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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is It Possible To Love Two Women At The Same Time?

Hi, AskBeloved,
Thanks for the work you’re doing. Please my question is this: Is it possible to love two women at the same time?

Hi Bob, thanks for your question. This is a bit tricky but I’ll answer it to the best of my ability. It is possible to love two women at the same time BUT you cannot be “IN LOVE” with two women at the same time.

If you check within your heart, you’ll definitely discover that you love and have feelings more for one than the other. Using the Bible as a reference, Jacob loved Rachael more than Leah and Elkanah loved Hannah more than Peninnah.

God’s original plan for marriage is one man to one woman or He would have made more Eve’s for Adam in the Garden of Eden. So if you feel that you love two ladies at the same time, take some time to pray about it and truly assess your feelings for both of them. You’ll definitely find out that you really love and have more feelings for one of the ladies.

So you can love two women or even more at the same time but you can actually be in love with one of them. God made it that way.

Remain richly blessed dear..


  1. yes is possible, only if your love to them is not Erotic?. but when it is, it's sin. the question is, would you like your lover to love another man? the same way you wants to love two equally

  2. Loooool. I think he wouldn't want someone he loves to love another..

  3. This is tearing me appart. I have never being such a siner. I had not had sex with the other lady but the fellings are strong as well. This is shamefull. I'm married. The wife odes not want to follow the path of the faith. She's not a bad person but difficult to be with. My(shame)girlfriend has recently gone trough a lot of terrible ordeals and the Lord brought her to the faith. She is loving and she wants to do Gods will. My heart is torn.

    1. @Anonymous, First Of All, I Want To Thank You For Coming Out With This Burden Rather Than Covering It Or Trying To Ignore The Fact That What You’re Involved In Is Indeed Sinful. Sharing Your Problem Is Already Halfway To Solving That Issue And There’s Nothing Our Merciful Father In Heaven Cannot Forgive If We Genuinely Repent And Sincerely Ask For His Forgiveness.

      Please Permit Me To Ask You These Questions: If Your Wife Is Difficult And Does Not Want To Follow The Path Of Faith, Could It Be That You’re Not Loving Her As Christ Loved The Church And Gave His Life For Her? Could It Be That This Other Lady Has Taken All Your Attention Away From Her? Could It Be That She Already Knows About Your “Shame” Therefore Rejecting Your God? Maybe Your Wife Is Waiting To Really See The Christ-Like Behaviour You Profess In Your Life Before Following Your Path Of Faith.

      Like You Said, If Your Girlfriend Is Really Loving And Wants To Do God’s Will, Then She’ll Know That God’s Will In This Situation Is Not To Put You And Your Wife Asunder But To Break Off The Relationship And Focus Totally On God To Provide Her Own Man At The Right Time. If She Really Loves God And You, She Will Respect The Sacredness Of Your Marriage And Let Go.

      Finally, Your Heart Will Become Right With God When You Return To Your Wife And Love Her As Christ Loved The Church. 1 Peter 3:7 Says That “Husbands, In The Same Way Be Considerate As You Live With Your Wives, And Treat Them With Respect As The Weaker Partner And As Heirs With You Of The Gracious Gift Of Life, So That Nothing Will Hinder Your Prayers.”

      Once You Begin To Live And Love Her Like This, You Will Begin To Notice The Gradual Changes In Her And Before Long, She Will No Longer Be Difficult To Be With And She Will Also Follow Your Path Of Faith, Your Prayers Will Not Be Hindered And Your Heart Will No Longer Be Torn. Love Her! Love Her!! Love Her As Christ Loved The Church!!!

  4. Definitely possible. Sometimes you love people for different reasons. And sometimes love just comes to you.

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  6. Were Mary and Joseph married?


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