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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Having Feelings For My Ex-Boyfriend..

I Still Have Feelings For My Ex Boyfriend. What Do I Do Coz He Has Moved On, I Don’t’ Know What To Do. I Love This Guy. Please Help.

In This Instance Dear, To Be Very Honest With You, There's Nothing You Can Do. If He Has Moved On With His Life, Then I Suggest You Move On With Your Life Too. There’s No Need Crying Over Spilt Milk; And Holding On To The Past Will Not Allow You Move On With Your Future.

If You Check Those Feelings Well, It Might Not Be
True Love Because True Love Comes From God And God Will Not Make You Love The Wrong Person. If It Didn’t Work Out Especially In Relationships, Then It Wasn’t Meant To Be. Next Time, Seek God First Before You Enter Into A Relationship To Avoid Heart-Breaks Like This.

What I’ll Advise You Do Now Is To Prayerfully Ask God To Help You Take Away That Love For Your Ex-Boyfriend And Help You Focus More On His Son Jesus Christ And Once You Do That, The Feelings You Have For Him Will Gradually Die. God Will Surely Answer That Prayer And Strengthen You. 

All The Best..

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