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Monday, December 31, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings(Conclusion).. By Samson Ajilore..

 Purity Is Power!
Finally Let There Be None Among Us Who Profess Christ Who Will Go About And Defraud His Or Her Fellow Brethren, Don’t Take Advantage Of A Sister Or Brother By Allowing The Devil To Use You To Seduce Them Or Lure Them Into Sexual Sin. “For This Is The Will Of God, Your Sanctification: That You Should Abstain From Sexual Immorality; That Each Of You Should Know How To Possess His Own Vessel In Sanctification And Honor, Not In Passion Of Lust, Like The Gentiles Who Do Not Know God; That No One Should Take Advantage Of And Defraud His Brother In This Matter, Because The Lord Is The Avenger Of All Such, As We Also Forewarned You And Testified” (1Thes. 4:3-6 NKJV). 

We Must Not Yield Our Body As Instruments Of Unrighteousness But We Must Learn To Keep Our Passions Under Control. This Is One Of The Reasons We Should Be Careful We Do Not Dress In Sexually Suggestive Ways But In Modesty And Godliness. The Holy Spirit Has Come To Enable Us To Do So, That’s Why We Are Commanded To Do So. God Will Not Command Us To Do What We Don’t Have The Ability To Do. If We Do Not Judge Ourselves God Will Judge Us.

There Is Abundance Of Grace For Those Who Have Fallen Because Jesus Christ Is Our Lawyer And High Priest Before The Father, So We Can

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Mind Is Weak With Sexual Thoughts. What Should I Do To Stop This??

Dear Beloved, Please Help Me. My Mind Is Weak With Sexual Thoughts And It Makes Me Have Anxiety Disorder. I Am Afraid To Confront A Woman. What Should I Do To Stop This?

The Anxiety Disorder From Your Question Comes From Your Mind That Is Filled With Sexual Thoughts. Your Thoughts, First Of All Has To Be Submitted To Christ Because The Scriptures Made Us Know That "Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks". From Your Case, I'll Say That Not Only Does It Affect Your Mouth(Confronting A Woman) But It Also Affects Your Mind (The Anxiety Disorder).

Permit Me To Ask You This Question; Are You A

Monday, December 24, 2012


Greetings To You All In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As This Would Be The Last Message Before Christmas, We Wish You The Best Of The Christmas Season With These Promises Of Love From Our Lord Himself. 

May We Never Forget The Reason For The Celebration – CHRIST – And The Message Of Love And Giving; For God So LOVED The World That He GAVE. Be Blessed As You Read On..

Isa.43:4 – Since You Are Precious And Honoured In My Sight, And Because I LOVE YOU, I Will Give Men In Exchange For You, And People In Exchange For Your Life..

Isa.54:10 – Though The Mountains Be Shaken And The Hill Be Removed, Yet My Unfailing LOVE FOR YOU Will Not Be Shaken Nor My Covenant Of Peace Be Removed, Says The Lord Who Has Compassion On You..

Jer.31:3 – The Lord Appeared To Us In The Past, Saying: “I Have LOVED YOU With An Everlasting LOVE; I Have Drawn You With Loving-Kindness..

Hos.2:19 – I Will Betroth You To Me Forever; I Will Betroth You In Righteousness And Justice, IN LOVE And Compassion..

Mal.1:2a – I Have LOVED YOU, Says The Lord..

Rev.3:9b – I Will Make Them Come And Fall Down At Your Feet And Acknowledge That I Have LOVED YOU..

I Pray These Verses Reminds You Of The Extent Of God’s Love For You As I Wish You A HAPPY CHRISTMAS Celebration In Advance.. 
God’s Grace To You As You Remain Richly Blessed..

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Overcoming Masturbation And Lust..

Dear Beloved, Please How Can I Overcome Masturbation And Lust Because I Have Come To Understand That These Two Work Together?          

My Dear, I'm So Touched By This Message ‘Cos You Chose To Speak It Out And I Believe This Is The Work Of The Holy Spirit. I Truly Understand Your Predicament More Than You Could Ever Know Because I've Passed Through The Same Thing And The Blood Of Jesus Christ Washed Me Thoroughly Clean And I Know That If He Can Do It For Me, Then He Can Do It For You Too.

Masturbation And Lust Most Often Goes With

Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (10).. By Samson Ajilore..

Why Can’t We Do It; After All We Are Getting Married?

It Has Been Observed That Several People In Courtship Or Engagement Think That It Is Okay To Have Sex As Long As It’s With Your Partner Alone, They Call That ‘Being Faithful’ To One Another. Although, They May Be Faithful To One Another In That Process As They Say But They Do Not Own One Another And As Such They Are Supposed To Be Faithful To God Who Owns Them Beyond Any Other. God Commanded That Marriage Should Be Honorable In All And The Bed Must Not Be Defiled, 

“Let Marriage Be Held In Honour Among All, And Let The Marriage Bed Be Unpolluted; For Fornicators And Adulterers God Will Judge” (Heb.13:4 Wnt). Notice That It Says God Will Judge Fornicators Before It Mentioned Adulterers; This Is Because Fornication Is Premarital Sex While Adultery Is Extramarital Sex (Sex With Another Person Different Form One’s Husband Or Wife), God Condemns Both.
Even During The Process Of Courtship Or Engagement, We Must Not Allow Premarital Sex Because That Is Defilement. “Each Of You Should Know That Finding A Husband Or Wife For Yourself Is To Be Done In A Holy And Honorable Way” (1thes. 4:4 Gw).

Certain Young Minds Would Even Ask That If They