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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Distance Relationship. Can It Really Work??

Dear Beloved, Is It Possible Keep A Distance Relationship, And The Love Will Still Be There? That Is Seeing The Person Once In Two Years?

I Believe I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship/Engagement And From Experience; I Can Say That It’s Absolutely Possible To Keep Or Get Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You Trust Each Other.

What Kills Every Relationship Is A Lack Of Trust. Trust Is So Important In A Relationship Because It Is The

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I See Him In My Dreams. How Do I Know If He’s My Husband??

Dear Beloved, I’m A New Convert And The Person Who Converted Me Was My Ex. We Never Had Any Sexual Relationship When We Were In The World So After Converting, He Asked Me To Pray About Us. That We Should Seek The Face Of God About Marriage Which I Did. I Normally See Him In My Dream But I Don’t Know Whether He Is My Own Husband. I’m Confused And I’m In love With Him. Please I Need Your Advice.

I’ll Start By Welcoming You Into God’s Lovely And Most Blessed Family. Your Ex Did Well By Being The Channel Through Which God Used To Bring You Home. I’ll Add Here As Regards Your Confused State That God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. Your Love For Him Maybe The Cause Of Your Confusion Because Our Emotions Prevent Us From Making Right Decisions. But All The Same, Go To God In Prayers And He’ll Make All Things Clear To You.

I’ll Commend Your Ex For Asking You To Seek The Lord’s Face Concerning Marriage. It Shows That

Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (9).. By Samson Ajilore..

 Unholy Intimacy& Un-sanctified Privacy..
Do Not Keep Unholy Intimacy With The Opposite Sex. If You Have Sexual Feelings And There Is No Opposite Sex Alone With You, You’re Safer Than Having It When You’re Alone With An Opposite Sex In A Room. The Bible Says That We Should Put On Christ And Not Provide For The Flesh To Manifest Its Lust In Us. “Let Us Walk Properly, As In The Day, Not In Revelry And Drunkenness, Not In Lewdness And Lust, Not In Strife And Envy. But Put On The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For The Flesh, To Fulfill Its Lusts” (Rom.13:13-14).

 The Weymouth New Testament (WNT) Puts The Fourteenth Verse Like This, “On The Contrary, Clothe Yourselves With The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For Gratifying Your Earthly Cravings” (Rom. 13:14 WNT). People Give So Much Attention To Sexual Passions And Other Carnal Cravings But The Flesh Shouldn’t Be Given So Much Attention.

If We Learn To

Thursday, November 22, 2012

He’s Too Shy To Take The First Step. Is It Alright With Me Taking The First Step??

Hello Beloved, I Have A Question. I Really Like This Guy, But He's Too Shy To Take The First Step (I Know This Because I've Known Him For A Long Time.) How Do I Know If God Is Alright With Me Taking The First Step? I've Been Praying About It For A Long Time Now... But Still No Answer. Is God Silently Telling Me To Let It Go? Or Am I Being Too Impatient For His Answer?               
My Dear, One Thing That Should Be Made Very Clear To Us Is That Most Time, God Does Not Answer Questions That We Already Know The Answer To. When He Seems Silent After You’ve Prayed And Prayed, It Either Means That The Time Is Not Yet Right OR You Already Know The Answer. If It’s A “NO”, He Will Let You Know Without Delay Or Allow You To Outgrow That Request.

I’ve Also Come To Know That When We’re Asking If Something Is Right Or Wrong, Deep Down In Our Hearts, We

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner?

Dear Beloved, How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner? Do I Have To Hear A Voice Or Dream About It? Is It Spiritual Or Physical? Does It Have To Be A Prophecy? Do I Have To See A Vision? Can A Pastor Or Spiritual Leader Choose For You? As A Woman Do You Have To Propose Or Just Wait For Some Guy To Come To You? Is There An Age Limit To Marriage?

Wow! My Dear, You’re Really Loaded With Questions So I’ll Take Them One By One. First Of All, You Can Best Confirm The Right Marriage Partner By Relying On God’s Divine Wisdom And Trusting His Choice Of The Correct Man/Woman For You. If You Don’t Trust Him Completely Or Try To Smartly Act With Your Limited Wisdom, Then There Are Bound To Be Problems Along The Way

Secondly, Hearing From God Can

Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (8).. By Samson Ajilore..

The Word has got all the answers!

“How can a young person keep his life pure? [He can do it] by holding on to your Word. (Psalm 119:9 GW).
The Scripture above makes it clear that the only way to keep our life pure is by holding on to the Word. Now to hold on to something means that you’re intimate with that thing. We must learn to fellowship with the Word through constant meditation and practice. If our mind is filled with the Word, our life will be filled with it. Until the Word becomes the absolute controller of our life, we’re not going to keep a pure life. We must keep our passions under the authority of God’s Word. “God's will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin” (1Thess. 4:3 NLT). 

To control our sexual passions, sometimes we have to learn how to

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Lover Is In Love With Another. What Should I Do?

Dear Beloved, What Are You To Do When Your Lover Who Claims To Love You So Much Is In Love With Another?

In Sincerely Answering Your Question, There’s Really Nothing You Can Do. If Your Lover Who “Claims” To Love You So Much Is Now In Love With Another Person, It Means He/She Never Really Loved You In The First Place And Also That It Is Not Of God. So It Is Best The Relationship Got Broken Now Than Waste More Precious Years Of Your Life.

A Relationship That Is Of God Or Has Received God’s Consent Would Never Dissolve Just Like That Because God Never

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Don’t Know What My Ex Is Up To. Confused. Please Help..

I Broke Up With My Ex-Boyfriend Because His Mother Said I Can’t Bear Him A Child In Future. So He Called Me And Said That The Relationship Is 50/50 After Several Changes. Since Then, No Calls From Him But For The Past Month Now, We Talk On Phone And Of Recent He Ends His Call With I Love U. I’m Confused Now Because I Asked Him What He Really Mean Or Want But He Has Refused To Reply. I’m Confused… Please Help.

I Wonder Why His Mother Would Say Such A Thing About You Not Being Able To Bear Her Son A Child In The Future. Was There Something She Knew About You? But All The Same, No Person Has The Right To Conclude On The Fate Of Another Person Because We Are Not God And There’s Nothing God Cannot Do. So Don’t Let That One Bother You.

I Did Not Understand What

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?

Hi Beloved, Can I Ask You This Question?  Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?
The Answer Is NO! It Is Not A Crime At All To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret. From Your Question, It Seems You Were Betrayed By Your Friend Best Who You Confided In. Most Of The People We Call Our Best Friends Might Not Really Have Our Best Interest At Heart Like We Have Theirs.
 This Will Lead Me To Say That Your Friends Will Always Be Like You Because As The Saying Goes;

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Had A Crush On Him, Now In Love Though He’s Married And Now Divorced. What Do I Do?

Dearly Beloved, When I Was 10 Years Old, I Had A Crush On A Boy Who Was Our Neighbor Then & 5 Years Older Than Me. Whenever I See Him I Run To The House And Hide Not Knowing He Knew It. That Continued Until I Was 15 When He Left For The United States. I Moved On With My Life Thinking I Will Never See Him Again But Then Thank God For Facebook. He Added Me & I Was So Happy But One Thing Was Wrong, He Got Married.
I Was So Devastated Even Though I Was Seeing Someone Else Then. A Year Later, I Left Nigeria To Study In Europe. He Called Me On Phone (Best Day Ever!!) From The States & We Talked For Hours & Then He Told Me He's Divorced His Wife. I Felt Sad For Him. We Talked To The Extent He Told Me He Knew I Had A Crush On Him Years Back. After That Day We Never Talked Again Maybe Because I Told Him I Was With Someone Else. Early This Year I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, So Then I Got Talking With Him Again.
We Talked On Video Chat Every Blessed Day, We Became Part Of Each Other's Lives. Due To Difference In Time, I Had Two Clocks To Know What Time It Is In His Country. This Time It Wasn't A Crush, I Fell In Love With Him & He Said He's In Love With Me Too. Why I'm Writing To You Is Because I Hardly Hear From Him These Days. Now We Talk Like Once A Week & It’s Been A Month Now.
I Don't Know What's Wrong Beloved. I Asked Him If Anything Is Wrong, He Said We Are Fine, Just That He Distance Himself Sometimes. To Me I Think Distance Relationships Needs A Lot Of Communication If Not It Won't Work. Please Beloved What Should I Do? I Have Loved Him All My Life & I Don't Want To Lose Him Now That He's Mine. Thank You

Wow! This Is A Hard One That May Hurt Your Feelings But The Truth Must Be Said Because Nobody Can Deny Or Refute The Truth As Found In The Living Word (Bible) Can I Be Very Honest With You And Tell You That He’s Not Yours. He May Be Divorced But As Far As God Is Concerned, He’s A Married Man Till Death Parts Him And His Wife.

Read The

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Marrying Into Another Faith..

Dear Beloved, Is It Right To Be Engaged To A Catholic Man While You’re A Protestant And You Have A Different Faith?

Whether It Is Right Or Wrong Depends On You Because Be Rest Assured That Once You Get Married To That Man, You’re Automatically Switching Churches Which Means You’ll Become A Catholic. If You’re Not Comfortable With Becoming A Catholic, Then Why Getting Engaged In The First Place?

Never Be In A Hurry To Get Married Because Nothing