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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE ‘R’ IN R-ELATIONSHIP… {Remembering To Make God First}..

Everybody Wants To Go Into Or Be In A Romantic Relationship; But Are You Sure You’re Really Ready For A Relationship? If God Is Not Yet First In Your Life, Then Permit Me To Say That You’re Not Ready Yet ‘Cos Anyone That Is Not In Christ Jesus Is Already A Crisis Waiting To Happen! So It Will Be Disastrous For You To Carry That Crisis-Filled Life Into A Relationship.

Now First Things First! Are You Born Again? Don’t Just Be Quick To Say Yes If You’re Still Comfortable Living A Sinful Lifestyle. If You Enter A Relationship With That Sinful Behaviour, Then You’re Bound To Destroy And/Or Scatter It Because Sin Destroys Anything It Comes In Contact With But Is Destroyed Itself When It Comes In Contact With Jesus!

2Cor.5:21 – “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

Jesus Became Sin So That We’ll Be Free From Sin. Have You Accepted That Truth And Invited Him To Take COMPLETE Control Of Your Life? You Must Remember To Put God First Starting With Your Life Before Proceeding With Your Relationship.

Now, In Your Relationship, Are You The First

Monday, June 24, 2013

He Travelled Abroad For His Masters And Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Returns. Is He Worth Waiting For??

Dear Beloved, I Met This Guy On A Social Network Last 2yrs, We Started As Friends But He Later Asked Me Out And I Accepted. After I Had Accepted Him, He Opened Up To Me That He Used To Be A Cultist In School And Asked If I Was Going To Leave Him Because Of That. I Said No. As A Christian, I Kept Praying For Him. Five Months Into The Relationship, He Started Asking For Sex, I Refused ‘Cos I'm Still A Virgin. He Didn’t Complain And Two Months Later, He Said He Wanted Me To Carry His Baby But I Refused Again. I’m Not From A Wealthy Home And He Doesn’t Give Me Money – He Prefers To Give My Family Members And Friends Making Them Believe He Gives But I Rarely Ask Him For Money Or Anything. Recently, He Travelled Abroad For His Masters, He Never Told Me His Intentions Till Two Days Before His Departure. Severally, I Have Told Him It Was Over, But His Friends Calls And Say He Loves Me, I Don’t Believe It ‘Cos He Never Treated Me Like One. I Keep Praying For Him ‘Cos I Love Him And Cos I Don’t Want His Soul To Be Lost. He Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Comes Back. I’m 23yrs Old. Do You Think He's Worth Waiting For? The Truth Is That I’ve Never Been Happy In The Relationship And A Voice Keeps Telling Me He Isn't For Me. I’m Not Bothered About His Love – I’m Just Bothered About His Soul.
My Dear, I Understand The Predicament Or Confusion You’re Currently Facing In Your Relationship But Like I Will Always Say, Our God Is Not A God Of Confusion And I Will Also Say That You’re In This Dilemma Because You Entered A Relationship With An Unbeliever So Most Of His Behaviours Are Not Surprising Because It Is Purely Who He Is.
God Is Not Concerned About Our Past But Our Present And Our Future. If Your Guy Was A Cultist In School, What Is He Now? Has He

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On..

 Hi Beloved, Can You Please Explain To Me The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On?
My Dear, One Of The Biblical Perspectives On The Issue Of What One Should Put On Regardless Of Sex Can Be Found In 1 Cor.6:19-20 Which Says “Do You Not Know That Your Body Is A Temple Of The Holy Spirit, Who Is In You, Whom You Have Received From God? You Are Not Your Own; You Were Bought At A Price. Therefore Honour God With Your Body”
Secondly, 1 Peter 3:3-4 Says That “Your Beauty Should Not Come From Outward Adornment, Such As Braided Hair And The Wearing Of

Monday, June 10, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife..

Daughter Of The Most-High God Who’s Praying Day And Night For Her Husband To Come; And Those Married, Has It Ever Occurred To You That God Is Also Checking Daily To See If You Really Have What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife?

**A Godly Wife Is First Of All A Help To Her Husband; An Asset And Not A Liability Or Burden To Him. She Knows That Her First Duty Is To Assist Her Husband In Reaching His – Not Her – Goals In Life ‘Cos That Was Why God Created Her In The First Place.
**A Godly Wife Is Her Husband’s Backbone Who Knows His Soft Spot And Completes Him As His Missing Rib. She Will Never Compete Or Rub Shoulders With Him ‘Cos She Knows They Are Not And Will Never Be Mates Before God Who Made Him Her Head And Made Her From His Ribs.
**A Godly Wife Will Never Put Her Children Before Her Husband ‘Cos God Joined Her To The Man And Not To The Children; So Taking Care Of His Needs Must Come First Before Those Of The Kids.

**A Godly Wife Is Not Weak And Lazy ‘Cos She Knows She’s The

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman??

Dear Beloved, When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman? I'm Not Ready For Any Relationship So I'm Always Careful To Make Friends With Single Or Young Ladies So That They Will Not Be Thinking About A Relationship. Though I’ve Never Spoken With Her Husband, She Does Visit Me At Home And I Visit Her In Her Office. We Speak A Lot On Phone But Recently, I Told Her Not To Call Me Whenever She’s With Her Husband To Respect Him.
My Dear, There’s Nothing Wrong In Being A Friend To A Married Woman BUT Some Boundaries MUST Never Be Exceeded. As A Single Brother Who’s A Born Again Child Of God, You Should Never Allow A Married Woman To Visit You At Home Alone Because The Bible Warns Us In 1 Thess.5:22 To “Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil.”

Even Though Your Conscience Is Free But People Around You Might Begin To

Monday, June 03, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband..

 Majority Of Us Are So Quick To Jump Into Marriages Without Considering If He Has{For Ladies} And If I Have{For Gents} What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband.

**A Godly Husband Is The Spiritual Gateman Of His Family Who’ll Never Allow Anything That Is Not Of God Into His Household To Trouble His Wife And Children.

**A Godly Husband Is The God That His Wife And Kids See; So In His Thoughts, Words And Deeds, His Family See God In Action Who’ll Never Say Cruel Words To His Bride/Children But Words That Will Build Them Up And Place Them At The Apex Of Their Destinies.

**A Godly Husband Will Never Abuse Nor Disrespect His Wife ‘Cos He Knows That Though He’s