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Monday, March 26, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do! (4)..

The Problem Of Lack Of Love In Marriages, The Issue Of Marital Infidelity, The Matter Of The Second Woman Or The Other Man, The Cases Of Beatings And Fightings, The Weight Of Distrust In Marriages, And The Fading Out Of The First Love And Emotion Between A Man And His Wife Arises Because We Have Forgotten That Marriage Is God’s Own Idea Not Ours.

We Don’t Remember

Monday, March 19, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do!(3)..

God Created A Woman To Be An Help-Meet For The Man. A Helper Is A Part-Taker Of Burdens And Responsibilities That The Man Is Mandated To Bear.

A Helper Cannot And Must Not Be An Added Burden On The Man She’s Supposed To Help. She Must Be SUBMISSIVE In Order To Complete The Man As God Originally Designed.

An Help-Meet Cannot Start

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can One Marry Just For Sex?

Hi Beloved. My Question Goes Like This; Should Two People Dating Rush Into Marriage Just To Accomplish Their Desires For Sex? It’s Often Counseled That If Two People Dating Cannot Hold Their Bodies, They Can Get Married. To Me, This Is Not A Good Reason For Marriage. What Do You Think?

The Answer Is A Big NO! The Desire For Sex Is The Worst Reason For Getting Married Because If That Desire Wanes As It Definitely Will With Time, What Will Happen To That Marriage?

Dating Is Quite Different From

Monday, March 12, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do!(2)..

God Made Man To Be The “HEAD” Of The Family/Home With Serious Responsibilities. Your Wife-To-Be Or Your Wife (If You’re Married) IS NOT Your MATE But Your HELP-MEET So Do Not Compete With Her.

Deciding To Show Her The Strength Of Your Muscles Once She Misbehaves So As To Subdue Her; Shouting And Intimidating Her Are

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is Valentine's Day A Christian Celebration?

Hello Woman Of God! Your Messages And Answers To Questions Are Good And God Bless You And Strengthen You More And Put His Word In Your Mouth. There Is This Question I Have Been Asking – Is Valentine Day A Christian Celebration? If Yes Why And If Not Why? Should Christians Share Gifts On Such A Day? Hoping To Hear Objectively From You. Paul

Hi Paul, Thanks For The Encouraging Words From You And A Big Amen To Your Prayer. I'll Answer Your Question As Honestly As I Can.

Valentine's Day Is All About Love And God Is Love. As Such, Christians Have The Total Right To Celebrate And Remind Ourselves Above All Things, About God's Love For Us.

Valentine's Day May Not Be Like

Monday, March 05, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do!”(1)..

For God To Work And Bring Forth That Guy/Lady Who Is Made To Suit And Fit You As Your Head/Help-Meet, You Must “Sleep” And Rest On God’s Word And Trust His Loving Kindness Before And Even After Your Marriage.

You Need Not Be Suspicious As If God Would Just Bring One Person That Is Not