Had 3 Kids With Her Husband Who Always Beat Her. 
When She Explained Everything To Me, I Told Her To Do Her Mind ‘Cos She Fell In Love With That First Guy Again. She Now Wants To Go Back To Him And They Have Already Scheduled How She Will Run From Her Drunk Husband’s House Through Sms And Am The One That Sends Those Sms Because She Can’t Do That. I Want To Know If I Am Safe.

My Brother, Helping Someone To Break Her Marriage And Run Back To Another Man Is Same As Helping Her To Commit Adultery Which Is Sin Before God. If She Wants To Leave Her Home Because Her Husband Mercilessly Beats Her, She Can Give Him Some Space But She's Not Free To Re-Marry {Check 1Cor.7:10-11} And That Command Came From God Himself Through Paul. So She'll Remain Single Else She Will Reconcile With Her Husband.

From Your Story, I Will Advise You To

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do You Know That It’s Very Possible To Waste Your Love On The Wrong Partner? That You Spent Three(3) Or Five(5) Years In A Relationship Does Not Make It Marriage-Worthy If You’re With The Wrong Partner. It Means You Just Wasted Priceless Years Of Your Precious Life..
**Why Go Naked By Over-Exposing Your Breasts, Buttocks, Thighs, Fixing Artificial Eye-Lashes And Everything Fixable Just Because You’re Hoping Against Hope That You’ll Get Him/Her To Approve Of You?

**Why Lavish Your Love And Expose Your

Monday, June 16, 2014

Look At Me, I've Got No Job, No Money At Bank And At Hand, No Boyfriend... Nothing At All. I Don't Know If Am Doing The Right Thing.. Please Help Me ‘Cos I Don't Know Which Way To Go!!

Hello Beloved, So Many Tins Have Been Running Through My Mind Lately. I And A Brother In My Church Have Been Getting Serious In A Relationship, He Said He Prayed About It And God Showed Him Am His Wife Although God Haven’t Showed Me Yet. Along The Line, He Asked Me To Come Over To His House So We Can Talk And Make Plans About Our Future.. I Refused Coming, He Insisted And I Told Him I Would Come Only On The Condition That He Won't Have Sex With Me Or Romance Me. He Laughed Saying Am Being Childish And That He Must Sleep With Me, And That In Fact, He Even Wants To Get Me Pregnant So I Won't Leave Him. I Became Angry And Told Him Not To Call Me Again. We Broke Up. Then I Met Another Christian Brother Last Month; He Wanted Us To Date And I Told Him I Would Pray About It. I Later Told Him That I Don't Do Pre-Marital Sex ‘Cos Am A Christian. To My Greatest Surprise He Said NO, That He Can't Abide By That. I Was Really Disappointed ‘Cos I Kinda Liked His Appearance But I Let Him Go. I've Broken Up With So Many Guys Because Of This Issue Of Sex. I Have Lost So Many Things Because Of It Too. Most People Would Want To Help Me But When I Refuse Sleeping With Them, They Won't Help Again. I Have A Friend, She Has Everything She Wants, In My Presence A Man Gave Her 50k Cheque Just Because She Slept With Him, She Even Got A Gift Of iPad. She Has So Much Money In Her Bank Account And At Times, I Really Envy Her. Look At Me, I've Got No Job, No Money At Bank And At Hand, No Boyfriend... Nothing At All. I Don't Know If Am Doing The Right Thing. Please Help Me ‘Cos I Don't Know Which Way To Go!!

My Dear Sister, As I Read About Your Predicament, The Chorus Of A Song Sang By MaryMary Titled ‘I Just Can’t Give Up Now’ Came To My Mind And If You Know It, Singing It Often Will Always Be Of Help;

I Just Can’t Give Up Now
I’ve Come Too Far From Where I Started From
Nobody Told Me The Road Would Be Easy
And I Don’t Believe He Brought Me This Far To Leave Me

You Know, The Road To Eternal Life Is Very Narrow And Jesus Never Promised Us That It’s Easy But He Rather Said In John 16:33b That

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Dear Children,

Should The Lord Give You The Good Gift Of A Husband Or Wife, And I Hope He Does, There Are A Few Things I Want You To Know. Things That You May Not Hear From Anyone Else, And Certainly Not On TV Or Other Media. Sadly, Your Church May Not Even Tell You.

Marriage, Sweet Little People, Is Not For The Purpose Of Your Happiness. Happy As I Want You To Be And Hope You Will Be, You Must Yet Understand That Marriage Is God’s Design And His Purposes Must Be Pursued In Order For You To Be Truly Happy. His End Is Holiness And He Will Use All Things In A Life Devoted To Him To Fulfill That End.

To My Girls: 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Is It Right To Be In A Relationship With One Who Doesn't Share The Same Faith With You?

Dear Beloved, Am A 23 Year Old Born Again Christian Lady And For Sometimes Past, I Dated 3 Guys Without Seeking Jehovah's Consent. Now That I Know The Right Steps To Take Before Saying Yes To Any Proposal, My Friends Are All Mocking Me. They Kept On Saying I’ll Wither Before God Confirms My So Called Suitable Partner. My Question Is This; Is It Right To Be In A Relationship With One Who Doesn't Share The Same Faith With You? Since I Really Want To Marry From My Church, Should I Keep On Saying No To Guys Outside My Church Or I Should Trust God For My Dream Partner ? Thank You

My Dear, If You're Trusting God For A Life Partner, Then Don't Restrict Him To Just Your Church. He Wants What Is Best For You More Than You Even Do Because His Thoughts For And Let Him Bring The Right Man For You Be It From Your Church Or Anywhere.

I’ll Strongly Advise You To Know The Kind Of Friends You Keep. Any Friend That Does Not Share Your Values And Passions For God Should Be Kept Seriously At Arm’s Length And

Wednesday, May 07, 2014



Ladies; Have You Ever Come Across Brothers Like The One Who Said This? Any “Brother” Or “Pastor-To-Be” Who Will Ever Utter These Words To You Is Not A Genuine Born Again Christian And You Should Run From Him! Another Man Who Will Appreciate You For Wanting To Keep Yourself Will Come For You By The Grace Of God.

Sex Without Marriage Is Fornication No Matter How We Try To Paint It And

Monday, May 05, 2014

He Closed My Marriage File With Him, Opened For Two Others Sisters And He’s Asking Me To Restart With Him Again. Was I Right To Say No?

Dear Beloved, I Was Engaged To This Brother But Every Time, He Would Be Telling Me That If I Don’t Hasten Up With Visiting My Church Marriage Committee, He'll Close The File And Am A Student Who’s Not Always Chanced. At One Time, He Angrily Closed Up The File And On That Same Day Opened A New File For Another Sister, But The Process Later Went Futile. I Was Told He Brought Another One Which Also Went Futile And Now After Two(2) Years, He Came Back Begging Me To Restart With Him And I Said NO! Was I Right?

Yes, You Were Right! The Brother Was Really Confused And Was Not Being Led By The Holy Spirit 'Cos God Would Never Lead Any Man To Consider Many Sisters When It Comes To Marriage. He Will Only Lead You To The Right Sister; Not To Many Sisters! And I Wonder Why It Was So Easy For Him To Open, Close And Open Files For Sisters As He Wanted.

I Believe These Marriage Files Are Supposed To Be In The Possessions Of The

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Do You Agree To Everything Your Partner Asks Of You In Your Relationship All In The Name Of Love? Love Is Wise And Not Stupid; It Sees Clearly And Not Blind. There Are Times When Saying No Is Absolutely Necessary Especially If You’re In An Ungodly Relationship.
**If You’re Truly Born Again, Then You Must SAY NO To Premarital Sex No Matter The Excuse Or Reason Given For It.

**You Must SAY NO To Having An Abortion For Him ‘Cos You’ve Made The First Mistake And You Don’t Have To Compound Your Sin By Making Another.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Still Love And Want Her Back Even Though She Left Me For Another Man. Please Advice Me..

Hi Beloved, Praise Jesus! The Only Lady I've Ever Loved Backslid After Being Heart Broken By Her Youth Leader Whom She Left Me For. She Went And Got Pregnant For Another Man This Year And She's About To Deliver. The Thing Is, I’ve Never Stopped Loving Her And I Called Her Several Time This Month And Told Her To Give Her Life To Jesus And Come Back To Church And After She Has Given Birth, We'll Give What We Had Another Chance. She Told Me That She Will Think About i.e. After I Insisted. Please Advise Me.
My Brother, As I Read Your Question, A Scripture Came To Mind And It Says; Love Covers A Multitude Of Sins And Then The Story Of Prophet Hosea Came To Mind Who Married A Prostitute That Kept Going Back To That Ungodly Lifestyle Yet God Asked Him To Bring Her In And Love Her ‘Cos That’s The Relationship Between Israel And Him.
It’s Also The Relationship Between God And Us Today – While We’re Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us And Even When We Sin And Confess It, He’s Ever Ready To Forgive Us And Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


God Has Given Me The Strength To Wait:

It's Been Years Since I've Had Sex. I Wish I Could Say That I Totally Waited For Marriage, But I Can't. I Do Have Regrets (And, As I Said Before, They Have Lasted Much Longer Than Any Momentary Pleasures). I Have Regrets About The Way I've Treated Girls.

I Have Concerns About The Stability Of My Future Marriage (If And When I Get Married). But God Has Helped Me To Deal With My Past Acts And With My Concerns For The Future. He Is In The Process Of Changing Me, And Has Changed Me A Lot Already.

Also, God Has Given Me The Ability To Wait For Marriage To Have Sex Again. Sure,

Monday, April 07, 2014

He’s Cheating On Me But Says I Should Wait On Him. Should I Wait Or Is He Playing Me??

Dear Beloved, I Have This Boyfriend Who Is Doing His Last Year In Boston Media House. The Reason Why I Mentioned This Is Because He Is Cheating On Me With An Old Policewoman Who Has A Child. That Child Isn’t For My Boyfriend. Each And Every Time I Try To Break Up With Him, He Keeps On Saying That He Still Loves Me. Let’s Not Say We Broke Up But Let’s Call It A Break. I Mean Really Now. I Haven't Done Anything Wrong To Him, He Said I Must Give Him This Month Only; Everything Will Be Over By The End Of It. I Am Really Lost. Yes I Still Love Him. Should I Wait For Him Or He Is Playing Me? Please Help Me.

My Dear, I Believe The Answer To Your Questions Is Very Clear; Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You And Does Not Love You. His Actions Shows He Prefers The Relationship He Has With The Policewoman Above The One He Has With You. Whether The Child Is His Or Not Does Not In Anyway Change The Situation.

Secondly, That You Still Love Him Even As He Continually Cheats On You With The Same Woman Simply Shows Your Fear Of Letting

Thursday, March 27, 2014


       I Have Found Something More Satisfying Than Sex:

I Know What You're Thinking: "Yeah, Right." But It's True. And In Fact, In A Way Sex Helped Me To Discover The Something That Outdoes It. And That Something Is Not Really A Something, It's A Someone. It's God. Just Hear Me Out On This One, I Know It Sounds Far-Fetched, But The Whole Thing Makes Sense.

God Has Created Us In Such A Way That We Can't Be Ultimately Satisfied By Anything Except Him. He Built That Into The

Monday, March 24, 2014

I’m 21 And Have This Girl In Mind For A Long Time. Should I Tell Her To Wait Or Ignore Her?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Boy Of 21years, There Is This Girl That I Have Been Glaring At For A Very Long Time And My Intuitions Tells Me That She Will Be My Wife In The Future But I Have Not Spoken To Her Because I Need To Focus On My Life. I Was Passing Her Place One Day And She Told Her Mum That She Will Want To Marry Someone Like Me. Should I Tell Her To Wait, Ignore Her Or What Is The Way Forward?

My Dear Brother, From Your Age, I Will Guess You’re Still In The University And I Don’t Think It’s Wise To Tell A Girl You Want To Marry Her So That She’ll Wait For You.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I Don't Have To Sleep With A Woman To Know If We're "Sexually Compatible":
Sex Is Meant To Complement A Relationship, Not Be The Most Important Aspect Of It. That's What I've Found Out. It's Supposed To Be The Icing On The Cake When All The Other Aspects Of Your Relationship Are Working Well.

I've Come To Understand That The Sex Will Be Good If The Rest Of The Relationship Is Good. That's Why I Know I Don't

Monday, March 10, 2014

Can A New Marriage Still Be Blessed If Adultery Was Committed In A Previous Marriage?

Dear Beloved, Can A New Marriage Still Be Blessed If At One Point One Of The Individuals Committed Adultery In A Previous Marriage? Or Will The New Marriage Be Cursed And Suffer. Example: A Husband Is Still Legally Married But Been Separated From His Wife For Over A Year. The Wife Had Moved On During The Separation And About 2 Years Into The Separation Became Pregnant By Another Man/Boyfriend.
The Husband Had Moved On To Dating Another Woman During The Separation And Lived Out Of The Home. He Stayed Married To His Wife, Because She Would Make Up Excuses About Signing Divorce Papers, And Would Always Threaten To Keep His Daughter Away From Him Over Trivial Reasons.
So, He Tried To Keep The Peace By Keeping The Divorce Topic To A Minimum To The Wife, Although She Had Already Moved On With Another Man Herself. The Divorce Finally Took Place Once The Wife Began To Cooperate, After She Became Pregnant By Her Boyfriend. At That Point She Brought Signed Divorced Papers To The Husband. All The While During The Separation The Married Man Carried A Relationship With A New Woman, And Now Him And The New Woman That Dated For 4 Years Of The Separation Are Married.
Both Love God. Will This New Marriage Be Blessed, Or Will There Be Bad Karma/Punishment Because They Did Not Wait To Date, And Carried On During A "Separated But Married" Time? How Should The New Wife, Who Really Honors Marriage Proceed With Confidence In Her Marriage, When She Was Technically Wrong For Dating Her Now Husband, When He Was Still Previously Married On Paper?

My Dear Sister, In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Use The Scriptures Expressly So That This Matter Will Be Objectively Addressed. First Of All In Mal.2:13-14, God Refused To Answer Their Prayers Nor Accept Their Offerings Because He Is The Witness Between Him And The Wife Of His Youth Which He Has Broken Faith With. She’s His Partner, The Wife Of His Marriage Covenant.

Going Down Further To Verses 16 Of The Same Verse, The Lord God Of Israel Himself Said “I Hate Divorce…” In The

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Not Having Sex With Other Women Will Mean Better Sex In My Marriage:

 Sex Is A Mysterious Thing That Causes A Deep Bond Between People, Even If We Call It "Casual." The Problem Is This: The More I Bond With Other Girls, The Less I'll Be Able To Bond With My Future Wife. It's Like A Piece Of Scotch Tape -- The More You Use It On Different Surfaces, The Less It Sticks To Things. After Awhile, It Won't Stick To Anything.

If I Bond With Other Girls Before I Get Married, I Won't Be Able To Bond As Well With

Monday, February 24, 2014

Is It Right For A Christian Male Virgin To Marry A Lady Who’s No Longer A Virgin And Does Physical Features Play A Role In Choosing A Life Partner?

Dear Beloved, Please I Want To Ask Whether It Is Right For A Young Christian Male Virgin To Marry A Lady Who Isn't A Virgin. How Does Intuition Play A Role In Choosing A Life Partner, Especially When You Strongly Feel Unrest And Confusion In Your Spirit? Also Does Physical Features Play A Role In Choosing A Life Partner? I Like Big Busts Very Much And Desires To Marry A Very Busty Lady.

Yes My Brother, There’s Nothing Wrong With It But You Must Be Sure God Has Confirmed Her To You As Your Wife. Once He Does That, Then Accept And Love Her With All Your Heart 'Cos Once We Become Genuinely Born Again, We're New Creatures In Christ Jesus; All The Old Things – Our Past Lives – Have Passed Away And Everything Is Now New!

To Your Second Question, I’ll Also Say Yes ‘Cos Intuition, Which Is The Ability To Know Something Without

Thursday, February 13, 2014


 Like So Many People Are Already Saying; ‘TOMORROW IS THE D-DAY’ And They’re Preparing Seriously For It. Now If You Ask Them Why, The Answer Would Be; ‘IT’S VALENTINE OR LOVERS’ DAY!, A Day To Show The Extent Of Your Love To Your Loved One!

Now I Wonder Along These Lines;
**Why The So Great A Preparation For Something That Passes In Just One Day?
**How Has The Devil Managed To Twist The Great Love Of God Which Ought To Be Celebrated Everyday Into A So-Called “Lovers’ Day” Filled With Sexual Immorality And The Likes?

Sisters Who Profess To Be Born Again, What Are You

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


     Waiting To Have Sex With My Wife Will Mean Better Sex In My Marriage:

 Why? Because We'll Go Into The Marriage With Me Having More Respect For Her And Her Having More Trust In Me. One Thing I've Learned: If A Girl Doesn't Trust A Guy, She Doesn't Want To Give Herself Wholly To Him. Deep Down, She Doesn't Really Enjoy Being With Him.

This Is How It Works. Since "Girls Use Sex To Get Love, And Guys Use Love To Get Sex," A Couple Will

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


        Sex Before Marriage Ruins The Other Parts Of The Relationship:

For Me, Two Things Happened Once I Had Sex With A Girl. As I Look Back On It, I Can Say That They Happened Literally Every Time, Although I Was Unaware Of These Dynamics At The Time. The Two Things Were This:

1, I Lost Respect For The Girl (Even Though I Didn't Want To); And
2, She Began To Mistrust Me (Even Though She Didn't Want To).

I Don't Know Why This Happened; I Just Know That It Did. Maybe It's Just Built Into

Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Ladies Got Pregnant For Me And I Denied One For Fear Of My Father And I Regret It. How Do I Go On With My Life?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Born Again But It Is Like I Have Back-Slided. After Finishing My High School, I Got Into A Relationship With A Certain Girl Who Was Of A Different Tribe. It Reached A Point And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant And I Knew Nothing About It. Within Some Few Days, My Father Noticed That We Were In A Relationship With Her. My Dad Became Harsh To Me And Told Me Never Ever Will He Want To Hear That I Have Married A Girl From That Tribe.
I Decided To Leave The Girl And I Got One From My Tribe. We Didn't Stay Long And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant. I Didn't Know About It Because She Didn't Tell Me. In The Year 2011, I Went To College. During That Time I Had An Idea About The Pregnancy Of Those Girls. The First One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Told Me. I Had To Deny Because I Knew That My Father Had Told Me Never To Marry Her. The Second One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Got Married.
Now I Am Confused Whether I Will Ever Marry And All I Have Sinned. I Regret This. Please Advise Me On What To Do. If At All I Go To The 1st Lady, Then Her Parent Will Definitely Tell My Parents That It Was True. So I Don't Know How My Dad Will React On Me. Can That Girl Accept To Take Care Of That Child Alone? Can She Allow Me To Marry Another Lady And Lead A Nice Life Or She Will Still Continue To Follow Me? Will I Ever Stand In The Church And Tell The People About The Word Of God Like I Used To Do Earlier? These Are The Kinds Of Questions That Normally Flow In My Mind.
I Wish To Have A Good Family That I Will Enjoy To Be With But I Fail To Understand If It Will Ever Happen Because Of What I Did. I Just Feel That I Messed With My Future. I Thank God That You Are Here And You Will Be Of Great Help To Me And Also My Life Will Change. Pray For Me And Also I Am Looking Forward To Your Advice. May God Bless You.


My Brother, I Was Really Touched As I Read Your Story And One Truth That Stood Out Clear As I Finished Reading It Is That You MUST Confess – You’ll Never Be Free Till You Do So. That Is What The Bible Calls Restitution. You Shouldn’t Have Denied A Pregnancy You Know Full Well Is Yours And Left That Young Lady To Suffer All The Humiliation And Shame Alone Just Because Of Fear. #NotGoodAtAll.

Do You Know That When The Bible Talked About Hating Your Father, Mother, Wife, Children, Brothers, Sisters And Even Yourself{Luke 14:26} So That You Can Be A Disciple Of Jesus, This Is What It Means?