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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THE ‘H’ IN RELATIONS‘H’IP… {Help Without Being Asked}..

Many Of Us Have Already Formed The Habit Of Rendering Help Only When We’re Asked For It – Not So Good. On The Other Hand, Some Use That Excuse –“No One Asked Me!” – To Cover Up Their Laziness. So Not Good!

We Must Come To Realize That Some Of Our Partners May Not Directly

Monday, September 23, 2013

Help Am Confused! Is It Possible For Brothers To Have Crushes On People Yet Be Scared To Tell Them?

Hi Beloved. Am A Lady And This Is My First Year At Varsity And I Have Never Been In A Relationship. I Have Questions That Trouble Me. Are There Some Things We As People Can’t Get Over? Cos I Have Had Feelings For A Certain Brother. I Have Always Told Myself I Will Get Over It. But This Has Grown In These Past Three Years Up To An Extent I Went And Told Him About It. Funny He Told Me That’s What He Wanted To Tell Me But Has Been Afraid. Could He Be Telling The Truth? I Have Prayed About It But Am Still Not Sure What To Do. Is It Possible To Get Over It Without Us Having A Relationship Because I Just Think It Will Not Be A Good Thing. Was He Telling The Truth, I Mean Is It Possible For Brothers To Have Crushes On People Yet Be Scared To Tell Them? Should I Get Involved With Him? What Else Could I Do To Avoid Mishaps Cos I Just Don’t Trust Myself On This One? Help Am Confused.
My Dear, I’ll Take Your Questions One After The Other. In Answering Your First Question, I’ll Say No. There Is Nothing We As Genuine Believers In Christ Jesus Can’t Get Over Here On Earth Because We Have His Strength In Our Times Of Weakness And Brokenness. We Can Get Over Crushes/Infatuations And Lusts In Him, We Can Get Over The Death Of A Loved One In Him, We Can Get Over Heart-Breaks In Him, Etc,
To Your Second Question, I’ll Say That It’s Very Possible The Brother Was

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

THE ‘S’ IN RELATION‘S’HIP… {Say ‘I Love You’ Always}

Of All The Words One Can Never Get Tired Of Hearing, I Believe The Words ‘I LOVE YOU’ Tops The Scale. I’m Yet To See Someone Who Says He/She Is Tired Of Hearing Those Words Especially When It’s Coming From A Sincere And Truthful Heart/Lips.

If You’re In An

Monday, September 09, 2013

Was Her Pastor And Her Mum Who’s An Evangelist Mistaken When They Told Her That He’s The Man For Her Considering Her Predicament??

Dear Beloved, Please I Want You To Help Me Answer This Question And Also Post It. Sis Becky Is A Christian At Least From The Outward Appearance And Behaviour. There Is This Bro So To Say That Usually Come To Visit Her Then. Sister ‘B’ Is 23year Old And A Virgin, So She Said And We Believe Her. 
Her Mother Is An Evangelist. She Told Me That Both Her Mum And Her Pastor Confirmed That, That Was The Guy She Should Marry Though She Never Told Me She Had The Revelation Herself. But She Took His Name To The Mother And Pastor And Both Confirmed That, That Brother Is Her Husband. She Is Still In The University 400level. 
During The Cause Of Their Relationship, She Got Pregnant For Him. To Be Honest, I Have Never Seen Her With Any Man Expect When That Brother Started Coming. At First D Brother Denied The Pregnancy Saying That He Is Not Responsible For It, The Sister Also Insisted That It Was The Brother That Dis-Virgined Her. 
On The Long Run, He Accepted The Pregnancy. This Very Brother Drinks And Rains Abuses On Her. Can’t Remember The Last Time He Went To Church, Though I Am Not 2 Judge, But With What I Have Seen In Him And His Appearance, Hmmm! He Had A Baby Earlier With Another Woman. Now The Question He Asked The Lady Was; Do You Want To Marry Me Or You Just Want Us To Have A Child Together. 
My Question Now Is (1) Was She At Fault Because She Did Not Have The Revelation Herself.(2) Was Her Mom And Pastor Wrong When They Told Her That, That Was God Will For Her Because You Once Said That God Will Not Give You An Ungodly Man As Husband Or Ungodly Woman As Wife. (3) What Went Wrong? (4) What Is The Solution Though She Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock? Tanks And God Bless You. More Wisdom.
My Dear Sister, The Answer To The First Question Is Yes; She’s At Fault Because She Did Not Seek God’s Face To Receive Her Own Revelation. Giving Excuses Or Looking For Who To Blame Will Never Vindicate Us. That Adam Blamed Eve And Eve Blamed The Serpent Did Not Make God To Pardon Their Sin Of Disobedience. It Also Applies To Us – We Must Give Our Own Personal Account On The Last Day!

To Your Second Question, I Can Say That Her Mum And Her Pastor Were

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

THE ‘N’ IN RELATIO‘N’SHIP… {Notice The Little Things}

Why Is It That We’re So Quick To Notice Little Things About Others Which Is Not So Much Our Business But Turn A Blind Eye To Those Little Changes We See In Our Partners. We Must Learn And Master The Art Of Compliment – Truthful Ones – To Nurture, Spice—Up And Boost Our Relationships.

Brother, Notice Her Change Of Hairstyle, Her New Clothes, Shoes, Bag, Etc. And Say Something About It. Even If It’s A Bit On The Extreme, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t See Or Notice It, Say Something About It!

Sister, Notice The New

Monday, September 02, 2013

What Should A Godly Relationship Look Like? Can The Partners Spend Alone Time Together?

Dear Beloved, If A Partner Has An Opposite Sex Friendship Of Two Years Where The Friend Told Them That They Were In Love With Them, Had Plans For Them, And Couldn't Promise That They Wouldn't Be Thinking Of Kissing Them After The Partners Started Dating. Should That Friendship Continue? If So, What Should It Look Like? How Often Should They Talk? Should They Ever Spend Alone Time Together?

My Dear, If Your Partner Tells You That He’s In Love With You, Have Plans For You But Couldn’t Promise That He Wouldn’t Be Thinking Of Kissing You After You Begin To Date Him, Then My First Advice To You Is To Seek God’s Face To Know If That Gent Is God’s Approved Partner For You. This Is The First Step Before Entering Into A Relationship With Him.

If God Confirms Him As The Right Man For You, Then The Second Step Is To