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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Do I Tell Him The Truth Without Hurting His Ego??

Dear Beloved, I Have An Issue On My Hand Right Now And I Need To Sort It Out Quickly. I Met A Guy About Six (6) Weeks Ago And He Seems Attracted To Me But I Don’t Feel The Same Way About Him. I Have Plans Of Reading For PhD, I’m Going For My Masters Later In The Year And He Is Not A Graduate. He Is Kind Of Not Serious With His Job too. Last Week, He Said He Wants To Meet My Parents Even When I’ve Not Told Him Yes. In The Beginning I Did Not Want To Say Anything So That I Would Not Wound His Ego But Right Now, I Don’t Want Him To Assume Forever Cos He Is Not My Kind Of Person And He Is Not Someone I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With. How Do I Tell Him No Without Sounding Proud Or Wounding His Ego?

There Really Is No Easy Way To Telling Someone That You’re No Longer Interested In Him/Her Or That His Advances Are No Longer Welcomed. It Just Has To Be Done. But Before Doing It, Pray About It And Ask God To Give You The Wisdom Needed For Such A Task So That He Would Not Feel Degraded Or Demeaned.

Secondly, Bear In Mind

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Guy’s Parents Refused To Give Their Consent. What Should They Do?

Dear Beloved, A Friend Has Been Going Out With This Guy For Five (5yrs). He Took Her Home To His Family But They Complained Of Tribal Differences And Refused To Give Their Support. What Should They Do?

They Should Go To God In Prayers Because He Gave Us The Only Commandment With A Promise To Honour Our Parents Therefore, Going Ahead When The Guy’s Parents Are Saying No For Any Reason Whatsoever, Would Be Out-Right Disobedience Against The Guy’s Parents And Against God Too.

This Is One Of The Reasons I Always Say People Should

Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do I Boost My Courage??

Dear Beloved, When I Was Young, My Mum Shouts At Me For Every Mistake I Made. The Shout Or Yelling Became Too Much To The Extent That I Became Afraid Of Her. She Never Knew That Her Shouting Was Killing My Boldness. Now As Old As I Am, Even When I’m In The Midst Of My Peers, I Feel Different & I Feel They Are Seeing Me In That Way Too. How Do I Boost My Courage? Thank You

Hi Dear, I Understand What You’re Going Through And The Only Way To Boost Your Courage Is To Know WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST JESUS! When You Truly Know How God Sees You And In Whose Image You Are Made, Your Boldness Will Return Because The Bible Tells Us That God’s Children Are As Bold As Lions.

Most Parents Don’t Know The Extent To Which

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Intimacy Means More Than The Physical:

Each Of Us Has Five Significant Parts In Our Lives. We Have The Physical, The Emotional, The Mental, The Social, And The Spiritual. All Five Of These Parts Are Designed To Work Together In Harmony. In Our Search For Intimacy We Want The Solution Today, Or Yesterday. One Of Our Problems Is That We Want "Instant" Gratification. When The Need For Intimacy In A Relationship Is Not Met, We Look For An "Instant" Solution.

Where Do We Look? We Most Often Look To The

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship I’m In Will End In Marriage??

Dear Beloved, How Can I Know That A Leading Is From GOD? How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship That I'm In Will End In Marriage?

You Can Know A Leading Is From God When Everything Aligns With The Word Of God. You Cannot Have A Leading To Become Engaged To A Married Man And Say It’s From God. Any Leading That Does Not Conform To Biblical Standards Is Not A True One But False.

You Can Be Certain That A Relationship That You’re In Will Lead To Marriage When God Confirms The Person To You. You Cannot

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Can I Help This Lady??

Dear Beloved, How Can You Help This Lady? She Had Been Involved In A Relationship And Got A Baby And Really Depressed To The Extent Of Leaving The Man Who’s The Father Of Her Child. I Need To Help Her But Don’t Know How To Start.

The First Question To Ask Here Is This; Is She Married To The Man? If No, Then There's No Reason Staying With A Man Who's Not Your Husband Simply Because You Had A Baby For Him. That’s The Same Thing As Living In Sin (Fornication).

From The Way You Asked Your Question, I Take It To Mean That

Monday, August 13, 2012


 Here’s The Recap/Summary Of The Last Letter – “T” – As I Finally Bring To An End, The Series On The Acronym Of TRUST..

TALK-ABOUT-EVERYTHING: Are There Secrets You Know That When Found Out, Might Break Your Relationship? Now Is The Best Time To Confide In Your God-Approved Partner, Un-Burden Your Heart To Him/Her. It Is During Courtship/Engagement That Any Previous Lifestyle That May Affect Childbearing Should Be Discussed With Your Partner. It Is Dangerous To Hide Such Things, Only To Open It Up After Wedding.

Is It Abortion Done When You Were Still An Unbeliever? Is It Any Sexually Transmitted Disease Before You Became Born-Again? Prayerfully

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Should I Pursue Her Further ‘Cos She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex??

Hi Beloved, I Have A Question But Also A Request. I Met This Girl For Whom I Care Deeply. We Are Not In A Relationship – We Are At This Stage Only Friends. She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex Who Has Hurt Her And Cheated On Her Time And Time Again. They Also Have Not Been In A Relationship For More Than Two Years Now And She Has Not Been In A Relationship Since Then Though She Does See Him From Time To Time.
I Feel He Is Only Using Her. I Have Asked Her To Go Out With Me At Times And We Always Seem To Have A Good Time. At Times, It Does Seem She Likes Me But Then She Had Said To Others Hurtful Things Like ‘I Irritate Her’. I Do Feel In My Heart That We Could Be A Good Match But My Request And Question Is; Should I Pursue Her Further And Try To Win Her Heart Or Is It Better To Leave It? I Would Like Someone To Please Pray For Me And Give Me Some Godly Advice As The Holy Spirit Leads Him/Her.

I Would Advise You To Leave Pursuing Her Further As To Win Her Heart Because From What You Said In Your Question, She’s Still In Love With Her Ex And She Might Only Use You As A “REBOUND” Which Could Be Very Hurtful When She Finally Decides To Move Ahead In Her Life Without You.

Secondly, I Didn’t See You Calling Her A

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I’m Finding It Hard To Forget Though I've Forgiven Her..

Dear Beloved, There's Something My Fiancée Did To Me, I Have Forgiven Her But Still Find It Difficult To Forget. What Should I Do?

As I Pondered Over Your Question, This Adage Came To My Mind, “To Err Is Human And To Forgive Is Divine.” That Word ‘Divine’ Means Taking The Very Nature Of God – Forgiving Others Just As In Christ Jesus, God Forgave Us (Ephesians 4:32). God Forgives Us Totally And Expects Us To Do The Same As His Children.

It Takes The Grace Of God To

Monday, August 06, 2012


Here Is The Recap/Summary Of The Next Two (2) Letters – “U” And “S” – As I Conclude The Series On The Acronym Of TRUST..

U-NDERSTANDING: This Is About Getting To Know What Makes Your Partner “Tick”. What Makes Him/Her Talk And Reason They Way They Talk And Reason, Knowing What Makes Them Happy Or Angry And Being Able To Say With All Confidence That You Know Your Partner. A Way Of Achieving This Would Start From