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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Long Should A Courtship Last?

Dear Beloved, How Long Should Courtship Last Before Marriage?
My Dear, There Really Is No Fixed Time For Courtship Before Marriage Because As Individuals Are Differently Unique So Are Courtships Too. Some May Court For Six (6) Months And Are Ready For Marriage While Some May Court For One (1) Year And Still Not Be Spiritually Ready For Marriage.
What I Will Advice Is That It Should Not Be Too Long Neither Should It Be Too Short. A Very Brief Or Hurried Courtship Most Often Result In

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How True Are Dreams In Choosing A Wife?

Dear Beloved, I Have A Little Problem And Somehow Confused. A Friend Of Mine A Guy I Met 2yrs Ago Before He Went To The States Has Been Calling And Texting To Know How I’m Doing. A Few Months Ago, He Called And Begged To Know Everything About Me. Then I Told Him And We Remained Friends. But Recently, He Called And Started Telling Me That Ever Since, He Kept On Seeing Me In His Dreams. 

I Told Him That I Don’t Know Why, That He Should Pray About It To Get The Meaning From God. Now He’s Blaming Me For Not Accepting Him Because Now He Has Somebody He Is Going Out With And Wants To Marry But He Doesn’t Know The Person Because His Sister Found The Girl For Him. According To Him, When He Started Seeing Me In His Dreams, He Became Confused And Said How Can He Be Seeing Another In A Dream And Want To Marry Another? 

I Told Him Again To Move On With His Plan So That He Will Not Hurt The Girl. So Please Tell Me, What Do You Think About His Dreams? For Me I Have Wished Him The Best Because He Did Not Open Up To Me On Time But I Don’t Want Him To Make Mistake.
I Think His Dreams Are Nothing And That He Might Even Be Lying About Them(Some Guys Deceive Ladies By Telling Them That They Saw Them In Their Dreams). If He's Genuinely Born Again, Then He Can Ask God To Help Him Interpret His Dreams But If He's Just An Ordinary Guy, Then It Could Not Be God Revealing You To Him In His Dreams But Maybe The Figment Of His Imaginations.

Secondly, A Truly Sensible And Mature Christian Cannot

Monday, January 28, 2013

RE‘A’L LOVE (3)… {Being An Adult}..

In Most Of Our Relationships, We Find Adults Behaving Like Children Instead Of The Adults They Really Are. Are You Still Quarreling Or Keeping Malice With Your Partner And Prolonging It Afterwards By Waiting For Who Will Be The First To Call, Apologize Or Say ‘I’m Sorry’? That’s Totally Childish And Should Not Be Found In The Life Of True Believers.

Selfishness Breeds Malice And Quarrels But Real Love Is Not Selfish/Self-Seeking But Considers The Other Before Itself. If You’re A

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Could Height Be An Issue When It Comes To Choosing A Life Partner?

 Dear Beloved, Is Height Really An Issue When It Comes To Marriage?

Height Should Never Be An Issue For A Genuine Born Again Christian When It Comes To Choosing A Marriage Partner. For Some – Mostly Unbelievers And Ordinary Church-Goers, It May Be; But For Whoever That Is Really In Christ Jesus, It Can Never Be. It Just Shows That The Christian Has Not Totally Died To Self.

The Person Who’s Doing The Selection Is Not

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are We Committing Sin By Kissing On A Good-Night Basis?

Dear Beloved, I’m 22yrs And Think I Have Found The One. Her Mum Knows Me And Greets Me Like An In-Law. We Have Agreed To Preserve Ourselves Till Marriage Because We’re Both Committed To Our Churches. I Want To Know If We’re Committing Sin By Kissing On A Good-Night Basis, Thank You.

I’ll Take It That You’re Now In A Courtship Relationship Since You Both Agree To Preserve Yourselves Till Marriage. My Question Would Be This: If The Girl’s Mother Knows And Has Approved Of You, Has God Known And Approved Of It Too? Any Relationship Known And Approved By God Will Be Directed By God.

On The Issue Of Kissing Each Other On A Good Night Basis, This Question Asked In Proverbs 6:27 Came Strongly To Mind; “Can A Man

Monday, January 21, 2013

R‘E’AL LOVE (2)… {Being Equals}

 You Cannot Claim To Know What Real Love Is If You’re Expecting A Master-Servant Role In Your Relationship. As The Man, Do You Expect Your Lady To Wait Hand And Foot On You? Do Whatever You Ask Her To Without Complaining? As The Lady, Do You Expect Your Man To Be Your Prince Charming Without You Being His Virtuous Princess? Do You Expect Him To Do All The Calling While Still Recharging Your Phone?
Equality Is A Necessity In Real Love Because For Any Godly Relationship To Thrive, The Roles Of Both Parties Must

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Do I Do To Win Her Heart Of A Girl That Caught Me Eyes?

Dear Beloved, I Have Two (2) Questions To Ask. There Is A Girl That’s Always Looking At Me, I Don’t Know If She Loves Me Or Not, But The Fact Is That I Only Love Her As A Friend And I Met A Girl That Caught My Eyes. What Do I Do To Win Her Heart? Urgent Reply Please.

As I Read Your Question, The Story Of Samson Came To My Mind Where He Said In Judges 14:2,3b To His Parents “…I Have Seen A Philistine Woman In Timnah; Now Get Her For Me As My Wife” And “But Samson Said To His Father, Get Her For Me. She’s The Right One For Me.” It Was Samson’s Eyes That Got Him Into Trouble And Those Eyes Were Finally Gouged Out.

I’m Seeing A Need To Address The Issue Of Your Sight. It Was Your Eyes That

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Do One Choose A Life Partner According To God’s Direction?

Dear Beloved, Please Give Counsel On How To Choose A Life Partner According To God's Direction.

In Choosing A Life Partner According To God’s Direction, The First Step Is In Knowing God As Your Father; Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour; And The Holy Spirit As Your Guide And Teacher – This Means Becoming Born Again. If You’ve Not Come To This Point In Your Life, Then I’ll Advise You To Begin At This Stage.
Secondly, The Will Of God, As Shown Us In 1 Thess.1:3-5a Says “It Is God’s Will That You Should Be Sanctified: That You Should Avoid Sexual Immorality; That Each Of You Should Learn

Monday, January 14, 2013

‘R’EAL LOVE (1)... {Being Responsible}

 Most Of Us Claim To Know What Love Is When We Do Not Understand The Concept Of Love Not To Talk Of Understanding Or Knowing The Author Of Love. God Is Love And He Is Responsible – Obliged To Do Something Or Care For Someone/Able To Be Trusted; Reliable – Because Even Though We Fell Into Sin, He Saw It As His Responsibility To Save Us Through His Son Jesus Christ.

So How Responsible Are You? Do You

Tuesday, January 01, 2013