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Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE ‘O’ IN RELATI‘O’NSHIP… {Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half}

If All You Do In Your Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Complain About Your Partner, Then I Wonder What You Came To Do In That Relationship! You’re There To Improve Your Partner’s Character By Helping Them Transform Their Weaknesses Into Strengths ‘Cos Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half.
Does He/She Tell A Lot Of Lies? It’s On You To Gently Expose Them To The Truth In The Word Of God Which Says That Satan Is The Father Of All Lies {John8:44}
Is He/She Is Too Materialistic? It’s On You To Warn Them To Be On Guard Against All Covetousness For One’s Life Does Not Consist In The Abundance Of His/Her Possessions {Luke 12:15}

Does He/She Hate Working But Enjoys

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I’m Getting Impatient More Than Anything. Please Help!

Dear Beloved, I Always Hear God Telling Me What I Should And Not Do. I Heard His Voice Once Again I Think 3 Times By The Time I Met My Friend, Who Became Very Close With Me. He Told Me The First Time He Saw Me He Had A Desire To Know Me, Me On The Other Hand, I Heard A Voice Telling Me Something About This Guy But About That Time I Had Just Recently Lost My Sister And Separated From My Ex Boyfriend. 
So I Was Going Through Emotional Pain And Didn't Really Want To Listen To What The Voice Was Saying. But As Time Went By, Myself And The Guy Became Very Close And I Noticed He Likes Me A Lot. I Then Asked Him As I Was Trying To Avoid Confusions And Further Hurts. He Told Me He Was Taking His Time To Get To Know And Trust Me, And That He Was Waiting For That Time He Can Completely Trust Me. 
I Broke All Communications With Him As It’s Very Hard To Stay Friends With Him While Having Feelings For Him. He Told Me He's Not Yet Ready For A Relationship As He Had Been Hurt Terribly In The Past. The Thing Is Whenever He Sees Me He Talks And Talks To Me So Much, And Happily So That I End Up Being Very Confused As To “Is He Really The One Or What?” Considering The Voice That I Brushed Off Due To The Pain I Was Feeling At That Time. 
He Makes Me Very Happy And Has Made It Very Clear That He's Very Comfortable Around Me. Could He Be The One? How Would I Know The Voice Was Of God This Time And Isn't The Same Desire He Had To Know Me Before Even Saying A Word To Me A Way Of God Talking To His Heart? I Think I'm Getting Impatient More Than Anything.
My Dear, The Danger Lies In Being Impatient. Waiting On God Is Tasking But He Freely Gives Us The Grace If Only We Will Ask Him Because In The Long Run, We Are The Ones Who'll Benefit From His Timing For Us. Remember, God Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time (Eccl.3:11a). If We Choose Not To Wait And Run Ahead Of Him, Then We’ll Be Ready To Face The Consequences Ourselves.

When You Were Passing Through The Emotional Pain Of Losing Your Sister, I Got From Your Writing That He Was

Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE ‘I’ IN RELAT‘I’ONSHIP… {It’s Not All About You}

Most Commercial Adverts We Watch On TV And Read On Magazines Have So Filled Us With The Wrong Information About Ourselves. Words Like “It Begins With You”, “The World Is Waiting For You”, “ It’s All About You”, “Rule Your World”, Etc. Has Pushed Out The Scriptures That Ought To Fill Our Hearts.

Scriptural Words Like “You Must Deny Yourself”, “Come To Me And I’ll Give You Rest”, “He Must Increase While I Decrease”, “Mortify Your Flesh” Are Fast

Monday, August 12, 2013

Please Throw More Light On These Questions: Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? What’s The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring?

 Dear Beloved, Here Are Some Questions That Came Out From Your Last Week’s Answer To The Issue Of Using Attachments And Fixing Of Hairs That I Would Want You To Throw More Light On. The Questions Are: Explain The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? 
My Dear Brother, As I Saw And Read Your Questions, I Received A Warning From The Holy Spirit Not To Enter Into Matters Or Arguments{Eph.2:23-24} That Will Draw Away The Gospel Of Christ Which Has The Power To Save In Both Relationships And In Our Lives. So I Will Answer Your Question Based On The Direct Leadings Of The Holy Spirit.

For Your First Question, I Will Say That It Is Of No Use To Start Seeking The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring Because First And Foremost, That Is Not What God Is Looking For In A Man. He Is Looking For A Man/Woman Who Is Ready To

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

THE ‘T’ IN RELA‘T’IONSHIP… {Take Time To Listen To Your Partner}..

Has It Ever Occurred To You That We Want Others To Listen To Everything We Have To Say But Find It Hard To Listen To Everything They Have To Say?  The Natural Way Of Life ‘Cos Self Sit On The Throne Of The Natural Man BUT We’re Spiritual Beings In Christ Jesus And God Sits On The Throne Of Our Hearts And As Such, We Must Cultivate To Listen To And Serve Others In Love.

One Of Such Selfless Services Is The Divine Ability To Listen To Our Partners Without

Monday, August 05, 2013

I’m Afraid! On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent??

Beloved, Greetings IJN... I'm In A Relationship That Is One {1} Year & Still Running. We Love Each Other & Have Hopes Of Settling Down Together In The Nearest Future, The Problem Now Is That We Don’t Trust Each Other, We Lack Understanding, We're Both Hot Tempered, She's Really Not Caring, Can Hardly Understand My Moods & Doesn’t Know How To Touch My Heart Etc. My Major Problem Now Is That As A Result Of Our Incompatibility Which Was Not There From The Beginning Even Though We've Tried Working Things Out For Some Time Now Yet It Keeps Getting Worse. I've Thought About Breaking Up The Relationship But She Warned Me That If I Dare It That I'll Regret My Actions {Meaning She'll Curse Me}. Mind You, She Told Me She Cursed The Men From Her Past Relationships. Now Am Afraid & I Want To Ask On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent? Please I'll Really Appreciate Your Help On This Issue. Thanks & God Bless.

Greetings To You Too My Brother And In Answering Your Question, I Will Be Very Sincere With You And Tell You That If You Are Not In Christ Jesus, Then You Have A Good Reason To Be Afraid Because Only Christ Can Give You The Best Protection You Can Ever Hope Or Pray For. So My Questions First Of All Are These; Are You Genuinely Born Again? Does God Know You As His Bonafide Son? Is Your Name Written In The Book Of Life?

If Your Answer To These Questions Are A Very Sure YES, Then There’s