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Thursday, March 27, 2014


       I Have Found Something More Satisfying Than Sex:

I Know What You're Thinking: "Yeah, Right." But It's True. And In Fact, In A Way Sex Helped Me To Discover The Something That Outdoes It. And That Something Is Not Really A Something, It's A Someone. It's God. Just Hear Me Out On This One, I Know It Sounds Far-Fetched, But The Whole Thing Makes Sense.

God Has Created Us In Such A Way That We Can't Be Ultimately Satisfied By Anything Except Him. He Built That Into The

Monday, March 24, 2014

I’m 21 And Have This Girl In Mind For A Long Time. Should I Tell Her To Wait Or Ignore Her?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Boy Of 21years, There Is This Girl That I Have Been Glaring At For A Very Long Time And My Intuitions Tells Me That She Will Be My Wife In The Future But I Have Not Spoken To Her Because I Need To Focus On My Life. I Was Passing Her Place One Day And She Told Her Mum That She Will Want To Marry Someone Like Me. Should I Tell Her To Wait, Ignore Her Or What Is The Way Forward?

My Dear Brother, From Your Age, I Will Guess You’re Still In The University And I Don’t Think It’s Wise To Tell A Girl You Want To Marry Her So That She’ll Wait For You.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I Don't Have To Sleep With A Woman To Know If We're "Sexually Compatible":
Sex Is Meant To Complement A Relationship, Not Be The Most Important Aspect Of It. That's What I've Found Out. It's Supposed To Be The Icing On The Cake When All The Other Aspects Of Your Relationship Are Working Well.

I've Come To Understand That The Sex Will Be Good If The Rest Of The Relationship Is Good. That's Why I Know I Don't

Monday, March 10, 2014

Can A New Marriage Still Be Blessed If Adultery Was Committed In A Previous Marriage?

Dear Beloved, Can A New Marriage Still Be Blessed If At One Point One Of The Individuals Committed Adultery In A Previous Marriage? Or Will The New Marriage Be Cursed And Suffer. Example: A Husband Is Still Legally Married But Been Separated From His Wife For Over A Year. The Wife Had Moved On During The Separation And About 2 Years Into The Separation Became Pregnant By Another Man/Boyfriend.
The Husband Had Moved On To Dating Another Woman During The Separation And Lived Out Of The Home. He Stayed Married To His Wife, Because She Would Make Up Excuses About Signing Divorce Papers, And Would Always Threaten To Keep His Daughter Away From Him Over Trivial Reasons.
So, He Tried To Keep The Peace By Keeping The Divorce Topic To A Minimum To The Wife, Although She Had Already Moved On With Another Man Herself. The Divorce Finally Took Place Once The Wife Began To Cooperate, After She Became Pregnant By Her Boyfriend. At That Point She Brought Signed Divorced Papers To The Husband. All The While During The Separation The Married Man Carried A Relationship With A New Woman, And Now Him And The New Woman That Dated For 4 Years Of The Separation Are Married.
Both Love God. Will This New Marriage Be Blessed, Or Will There Be Bad Karma/Punishment Because They Did Not Wait To Date, And Carried On During A "Separated But Married" Time? How Should The New Wife, Who Really Honors Marriage Proceed With Confidence In Her Marriage, When She Was Technically Wrong For Dating Her Now Husband, When He Was Still Previously Married On Paper?

My Dear Sister, In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Use The Scriptures Expressly So That This Matter Will Be Objectively Addressed. First Of All In Mal.2:13-14, God Refused To Answer Their Prayers Nor Accept Their Offerings Because He Is The Witness Between Him And The Wife Of His Youth Which He Has Broken Faith With. She’s His Partner, The Wife Of His Marriage Covenant.

Going Down Further To Verses 16 Of The Same Verse, The Lord God Of Israel Himself Said “I Hate Divorce…” In The