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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How Does God Approve A Relationship?

Dear Beloved, if someone is in a relationship, how can the person know if God has approved it? I am really curious!

My dear, I will correct you by saying that you cannot enter a relationship before asking for God's approval. You seek His approval before entering into a relationship. And you can know if He has approved through the various ways He talks to His children. 

It can be through His
written Word, dreams, visions etc. Also the dream and vision must be confirmed or anchored on the Word of God because that will be your strong-hold or anchor when the enemy tries to attack during the relationship or marriage as the case may be.

When you pray and it seems like God is silent, then you have to wait because His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Without a clear conviction in your heart about the relationship, please don't step ahead of our Master. I'll stop here for now but if you're still not clear, feel free to ask more questions.

Remain richly blessed..


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  2. Amen.. I just received the very same word from God just now. This is just confirmation.

    1. I'm so happy that God used our blog to confirm His word to you. Remain blessed dear..

  3. I have a question. My friend said sheer prayed to God to heal her heart from not being able to be with me. To heal her heart from loving me because it's a sin. To also find someone to replace to keep her from going to being back in a tragic relationship with her kids father. She asked for a host man the next day an old flame messaged her on Facebook with the first couple days they in a relationship and talking marriage. He just got out of jail not even s weak ago, he don't have his self together and seem odd. She had more important things she needs to do ours been two weeks she going to allow him around her children. Some things don't add up about the whole situation but she said that read her conformation from God but everything else right God shows her to maker her life better especially for hey kids she ignores. So how do she know if out was God when he give satan the first shot

    1. Please if you really love this woman, sincerely go before God and pray for her not to make any mistake I marriage. Just pray for her..


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