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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dating A Guy For Nine Months Now But He’s Never Called. Is That Love??

Dear Beloved, I Have Been Dating A Guy For About Nine Months Now But He Has Never Called Me. Is That Love?

NO! If You Are The One Doing All The Callings For These Nine Months, Then It Is Not Love. How Can You Be Dating Someone For Close To A Whole Year And He Has Never Called You? Does He Live Very Close To You? Do You Chat With Him Every Day? Even If Your Answer To These Questions Is Yes, It’s Still Not Proper For Him Not To Have Called You At All.

Before Dating This Guy, Did You

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Should One Do When His/Her Partner Always Listens To Third Parties??

Dear Beloved, In A Situation Where A Brother And A Sister In Christ Are In Love And They Both Claim To Love Each Other But Unfortunately One Out Of The Two Always React To What He/She Hears From 3rd Parties. What Should The Other Do?"


Listening To Third (3rd) Parties And Always Reacting To Whatever They Say Clearly Shows A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship. Without Trust In A Relationship – Be It Approved By God Or Not, That Relationship Is Bound To Crash-Land Because Trust Is Like The Fuel That Enables A Car To Move Or The Wings That Enable A Bird To Soar – Without These Fuel And Wings, The Car Can’t Take-Off Neither Can The Bird Soar.

I’m Presently Doing

Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Handle Your Sexual Feelings.. By Samson Ajilore..


Sex sells! And it does because it is one of the three strongest human appetites, which are:

1. The appetite for sleep,

2. The appetite for food

3. And the appetite for sex

The first two comes at birth but the last is awakened at puberty stage. God has it all well planned.

Now the problem is that we are often tempted to awaken love before it’s time, we’re tempted to follow the way of the world and start practicing pre marital sex because the world says it’s okay and perverted societies teaches us that it’s normal as long as we use protection. They don’t even care if our

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He’s Not Born-Again But I’m Madly In Love With Him. What Do I Do??

Dear Beloved, I Have Been Dating This Guy For Over 2 Years Now – With Break Ups And Make Ups. Lately We Were Close And I Thought He Was Going To Be The One But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again – He Doesn't Know The Lord. A Few Weeks Ago We Almost Had Sex But Stopped Because I Knew It Was Wrong. Ever Since, We Have Been Having Problems, And He Decided To Break Up With Me, I Don't Know What To Do Because I'm Still Madly In Love With Him.

I Liked The Way You Said “..But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again...” And Since You Knew That His Not Being Born-Again Was A Major Problem, Why Did You Begin The Relationship In The First Place When It Was Very Obvious That You’re Both Going In Different Directions?

I Also Take It That You’re

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings By Samson Ajilore (2)..


Sometimes Hormones Are Wild And The Feelings For Sex Is Like A Little Fire That Is Burning One Within, The Worst Part Of It Is That The Church Hardly Talks About It, Which Is One Of The Reasons Youths Are Getting Education From Secular Media. Burning Sexual Desires Come To Us Believers As Much As It Does To Unbelievers Because Being Born Again Doesn’t Kill Our Sexuality.

So The Difference Between A Believer And A Non Believer In This Aspect Isn’t That We

Thursday, September 06, 2012

He Stood Her Up And No Longer Answer Her Calls. What Should She Do??

Dear Beloved, I Really Appreciate Your Approach To Handling Issues And I Need Some Help . I Have A Friend Who Is In A Dilemma And Wants A Way Out. She Got A Call From Someone Who Was Interested In Her And Even Though They Had Never Met, They Seem To Like Each Other. They Finally Met Briefly And They Fixed A Another Meeting But On The Proposed Day, She Called To Let Him Know She's On The Way And The Guy Told Her That He Was Busy But Will Call Her Back. He Did Not Call Her Back And He Stood Her Up. She Does Not Know How To Handle It; He’s Not Picking Her Calls And He’s Not Calling Her Back And It’s More Than 2 Days Now. He’s Not Replying Her Text Messages Either. What Do You Think She Should Do?

Thanks Dear. I'll Simply Advise Her Not To Bother The Guy Again Because A Lady Is Meant To Be Pursued And Not The Other Way Round. I Say This Because God Saw That Adam Was Alone And Created A Woman (Eve) For Him – It Wasn’t Eve That Went To Look For Adam Or Told Him That His Being Alone Wasn’t Good. It Was God!

Ladies Do Not Know Or Maybe They Always Forget The

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

He Gets Angry With Me Whenever He’s ‘Broke’. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m Into A Relationship, My Guy Is God Fearing And We Love Each Other But Each Time There Is No Money (I Mean When He’s Broke), He Gets Angry And Shouts At Me And The Shouting Makes Me Feel Rejected. What Should I Do In This Kind Of Situation?

First Of All, Have You Told Him That His Anger Makes You Feel Rejected? I Always Stress On Effective Communication In Every Relationship Because Without Telling Him Your Feelings, He Might Never Know That He Hurts You Whenever He Shouts At You. Don’t Assume He Ought To Know, Tell Him.

Secondly, Anger Is A

Monday, September 03, 2012



Feelings are human emotions or passions. There are different kinds of feelings, some are positive while others are negative. People often wonder why Christians should have sexual feelings but it’s not abnormal. Sexual feelings are awakened during the early teenage-hood and this is because of the hormonal and physical changes of puberty designed by God. These changes involve both the