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Sunday, March 31, 2013



Thankful As We Are For The Empty Tomb, That Should Not Be The Only Thing That Convinces Us Jesus Is Alive.. 

The Greatest Evidence Is That He Is Alive Within Our Hearts – And For That We Ought To Be Eternally Thankful.. 

Happy Easter To You All..

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Have Never Been Into A Relationship. Is Anything Wrong With Me?

Dear Beloved, I’m A Lady In My Final Year And Have Never Been Into Any Relationship Though People (Friends And Families) Are Asking Questions. I Don't Feel The Need For One At Least Not Now. Do You Think Something Is Wrong With Me?

My Dear, Knowing Your Age Would Have Been Of Great Help In Knowing If Something Maybe Wrong With You Or Not. Most People In Their Final Year And Fresh Graduates From The University – Especially If They’re Still Very Young – Ought To Build Their Lives FIRST Before Engaging In Relationships That Will Lead To Marriage.

So If You’re In Your Early Twenties And Don’t Feel The Need Or Desire For A Relationship, I’ll Say Nothing Is Wrong With You. If You’re In Your Mid Twenties, I’ll Be

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Boyfriend’s ‘Ex’ Is A Thorn In My Flesh. What Do I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’ve Dated My Boyfriend For 1&1/2 Years Now But Something Recently Happened And It’s Really Affecting Our Relationship. We’re From The Same Church Though I Joined Them 4 Years Ago – Was From Another Branch. Now, Like 5 Months Ago, His Girlfriend Appeared And Joined Back The Church. She Is From The Church But After Dating Him For 6 Months, They Broke Up(The Lady Did)She Left Him Because He Didn’t Have Money And She Left The Church Too, Went Out There And Started Some Other Relationship. 

She Even Was Dating A Married Man(That’s What We Gathered). Now, She Has Come Back To Church And Claims She’s Now Serious And Wants To Stick To The Church. The Problem Now Is That She Wants My Boyfriend(Who Was Her Ex) Back And She’s Doing Everything Possible To Hurt Me. My Boyfriend Decided To Tell Her To Step Back Because What They Had Is Over And He’s Dating Someone Else. He Asked Her To Respect That But She Is Still Insisting. 

What’s Bothering Me Is That She Is Now Calling Him Frequently And Want To Kip In Touch. I’ve Asked My Boyfriend Not To Communicate With Her But He’s Saying That He Can’t Just Ignore Her To The Extent Of Not Picking Her Calls. He’s Saying That Because They’re Just Talking General Things, That It’s Not Reason Enough To Ask Her Not To Call And Also Because Of Church ‘Cos He Has An Image To Protect. He Thinks That If He Ignores Ha, She Will Step Out Of Church And He Doesn’t Want To Be The Reason. 

Now I’m Fearing That The Lady Will Insist On Calling Him, Because She Wants To Be Around Him In Church. My Boyfriend Is Trying To Avoid Her But She’s Still Persistent. She Has Even Started Doing Things That Are Hurting Me 2 Show Me That She Was The Ex Girlfriend. My Boyfriend Says That I Should Understand And That There’s No Way He Can Turn Back To The Past More So Because She Left Him. So What Should I Do In Order For Them To Stop Communicating At All Because That’s What I Feel Should Happen?

Hi Dear, I Understand Your Plight But I Have To Ask You Some Questions First Before Advising You On What To Do. Is God In Support Of Your Relationship? Has He Given His Consent? Is He Just Your Boyfriend Or A Man That Wants To Get Married To You(Your Fiancée)? If He's Your Fiancée And You Both Attend The Same Church, Does Your Pastor Know About Your Courtship/Engagement? Are His Parents And Yours Aware Of The Engagement?

If Your Answer To These Questions Are NO And NOT YET Or NOT SURE, Then I Will Say That

Monday, March 25, 2013

When You Have To Say No..

Do You Agree To Everything Your Partner Asks Of You In Your Relationship All In The Name Of Love? Love Is Wise And Not Stupid; It Sees Clearly And Not Blind. There Are Times When Saying No Is Absolutely Necessary Especially If You’re In An Ungodly Relationship.
**If You’re Truly Born Again, Then You Must SAY NO To Premarital Sex No Matter The Excuse Or Reason Given For It.

**You Must SAY NO To Having An

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Are The Benefits Of A Christian Relationship??

Dear Beloved, Is It Wrong To Tell A Girl That You Love Her? Secondly, Is It Wrong To Go Into A Relationship With A Girl That Is Older Than You And Lastly, What Are The Benefits Of A Christian Relationship?

To Answer Your First Question, It Is Not Wrong To Tell A Lady That You Love Her Because God Is Love And He Instructs Us To Love Our Neighbours As Ourselves. But If You’re Talking About Sexual Love, Then It Is Very Wrong. Ladies Have Tender Hearts So You Should Be Mindful Of The Kind Of Words You Speak To Them. Your Words Should Always Edify.

For Your Second Question, It Is Not Wrong To Go Into A Relationship With A Lady That Is Older Than You As Far As You’re Very Sure You’re Working Under

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Scriptural Verses For Old And Young Couples..

Dear Beloved, Can I Please Ask For Some Bible Verses That Suits Couples; Newly And Old Couples.

Here Are Some Scriptural Verses For Both Old And Young Couples:

Gen. 2:24&25 – “For This Reason, A Man Will Leave His Father And Mother And Be United To His Wife, And They Will Become One Flesh. The Man And His Wife Were Both Naked, And They Felt No Shame.” This Means That A Man Should Never Make The Mistake Of Putting His Parents – Especially His Mother – Above His Wife And Both Couples Should Not Keep Any Secrets From Each Other.

Amos 3:3 – “Do Two Walk Together Unless They Have Agreed To Do So?” This Means That Both Couples Must Strive To Agree On Most Issues So As To Avoid Unnecessary Arguments And Quarrels.

Malachi 2:16a – “I Hate Divorce, Says The Lord God Of Israel...” This Means That Both Couples Must Remove Any

Monday, March 18, 2013

REAL LOV‘E’ (8)… {Not Being An egotist}..

 Being An Egotist Means Being Self-Centered And You Can Never Claim To Know What Real Love Is If You’re So Full Of Yourself. Pride Kills Any Relationship Because It Is Not Of God – He Resist The Proud But Gives Grace To The Humble. Are Your Status And Achievements In Life Swelling Your Head? Love And Self-Centeredness Can Never Go Together!
The Problem Of Overblown Ego Is Not Only For The Guys But Also For Ladies Too! My Sister, Are You Carried Away By Your

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Find Myself Falling Into The Same Sin Again And Again. I Need Help Please..

Dear Beloved, I Have Had Awful Relationships. I’ve Fallen And Risen So Many Times And I’m So Tired Of Finding Myself Committing The Same Sin Again And Again. I Need Help Please.

I’m Very Happy To Inform You That You Will Surely Receive Help If You Will Seek It In Christ Jesus. From Your Words, I Can Say You’ve Really Had A Hard And Sad Experience In Your Quest For True Love. But The Truth Is That True Love Can Only Be Found In Christ Jesus Because He Is Our First Love. Only When We Are Secure In God’s Love Can We Have Good Relationships.

As I Ponder On Your Committing The Same Sin Again And Again, The Words Of Apostle Paul In Romans 7:21-25a Which Says “It Happens So

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is Having Sexual Desire Wrong??

Dear Beloved, From Your Advice To My Last Question, You Sounded Like Even Having The Desire For Sex Is Wrong And As I Fall Into The Sin Of Fornication, My Being Born Again Is Questionable. On That Note, I Will Like To Know How A Person Can Be Born Again.

It Is Not Wrong To Have The Desire For Sex Because It Is God-Created But The Bible Warns Us To Flee Fornication, Not Resist It. If We Keep Giving Excuses To Our Sin Or Keep Repeating A Particular Sin, It Shows That We've Not Truly Been Born Again Because 1 John 3:9 Says That "No One Who Is Born Of God Will Continue To Sin Because God's Seed Remains In Him; He Cannot Go On Sinning, Because He Has Been Born Of God."

Many Christians Claim That They Are Born Again But The Way They Easily

Monday, March 11, 2013

REAL LO‘V’E (7)… {Not Being Violent}..

Most Guys Are So Violent And They Hide Behind The Excuse That “It’s Just The Way I Am”. That Is A Big Lie Because Nobody Is Born Violent. The Same Way You Learned It Should Be Taken To Unlearn It! Are You A Lady Who Breaks Things When You’re Angry? That’s Being Violent And This Vice Should Not Be Found In God’s Children.
You Cannot Say You Know What Real Love Is When All You Do In Your Relationship Is The