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Monday, July 29, 2013

Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Of Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me??

Hello Beloved, There Is This Issue That Is Bothering Me. My Guy Introduced A Lady To Me As His Ex Girl Friend And Said That Now The Girl Is Just His Friend & There Is Nothing Between Them, Yet The Way They Behave Toward Each Other Shows That They Still Have Love Relationship Going On. The One That Pains Me Most Is That Whenever The Lady Comes Around, I Will Feel Isolated Because They Always Discuss In Hausa Language Which I Don’t Understand. We Always Quarrel Because Of The Girl & He Said He Loves Me. So Why Can't He Protect Me From Things That Hurt Me? My Question Is This; Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me? And What Is The Way Out Of This?

My Dear, I Don’t Quite Buy The Idea Of Introducing An Ex-Girlfriend As A Friend To Your Current Girlfriend Or Fiancée As Your Case Is. It Is Bound To Create Jealousy In Your Heart And A Friction Between You And His Ex-Girlfriend. The Way They Behave Towards Each Other Cannot Be Just Placid And It Is Not Surprising Because Something Has Existed Between Them Before.
With These Kinds Of Issues Coming Out Of Your Courtship, Let Me Ask You Again; Is

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

THE ‘A’ IN REL-A-TIONSHIP… {Always Forgive Your Partner}..

Why Is It That We Can Easily Forgive Others When They Hurt Us But Find It So Hard Or Take Us A Long Time To Forgive Our Partners When They Do The Same? I’m Also Guilty Of This But God Has Greatly Helped Me On This. Now, Even If They Offend Us A Hundred Times A Day, We Must Forgive Them A Hundred Times Too.

Matt.18:21-22 – “…Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? up to seven times? Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times but seventy-seven times.”

Our Loved One(s) Have The Power To Hurt Us As No Other Person Can Because They’re Closest To Our Hearts But We Must

Monday, July 22, 2013

How Do I Forget About Him??

Dear Beloved, Am A Guy, And I Have A Friend – He Is A Guy Too. I Stopped Going To His House Over A Month And More Ago, And This Was Because I Was Lusting Over His Younger Sister, But I Don’t Know What Is His Problem – His Family Used To Go To Native Doctors, False Prophets And Seers. One Day This Guy Began To Tell Me That, "Why Have I Done This Kind Of A Thing To Him'', And Am Confused At His Words When He Left, I Kept Asking Him What He Meant And He Refused Telling Me But Kept Saying That I Should Do Myself Good And Confess, And I Guess He Must Have Gone To One Of Their Family Fake Prophets And Seers Who Has Told Him Something Strange. Now All I Need Is Advice On What To Do, Cause Am Totally Confused And Whenever I Remember Him, I Feel Like Am Empty, Please I Want To Forget About Him But Its Seems To Be Difficult, And The Worst Part Is That He Has Stopped Coming To My House And Never Cared To Call Me Again. Please Beloved All I Need Is Just On How I Will 4get About Him.
My Dear, Your Question Is Not Very Clear But I Will Give You A General Advise Which I Believe Will Help You Overcome Whatever It Is That Might Be The Problem Weighing On Your Mind. First Of All, Running From A Weakness Is Never The Way To Defeat It Except In Fornication Where The Bible Advised Us To Flee.
Your Decision To Stop Visiting Your Friend Because You’re Lusting Over His Younger Sister Might Seem Like The Solution But It’s Really Not The End. If The Spirit Of Lust Is Not Dealt With In Your Life, You’ll

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE ‘L’ IN RE-L-ATIONSHIP… {Love Your Partner Unconditionally)..

You’re Not Really Ready For A Godly Relationship – Courtship And/Or Marriage Relationship – Till You Learn To Love Your Partner Unconditionally. Don’t Wait For Them To Merit Your Love But Go Ahead In The Love Of Christ And Love Them Anyway.

As We Continue To Celebrate Easter Today, May We Remember That It Was Unconditional Love For Us That Made Jesus Lay Down His Life For Us. And Since We Were Advised To Have The Same Attitude As Christ Jesus, We Must Choose To Love Our Partner’s Weaknesses As Well As Their Strengths.

Rom.5:8 – “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Phil.2:5 – “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:”

Does He Repeatedly Forget Your

Monday, July 15, 2013

Should You Pray About Marrying A Guy Who’s Taking His Time To Propose To You?

Hello Beloved, How Do You Deal With A Situation Whereby A Guy Goes To Your Church Elders And Tells Them That He Loves You But He Takes Time To Come To You. Should You Pray About It Waiting For Him To Show Up?

First Of All, As I Read Your Question, I Had To Wonder How You Got To Know He Told The Elders In Your Church That He Loves You #Smiles. But If One Of The Elders Told You, Then There’s Nothing Wrong In Praying About It While Waiting For Him To Show Up. Prayer Will Get You Prepared On How To Respond When He Does Finally Show Up.

Secondly, I Wondered What Could Be Keeping Him Or Why He’s Taking Time? Again, Maybe The

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE ‘E’ IN R-E-LATIONSHIP… {Everyone Else Is Second; Not You}..

As Hard As This May Sound, It Is The Truth – In Every Godly Relationship, Your Partner Is Second After God Who Takes The First Position – And Must Be Applied If You Want A Smooth And Satisfying Relationship. After Making God First, The Next In Line Is Not You O! {Sorry About That} It’s Every Other Person/ Your Partner, Now Followed By You.
Remember That The Bible Told Us To Consider Others Better Than Us And To Look Out For Their Interest First Before Ours. So In Your

Monday, July 08, 2013

He Agreed On No Sex But Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing. What Should I Do??

Hi Beloved, I Met This Guy And We Are Into A Relationship. While Getting To Know Each Other, I Told Him My Stand Against Pre-Marital Sex And He Is Okay With That. But He Also Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing And That Too Is Not Part Of My Ethics. What Should I Do?  I'm Confused.
My Dear, You Shouldn’t Be Confused Because God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. You Said You Met This Guy And Entered A Relationship With Him But I Didn’t Read Anything About Seeking God’s Face About Him Before Starting A Relationship With Him. No Relationship Can Be Genuinely Successful And Satisfying Except God Is With Both Parties Or In Support Of That Relationship.
Standing Against Pre-Marital Sex But Without Biblical Values Is Really Not Worth It Because It Will Not Stand Against

Monday, July 01, 2013

I’m Having Serious Problems With My Life. Please Help Me With Your Advice..

Dear Beloved, I Am A Young Guy And Am 18, But I Am Having A Serious Problem With My Life. I Want You To Help Me With Your Advice, Although I Am A Christian But I Want To Know How One Will Know That God Wants You To Go Into A Relationship With Some Body And I Don’t Know How To Stop Masturbation. I Have Tried To Stop But..

My Dear Brother, Can I Be Very Honest With You By Telling You That Just Being A Christian Who Attends Church Will Not Solve Your Problem? It Is Christ In You That Is Your Hope Of Glory And The Hope Of Overcoming Your Challenges Because You’re Victorious In Him. So I Will Plead With You To Completely Surrender Your Life To God And Become Born Again.
Becoming Born Again Does Not Mean You’ll No Longer Have Issues That Challenge Your Faith BUT The