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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Overcoming Infatuation, Lust, Crush..

Overcoming these negative emotions takes much more than just your personal efforts. Most of these emotions especially infatuation and crush often comes in puberty and stays till you defeat it and defeat it you must if you want to worship God with a clean heart.

You have to personally hand it over to God? Emotions are not something you can ever fight on your own. Having feelings for someone is not bad in itself but what you do with/about those feelings will weaken or strengthen you. I pray the following steps will help you to overcome such feeling:

a, Try to think less of that person: When such thoughts come, don’t start day-dreaming and creating fantasies about that person. Instead, become active, you can read your bible and pray or sing aloud to God and with time, believe me, such thoughts will subside.

b, Try never to be in close contact with the person: Don’t pay daily visits to the person you’re trying to overcome feeling for or calling him/her every hour of the day, also avoid being in a room alone with him/her. Give as much space as possible because proximity (close contact) builds feelings that won’t help you at all.

c, Try and get busy: The saying that an idle mind is the devil's workshop is so true, fill your mind with the things of God – meditation and communing with Him. So find something to engage yourself in and believe me, with prayers, you'll surely overcome those feelings.

Remain richly blessed..


  1. Thanks,........... Pls if possible you can do this page in such a way that, aftre reading we can share it. either through Fzbk or tweeter............be blessed too.

  2. Hi Abdron,
    The boxes for sharing in e-mails, tweeter, facebook, google buzz are already in place.

    Below each post, you'll see after comment, five(5) boxes bearing letters M B T F G. M is for e-mailing it to a friend, B is for blogging it, T is for sharing it on twitter, F is for sharing it on facebook and the round G is for google buzz.

    Then, there is also a box at the top left side of the page where you can put in your e-mail address if you want to be receiving posts from the blog.

    Thanks and remain blessed..

  3. I luv dis cuz I've written a note on it previouly... Tanks...

  4. Sir hw much time it wil take ,i been in this(crush) frm last yr but i nvr told her coz it wil b wrong if do so ,but i use to write about her ,use to create songs but nw i left al dis stuf totaly .i want to b normal.like if i see her i want to feel as der is no crush towards her

    1. My dear, defeating crush permanently within our hearts can only come from a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. Go to Him and ask Him to cleanse your heart from every impurity and He will. Another way of defeating crush is by allowing time to have its way but this method takes a long while. So the way to stop that feeling is through prayers - have you really prayed about it? Prayer does a lot so try it but remember that to receive answer to your prayer, you must first believe that God is real and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God bless you..


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