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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship I’m In Will End In Marriage??

Dear Beloved, How Can I Know That A Leading Is From GOD? How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship That I'm In Will End In Marriage?

You Can Know A Leading Is From God When Everything Aligns With The Word Of God. You Cannot Have A Leading To Become Engaged To A Married Man And Say It’s From God. Any Leading That Does Not Conform To Biblical Standards Is Not A True One But False.

You Can Be Certain That A Relationship That You’re In Will Lead To Marriage When God Confirms The Person To You. You Cannot
Enter A Relationship With An Ordinary Christian Who’s Not Born Again And Want To Be Certain It Will End In Marriage. The Guy Must Be Born-Again And So Must You.

Seek God’s Face Before Entering Any Relationship As It Will Help You To Certain Of Its Future. But When You Choose Your Partner By Sight, You Have To Be Prepared To Take Whatever Comes From It.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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  1. For many younger people, like high schooler, sex is as common as using
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    date.... . For older adults, they wait a bit till they get to know the person.

    ... . Waiting until marriage runs the risk of marrying a person who is sexually incompatible, so you shoud know you are compatable before making a lifetime commitment.
    ... . For most adults these days- How long does it usually take until sex occours?
    After a few days of dating? A few weeks? A month?.
    . My experience has been about 3 weeks...
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