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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE ‘P’ IN RELATIONSHI‘P’… {Prayerfully Uplift Your Partner Before God}

Uplifting Your Partner Daily In Prayer Before God Can Only Be Correctly Done If You’re At Peace With God. If You’re Not Yet Born Again Then Know That The Prayers Of A Sinner Is An Abomination Before God But The Prayer Of The Righteous Is Very Effective!

So First Of All, Genuinely/Sincerely Accept Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Not Just By Words Alone, Then And Only Then Can You Be Privileged To Go Before God In Prayers And Uplift Your Partner.

The Knowledge That You’re Constantly

Monday, October 21, 2013

He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin..

Hello Beloved, I Like Your Blog Page, It’s Really Inspiring. I Am A Christian And Have Been Raped Before By Someone I Trusted. Afterwards, I Just Hated The Act But Now I Have A God Fearing Man God Has Given Me, Due To My Vulnerability. I Have Kissed Him And Even Spent The Night With Him But No Sex Involved; I Told Him About My Past And He Understands And Helps And Looks For Ways To Make Me Happy And Satisfied So He Tries To Fill The Vacuum Of My Sexual Urges Cause I Was Told That These Urges Will Come So Long As Have Be Active. We Have Asked God To Forgive Our Times Of Weakness, But I Know He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

My Dear Sister, Thanks For Visiting And Learning A Lot From My Blog. I’m Happy To Hear That You’ve Recovered From Such An Ordeal And Also Been Blessed With A God-Fearing Man; I Give God All The Praise And Glory.

Even Though You Kissed And

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

THE ‘I’ IN RELATIONSH‘I’P… {It Pays To Be Good}

It Really Pays To Be Good And We All Know This But Sometimes, We Intentionally Repay Evil For Evil Which Is Against Biblical Instructions Given To Us In Rom.12:17a And 21 – “Do Not Repay Evil For Evil”, Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good.”

Have You Been Offended And You’re Deciding To Hold Back Your Help And Compliments? It Pays To Be Good So Scatter That Ungodly Decision ‘Cos While We’re Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us!{Rom.5:8}

My Dear Sister, Has He Not Called For Some Days And You’re Deciding To

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I’m Tired Of The Heartbreaks; How Can I Confirm God’s Destined Partner For Me??

Hello Beloved, I Would Like To Know How I Can Confirm Whether The Person Who Wants To Date Me Is God's Destined Partner For Me. As At Now, I Do Not Want To Go Into Any Experimental Relationship Again Because I Am Tired Of The Heartbreaks. Please In Your Answer Give Me An Example Of How Someone Got His Or Her Confirmation. Thank You.

My Dear, I Will Say The Same Happened To Me And After My Last Relationship And When I Got Born Again, I Crossed My Heart Against Any Relationship Except The One God Himself Will Bring My Way Which Will Lead To Marriage. God Helped And Preserved Me Till He Brought My Dearest And I Together. Let Me Share How I Got My Own Confirmation With You.

My Dearest As At My Last Two Years In The University Was My Neighbour In The Off-Campus Hostel Where I Lived But Then We Were