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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Boyfriend Wants Me And Our Two Girls Back But He’s Coming With Another Child. What Do I Do?

I Have Two(2) Daughters With My Boyfriend. We Stayed Together for five(5)yrs, But He Moved Out With No Reason Known By Me. I Can’t Move On Only Because I Love Him And All This Time I Waited. Now He Wants To Come Back But He Has A Child With Another Woman Which Hurts Me, Especially Now And Then When He Puts The Child’s Pictures On Facebook. If I Call Him To Come And Talk To Me Since He Wants Me Back, He Will Say That It’ll Be By Sms As He Wants To Takes His Time. I’m Just Sick Of All This And Wish I Could Just Leave Him And Stay On My Own. What Should I Do?

Answering This Question Is A Little Difficult For Me And I’ll Plead With You To Quietly Go Through This And Heed The Advice Coming Straight From God’s Heart. It Might Cause You Some Pain Or Even Anger But Believe Me When I Tell You That God Chastises Only Those He Really Loves And He Does Love You So Much As To Send His Only Son To Die And Redeem You From Your Sins.

First Of All, This Is A Christian Page Where We Speak The Truth In Love And Also Pray For Our Members. Living With A Man Who’s

Monday, July 30, 2012


We Just Finished The Acronym Of TRUST And I’ll Conclude The Series By Doing A Recap/Summary Of The Letters. I’ll Start With The First Two (2) Letters – “T” And “R”..

T-RUTHFUL: As I Explained On The Matter Of Being Truthful And To Add A Little To That, You Have To Be Very Honest With Your God-Approved Partner – No Need Of Pretending. If He/She Is Talking And You Don’t Understand, Don’t Lie That You Do But

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts On Dating??

Hello Beloved. Thanks For All The Godly And Insightful Post Regarding Relationships. I'm A Born Again Christian By The Grace Of God And Would Like To Know Your Thoughts On Dating. I Personally Want To Meet The Right Man God Has Created For Me And I Know That Is Only Possible Through Patiently Waiting And Trusting On His Promises. However, I Get Confused On Certain Areas Like Dating. If I Decide To Date A Guy Who Is A Friend Because I Feel He Might Be A "Potential", Does That Seem Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God? At The Same Time, I Then Ask My Self That If I Don’t Date, How Do I Get To Know A Guy. The Ideal Way I Understand Relationships That Lead To Marriages Is: Date->Courting->Then Marriage. Please Let Me Know Your Answers To This. God Bless.

You’re Welcome Dear And Greater Thanks To God For The Divine Wisdom And Inspiration He Brings To Light Through Me. I Don’t Support Dating Because It Shows An Individual Picking A Lady Or Gent All By Himself/Herself And This Is Not God’s Way. I Love The Way You Put It – ‘…Seems Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God?’ Yes, You Are.

 The Truth About Wanting To Date First Is That We Want To

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Having Feelings For My Ex-Boyfriend..

I Still Have Feelings For My Ex Boyfriend. What Do I Do Coz He Has Moved On, I Don’t’ Know What To Do. I Love This Guy. Please Help.

In This Instance Dear, To Be Very Honest With You, There's Nothing You Can Do. If He Has Moved On With His Life, Then I Suggest You Move On With Your Life Too. There’s No Need Crying Over Spilt Milk; And Holding On To The Past Will Not Allow You Move On With Your Future.

If You Check Those Feelings Well, It Might Not Be

Monday, July 23, 2012

THE “T” IN T-R-U-S-“T”..

“T” Stands For “TALK-ABOUT-EVERTHING”. Secrets Destroy Any Relationship No Matter How You Profess To Love Each Other. Do You Keep Secrets From Your God-Approved Partner? There’s Nothing Like A Little Secret And A Big Secret. Keeping Secrets Gives The Devil Charge Over You Because He Will Keep Tormenting You With It; And Sooner Or Later, He Will Expose It To Your Shame.

2 Cor.4:2a Tells Us That “Rather, We Have Renounced Secret And Shameful Ways; We

Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Frequent Calls To No More Calls. What Do I Do?

I Am A Sister Aged 24, And I Have Been Dating This Guy For 6 Years Now And He Is Currently Living And Working In South Africa. Before He Went To South Africa, Our Relationship Was Great And When He Left The Communication Was Good And Gradually The Communication Started To Become Less Frequent. At First, He Would Call Me Everyday, And It Came To Twice A Week, Four Times A Month, And Eventually Once A Month And Now He No Longer Calls. Now He Is Quiet And I Don’t Know What This Means. Do You Think I Still Have A Future With Him? I Don’t Know What To Do Or Think? My Feelings For Him Are Mixed And Uncertain. What Should I Do? Should I Call Him And Find Out What’s Going On Or Should I End Things With Him? Please Help Me??

This Is Quite Touching And It Brought To My Mind The Fact That “DISTANCE TRIES OUR LOVE TO SEE IF IT’S REALLY TRUE AND GODLY OR NOT.” My Fiancé And I Are Also Involved In A Long Distance Relationship But It Has Not Reduced Our Love For One Another A Bit Or Our Communication Frequency ‘Cos It Has God’s Solid Backing. Does Your Relationship With This Guy Have God’s Backing? Is God Even Aware Of It? Did The Relationship Begin With God’s Consent/Permission?

Any Relationship Without A Frequent Communication – Be It Far Or Near – Is

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Confused In Choosing My Life Partner. What Should I do??

Hi Beloved, I’m Confused In Choosing My Life Partner. I Recently Became Friends With The Guy That I Have Been Seeing In The Church For Long. And Now He’s Asking Me For A Relationship. I Asked Him To Give Me Some-Time And I Have Prayed About It For God To Show Me If He’s The Right One For Me But God Seems To Keep Silent – No Answer And No Signs From Him. I Don’t Know What To Do.  Please Help Me. What Scares Me Is That I Had A Dream Concerning This Guy And That His Name Was 'Paul' Which I Shared With You Some Months Ago.

Confusion Should Not Be Found In The Lives Of God’s Children Like Us Because Our Father In Heaven Is Not A God Of Confusion. We Often Become Confused When We Are In A Hurry But Once We Calm Down And Focus On God, Our Minds Will Become Clear And We’ll Know Exactly What To Do.
If It “Seems” Like God Is Silent After You’ve Prayed, It Only Means That He Wants You To

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "S" In T-R-U-"S"-T..

“S” Stands For “SELFLESSNESS”. The Opposite Of Being Selfless Is To Become Selfish And Selfishness Is A Vice That Breeds Distrust In Any Relationship. Does Everything You Do Concern You And You Alone? Do You Put Your God-Approved Partner’s Needs Ahead Of Yours? If All You Care About In Your Relationship Is How To Meet Your Needs, How Can Your Partner Trust You?

Philippians 2:3 Tells Us That We Should “Do Nothing Out Of Selfish Ambition Or Vain Conceit, But In Humility,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I’m In A Long-Distance Relationship And I Don’t Fully Trust Him. Can He Cheat On Me??

Hi Beloved, I Want To Ask; What Do You Think About Long Distance Relationships? Does It Really Work? My Boyfriend Loves Me And He Calls And Texts Me Every Time But Somehow I Think He’s Cheating On Me Coz I Have Never Had A Long Distance Thing Going On Between Us So It’s My First Time. I Love Him So Much And He’s A Christian. Do You Think He Can Cheat On Me? I’m Worried. Lol

I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship And From Experience; I Can Say That There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Getting Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You "Trust" Each Other Completely.

What Kills Every Relationship Is

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Love Builds Overtime..

Question For Beloved: What Do You Mean By, "Love Builds Overtime", Please?

When I Said That “LOVE BUILDS OVERTIME”, I Was Trying To Explain The Truth That You Cannot Just Say The Words “I LOVE YOU” Within Days, Or Even Few Weeks Of Meeting Someone Without Actually Taking The Time To Really Know That Person First Of All.

The Same Way It Takes You Time To Know All There

Monday, July 09, 2012

THE “U” IN T-R-“U”-S-T..

“U” Stands For “UNDERSTANDING”. Understanding Your God-Approved Partner At All Times Does Not Happen At The Snap Of Your Hands. It Takes The Grace Of God To Truly Understand Your Partner. When He/She Shares Their Concerns Or Problems With You, Is Your Mind Else Where Or Do You Show That You Really Understand What They’re Going Through? If You Don’t Understand Them, How Can They Trust You?

Proverbs 4:7b Tells Us That “Though It Cost All You Have, Get Understanding”. The Cost Is Not

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Difference Between Love And Infatuation..

Dear Beloved, Please Can You Explain The Difference Between Infatuation And Love Because Most Of Us Don’t Seem To Know The Difference? Thank You!!!
Let Me Start By Giving You The Oxford Definition Of Both Words; INFATUATION Has Been Defined As “1. Inspire With Intense Usually Transitory Fondness And Admiration. 2. Affect With Extreme Folly; While LOVE Has Been Defined As “1. Deep Affection Or Fondness. 2. Admire; Greatly Cherish; Delight In”.

From These