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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is It Okay To Share Your Secrets With Your Girlfriend?

Hi AskBeloved. A friend asked this question and I would like to know what you think of it; is it okay to tell your girlfriend everything about your bad past life before you met her? What of if you have robbed or murdered someone in the past?

Hi John, thanks for seeking a second opinion about this issue. I will say that it is NOT okay to tell your girlfriend everything about your sordid past because it is not everybody you enter a relationship with that you confide in. The person I will advise you to totally confide in is your fiancée who will later become one with you.

Some girlfriends are not trustworthy and can take what you told them in confidence to the gossip mill when you guys break-up. Before you know it, everybody must have known about your past and even use it to make snide remarks about you or insult you out-rightly with such personal information.

But your fiancée will understand that your past is in the past and probably before you met God and since then, old things have passed away and all things have become new. This will make her appreciate your courage for telling her your shameful past and she will help you keep it where it ought to be – in the PAST!

This is why I always advice youths to seek God’s counsel in choosing a mate because anyone in Christ understands better, the weakness of man, the strength of God and the power and totality of His restoration. From such a person, keep no secrets.

Remain richly blessed dear

Friday, May 27, 2011

Love Quotes For Your Weekend(10)..

God LOVES you. He’s LOVED you from the very beginning and He’ll love you to the end..

The LOVE of God is more constant than any other LOVE you will ever find..

True LOVE pulls others through, carries them over, and looks beyond. It knows no boundaries and it never runs out..

LOVE looks beyond the exterior of a person and sees the inside of one’s heart..

A warm hug from a LOVED one is a little bit of Heaven on earth..

LOVE and trust are inseparable. You can’t have one without the other..

Remain richly blessed as I wish you the best of the weekend filled with God's love..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(6)..

Dismissing The Subject Of Unholy Dressing; Wearing Indecent, Skimpy and Half-clad Dressings:

Are you single, waiting and believing God for a marriage partner yet you expose the valuable and priceless parts of your body thinking they’ll attract guys/ladies faster? One thing you might not know is that any guy that approaches you or any lady that invites you over when you’re scantily dressed has only one thing in mind and that is SEX!! He/she might pretend for a while but his true purpose will reveal itself in time.

Some call it modern fashion but remember that we’re in the world but not of this world. Your divine assets are given to you by God and ought to be seen by your spouse/partner alone. You can dress real smart without having to go naked on the streets.

Unbelievers may dress as they like but you’re not permitted to do same because Christ dwells in you and dressing indecently only tells Him that you don’t trust Him enough to bring the right person for you but rather believe that you can do that better than Him.

Question: Do you believe that as a Christian single, some dress styles and cuts are off-limits for you?

Remain richly blessed..

Monday, May 23, 2011

From "I Love You" To "I Like You"..

Hi AskBeloved. Please what do you do when your girl tells you that she don’t love you but likes you and all the ‘I love you’ that she has told you ought to be ‘I like you’ and now she has another guy she likes also? Iyke.

Hi Iyke, I'll start by saying that her action showed that she never really “loved” you but one question I'll ask you is this: did she really agree to enter into a relationship with you or has she been taking you as just her friend?

If she did, that means she wasn’t committed to the relationship like you were. But if she didn’t and you assumed she did, then in her heart and by this kind of behavior, she takes you as her friend and the words “I love you” can be said to a friend too depending on the sincerity of that friendship.

But whatever your answer may be, there's really nothing you can do about it and she's really not worth fighting for if she can jump into another relationship regardless of the one you're both in(i.e. if she agreed to it in the first place).

Life must go on, just learn your lesson and be wiser in entrusting your heart to any girl. My advice; take your time and prayerfully seek God's guidance for your next relationship.
There's nothing prayer cannot do. Pray and believe that if she's yours, God will definitely bring her back to you. All the very best.

Remain richly blessed dear..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Quotes For Your Weekend(9)..

Even the richest man in the world is poor if he is without LOVE in his heart..

LOVE cannot be measured, bought or sold. For it to be valued at all, it must be given freely..

Those who freely give LOVE and kindness are always recipients of them as well..

Never underestimate the amazing power of LOVE to change hearts and mindsets. LOVE can even give fresh inspiration to tackle what seems to be impossible..

The life you live will soon be past but the things you do for LOVE will surely last..

Say “I LOVE you” with deeds of kindness and acts of caring..

Remain richly blessed as I wish you the best of the weekend..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Marriage Proposals; Who's Do I Choose?

Hi AskBeloved, I have 2(two) guys that are asking my hand in marriage. One is copper and the other one has a laundry place but not educated & he is very serious. I am 29yrs & I am a graduate. Please which of them do you think is the right one?

Hi Gloria, I get your question and would honestly tell you that marriage is a serious business therefore I cannot just tell you that it is Mr. A or Mr. B. You can only make your decision after you must have prayed about it. Have you presented them before God because He alone knows the heart and thoughts of man?

Never be in a hurry to settle down so that you won't end up marrying the wrong person. Have you checked their characters? Are they born-again? Are YOU born-again? Any marriage without Christ as its firm foundation is bound to wobble and disintegrate.

It may be the copper and it may be the other one OR it may not even be any of them. Check your heart and seek God's leading in this major decision. I'll also be praying for you and I wish you all the best.

Remain richly blessed dear..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(5)..

Being Ignorant Of The Mystery Of Marriage; Marriage to demonic spirits – having sex and babies in the dream:

One of the errors singles make is to ignore their dreams especially when they see themselves having sex with a man/woman and/or as someone’s wife/husband with children in the marine world.
This should never be ignored by any single believer as an ordinary dream because it is far from ordinary and have a spiritual and physical significance.

If/when you notice these seemingly un-real things in your dreams, present them immediately you wake up before God, pray seriously about them and break off such relationship/bond.
If you feel you’re not strong enough, you can go to your church and report the matter to your pastor who would know what to do in such circumstances.

Never ever ignore this fact because these marine spirits are very cruel and wicked and can prevent you from getting married or having children if you eventually get married.

Question: Have you ever seen and do you still see yourself having sex, marrying someone and having children with this person in a dream?

Remain richly blessed..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love Quotes For Your Weekend(8)..

May you live as long as you wish and LOVE as long as you live..

LOVING someone is caring, sharing, bearing, working, changing and growing old together..

Age does not protect you from LOVE but LOVE to some extent protects you from age..

I see God’s LOVE in my loved one’s eyes. I feel God’s LOVE in the cool summer breeze. I hear God’s LOVE in the bird’s song..

There is nothing in the world that LOVE cannot conquer..

LOVE is magical. It’s a language the deaf can hear, a song the cripple can dance to, and a sunset the blind can see.

Wishing you the best of the weekend. Remain richly blessed..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(4)..

Ignoring Your Vehicle of Destiny:

Your vehicle of destiny is a certain skill, talent, attribute or gift that God has given you by means of which He will deliver His best for your life, including your godly spouse. For some it might be hospitality or the milk of human kindness. For others, it might be the ability to be persistent in the face of all odds.

Yours could be spiritual or physical. It maybe the ability to sing or help others in one way or the other. It is supposed to be your most dominant attribute. But if you don’t recognize it and make full use of it, most of your blessings will be passing you by.

The stories of Rachael and Ruth in the Bible are good examples in understanding your vehicle of destiny. What are you gifted in doing? What are your talents? Find them and begin to excel in them because they’re the vehicles that will connect you to your right partner.

In this era of fierce satanic competition, is it possible that you have been too busy trying to copy and imitate what others are doing and in the process, neglecting your God-given attributes and divine endowments?

Don’t fold your hands and weep daily for a miracle. Do something about your life first, and then allow God to do what you cannot do for yourself by bringing your spouse/life partner along your path.

Remain richly blessed..

Monday, May 09, 2011

Three Years And I Haven't Seen Her Face-to-Face..

Hi AskBeloved, my name is Dan and I’m in an unequal relationship where I love my girl more than she loves me. I have faithfully been in a dedicated long-distance relationship for 3years. The issue is that we’re yet to meet and when I tried getting close, due to one or two things, I was jilted. The lady has the opportunity to come close but she refused, giving one excuse or the other but the fact is that I’m used to this girl already cos its 3yrs now that I’m with her. The fact that she can’t come closer makes me feel she doesn’t love me. I think by being faithful to her all these while that I’m just making a fool of myself. Please I need your advice.

Thanks Dan for sharing your problem cos I believe that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. From the summary of your problem, I find it surprising and hard to believe that you’ve been in a relationship with someone for three (3) years and never met face-to-face with her.

Long-distance relationships are very hard and expensive to maintain and it also shakes one of the foundation of your relationship which is “TRUST”. Is it really possible to trust someone you’ve never seen but only hear from for 3years? Can you really be sure that she reciprocates your love?

My advice at this point is to give your lady a call requesting to go and pay her a visit so both of you could behold each other and talk about the way forward. You have to be very honest with her by telling her how you feel. If she refuses to allow you come to see her or keeps making excuses still, after hearing from you, then sorry to say this, but you’ll know for sure that you’ve really been making a fool of yourself.

I can also tell you that you’re not a fool by being faithful to her all these while because actually it’s not about her but about God. She might never know or even believe your faithfulness but God knows and will reward your faithfulness in His own time by bringing someone who’ll also be faithful to you “IF” this present relationship doesn’t work out.

Remain richly blessed dear as I wish you all the best..

Friday, May 06, 2011

Love Quotes For Your Weekend(7)..

The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they LOVE them while they’re still alive..

If you want to know how much I LOVE and care for you, count the waves..

For a crowd is not a company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures; and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no LOVE..

And if I have faith that can move mountains but have not LOVE, I am nothing..

Let LOVE blossom in your heart, let LOVE grab your heart, shake it with vigor, and infuse it with all the zest and joy for life that love has to give..

Real LOVE stories never have endings..

Remain richly blessed and enjoy your weekend..

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(3)..

Ignoring Unbroken Covenants With The People You've Slept With:

Here’s a fact most Christians are unaware of. For every person you sleep with, you “bond” or enter into a covenant with that person. So if you’ve slept with two or more persons, you’ve bonded with them and it has a spiritual significance.

That’s why God permitted sex only within the marriage institution because it is a sacred act and Heb. 13:4 confirmed it when it says that “marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed undefiled but fornicators and adulterers, God will judge”.

You might not be able to break those past unbroken covenants but you can decide today to come before the throne of grace and ask God to break them for you.

Then you’ll resolve never to enter into such covenant or bond with anybody again through sexual relations with that person till you become married and rightly bond with your partner till death do you part.

QUESTION: Do you need help breaking away from the bonds you’ve entered into with different people? Do you have any question related to this issue? Please feel free to ask here in your comments.

Remain richly blessed..

Monday, May 02, 2011

What To Do When So Many Guys Are After You..

What do you do when there are so many guys that want to be in a relationship with you?

Hi NK , I’ll answer your question from two perspectives and I would be very honest with you. When so many guys want to be in a relationship with you, never be in a hurry to choose/accept any of them. Check these two options to know where you fit into:

Firstly, you have to consider your age. Are you ready to settle down and are any of those guys ready to settle down? If not, entering a relationship without a proper definition is very fatal at any stage.

If you’re not ready for marriage, then you don’t need to enter into any relationship just for the fun of it because your emotions and heart will suffer when the relationship is abruptly terminated and I wouldn’t want that for you.

Now should be the time to develop your values, goals, and vision in life and passionately work towards it. A relationship at this stage without future can only distract you from your focus. You can decide to rather keep them as friends.

Secondly, if you believe you’re of age and would want to settle down, then you’ll begin to pray about it because not of all of those guys are really serious. Some are just there to catch their fun with you and continue on their life’s journey.

I’ll also refer you to the book of Proverbs 3:5-6 which says “trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the One who will keep you on track” MSG.

This verse will help you to seek God’s divine will and choice of the right partner because marriage is for life and should not be entered into just for the fun of it or just for the sake of getting married. With these, I believe you would now know what to do with those guys.

Remain richly blessed dear..