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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 I Now Know That Sex Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be:

When I Was In The University, I Remember Having An Experience That I Referred To As A "Love Hangover." After Being With A Girl, The Next Morning I Always Felt An Emptiness. That's Something You Won't See On TV Or In The Movies, But It Happens A Lot. There Was Emptiness, Even Regret, Afterwards.

The "Love Hangover" Was A Strange Occurrence For Me. Mainly Because When I Was In The University, Sex Was My "God." As A Male, It's What I

Monday, November 18, 2013

Seven(7) Months Pregnant And All Alone. Did I Do Wrong By Keeping This Baby??

Dear Beloved, What Do You Do When You Are 7 Months Pregnant And The Guy Walked Out On You From The Beginning? I Know Prayer Changes Things But These Questions Come To Me; Am I Wrong For Carrying A Man’s Child That He Didn't Want And Was Keeping This Baby The Right Thing? I Often Ask Myself Why Haven't I Received That Stable Relationship And A Husband That My Heart Desire?

My Dear Sister, Three Things To Do When You're Seven(7) Months Pregnant And The Guy Walks Away From You Is To First Of All, Focus On God Who Alone Sustains You{Believing Of Course That You Have Asked For His Forgiveness And Now Feels His Peace In Your Heart - If You Haven't Done So, Please Do It Now 'Cos He's A Merciful God Who Forgives Whoever Asks For His Mercy And Forgiveness}.

Secondly, Focus On Your Health And That Of Your Baby! You Might Feel

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Do You Agree To Everything Your Partner Asks Of You In Your Relationship All In The Name Of Love? Love Is Wise And Not Stupid; It Sees Clearly And Not Blind. There Are Times When Saying No Is Absolutely Necessary Especially If You’re In An Ungodly Relationship.
**If You’re Truly Born Again, Then You Must SAY NO To Premarital Sex No Matter The Excuse Or Reason Given For It.

**You Must SAY NO To Having An Abortion For Him ‘Cos You’ve Made The First Mistake And You Don’t Have To Compound Your Sin By Making Another.

**You Must Say No To Invitations To Go

Monday, November 04, 2013

What Are The Values Of A Relationship? What Does Relationship Abuse Mean And How Can One Avoid It??

Dear Beloved, Thank God For The Continuing Grace Through The Messages You Share With Us. Please I Am Pressed To Ask You A Few Questions And I Pray God Grant You Insight Into Them. 1. Please, What Are The Values Of A 'Good Relationship'? 2. I Learnt This Around The International Women's Day: What Does Relationship Abuse Mean? How Can One Avoid It In Any Relationship In A Godly Way? 
In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Start By Saying That A ‘Good Relationship’ Is A Situation Where Your Relationship With One Or More People Is Without Hitches. By Hitches, I Mean Without Suspicions, Distrusts, Envy/Jealousy, Bitterness Of Heart, Lies, Constant Quarreling, Fights, Etc. Any Relationship That Gives You Peace/Rest Of Mind Can Be Said To Be Good.

Now A Good Relationship Can Only Be Achieved If You’re