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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


That Lady/Babe/Sister Is Someone Else's Future Wife:

Here's What I Mean: Most Of The Girls I've Been With Are Now Married To Other Men. When I Put Myself In The Shoes Of Those Men, I Wish That I Hadn't Done What I've Done. In Fact, I Might Even Like To Punch Myself In The Nose For It. But That Lies In The Past. Now, By The Grace Of God, I Know Better.

And So, It Goes Without Saying That When I Get Married, I'm Not Going To Like The Idea That Someone

Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Divorce Godly? My Marriage Is In A Confused Stage. Please Advice Me.

Dear Beloved, Am A Lady Of 32 Years; Married To A Guy Of 34 Years.  Before We Got Married, He Got A Lady Impregnated And They Had A Baby Boy Together. He Met Me On A Christian Platform And Proposed To Me So We Got Married Afterwards. The Issue Is That The Other Lady Is On My Neck Claiming To Be Godly And Condemning Me In Everything Because She Knows My Husband's Weak Point And She’s Really Using That. I Swear To God With My Life That I Didn’t Do Jazz For My Husband But That’s What She’s Claiming To The Point Of Telling My Husband I Wasn’t God's Will For Him But That She Is. Right Now, My Marriage Is In A Confused Stage. Please Advice Me And Is Divorce Godly? Thanks

My Dear Sister, Let Me Start By Making One Thing Very Clear To You; You Have The Absolute Right And Power To Fight For And Defend Your Marriage But It MUST Be Done On YOUR KNEES! You’re The One Married To Your Husband Not Her; So Even If She Had A Child For Him, She Still Has No Right To Want To Put Asunder What The Lord Has Joined.
Now, Before You Can Carry This Burden And Fight To God, I Have To Ask You; Does God Know You? Are You One Of His? It Is

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I Have A Friend Whom I Love So Much But Have Not Disclosed My Love For Her. Should I Tell Her My Mind Or Wait?

Dear Beloved, Please I Need An Advice Concerning My Relationship Or Friendship. Am A Newly Graduated Student, Waiting For My NYSC. But While I Was In School, I Had A Friend Who I Love So Much But I Did Not Disclose My Love For Her But Rather I Was Just A Friend To Her. I Knew Her Through Her Kind Gesture Towards Me And Since That Moment Up Till Date, My Mind Has Always Been With Her, Especially In Year One. Even Without Thinking Of Her, I Will Dream Of Her Helping Me In My Past Life And My Heart Always Tell Me Whenever I See Her That She Is My Wife. But My Problem Is This, I Have Not Told Her About My Intension Because I Don't Know How She Will React, She Is Very Religious Just Like Me. I Don't Have A Job And Money Now To Marry Her, Even If She Accept, Because I Wish To Marry Four Years From Now. Do You Think I Should Tell Her My Mind Or I Wait Till Then. I Have Discussed With My Mother, She Said I Should Discuss It With Her, But Whenever I Made Up My Mind To Tell Her, She Will Always Say That She Is Busy. Please What Are Your Opinions?

My Brother, I’m In Support Of The Advice Given To You By Your Mother. This Issue Will Never Leave You Till You Make Out Time And Discuss The Matter With That Sister. Be Bold Enough To Tell Her To Carve Out A Time For You From Her Busy Schedule ‘Cos You Have A Serious Issue You Would Want Both Of You To Discuss.
Now It Could Be That She Already Has An Idea Of What You’re About To Tell Her Hence The ‘Busy’ Excuse – ‘Cos Ladies Are Most Often, Very

Monday, December 02, 2013


I Now Want To Be More Honorable Toward Women:

I've Found That Girls Often Don't Fully Understand What's Going On When It Comes To Sex. That Is, Their Perspective On The Whole Thing Is Very Different From A Guy's. Often A Girl Will Justify Sex By Saying, "But I Love Him," Even If She Doesn't Really Want To Go Through With It. Why Does That Happen? It's Been Said That, "Girls Use Sex To Get Love; Guys Use Love To Get Sex."

This Is How It Works: The Girl Is Picturing Marrying The Guy Some Day; The Guy Is Picturing Everything He Wants

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 I Now Know That Sex Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be:

When I Was In The University, I Remember Having An Experience That I Referred To As A "Love Hangover." After Being With A Girl, The Next Morning I Always Felt An Emptiness. That's Something You Won't See On TV Or In The Movies, But It Happens A Lot. There Was Emptiness, Even Regret, Afterwards.

The "Love Hangover" Was A Strange Occurrence For Me. Mainly Because When I Was In The University, Sex Was My "God." As A Male, It's What I

Monday, November 18, 2013

Seven(7) Months Pregnant And All Alone. Did I Do Wrong By Keeping This Baby??

Dear Beloved, What Do You Do When You Are 7 Months Pregnant And The Guy Walked Out On You From The Beginning? I Know Prayer Changes Things But These Questions Come To Me; Am I Wrong For Carrying A Man’s Child That He Didn't Want And Was Keeping This Baby The Right Thing? I Often Ask Myself Why Haven't I Received That Stable Relationship And A Husband That My Heart Desire?

My Dear Sister, Three Things To Do When You're Seven(7) Months Pregnant And The Guy Walks Away From You Is To First Of All, Focus On God Who Alone Sustains You{Believing Of Course That You Have Asked For His Forgiveness And Now Feels His Peace In Your Heart - If You Haven't Done So, Please Do It Now 'Cos He's A Merciful God Who Forgives Whoever Asks For His Mercy And Forgiveness}.

Secondly, Focus On Your Health And That Of Your Baby! You Might Feel

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Do You Agree To Everything Your Partner Asks Of You In Your Relationship All In The Name Of Love? Love Is Wise And Not Stupid; It Sees Clearly And Not Blind. There Are Times When Saying No Is Absolutely Necessary Especially If You’re In An Ungodly Relationship.
**If You’re Truly Born Again, Then You Must SAY NO To Premarital Sex No Matter The Excuse Or Reason Given For It.

**You Must SAY NO To Having An Abortion For Him ‘Cos You’ve Made The First Mistake And You Don’t Have To Compound Your Sin By Making Another.

**You Must Say No To Invitations To Go

Monday, November 04, 2013

What Are The Values Of A Relationship? What Does Relationship Abuse Mean And How Can One Avoid It??

Dear Beloved, Thank God For The Continuing Grace Through The Messages You Share With Us. Please I Am Pressed To Ask You A Few Questions And I Pray God Grant You Insight Into Them. 1. Please, What Are The Values Of A 'Good Relationship'? 2. I Learnt This Around The International Women's Day: What Does Relationship Abuse Mean? How Can One Avoid It In Any Relationship In A Godly Way? 
In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Start By Saying That A ‘Good Relationship’ Is A Situation Where Your Relationship With One Or More People Is Without Hitches. By Hitches, I Mean Without Suspicions, Distrusts, Envy/Jealousy, Bitterness Of Heart, Lies, Constant Quarreling, Fights, Etc. Any Relationship That Gives You Peace/Rest Of Mind Can Be Said To Be Good.

Now A Good Relationship Can Only Be Achieved If You’re

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE ‘P’ IN RELATIONSHI‘P’… {Prayerfully Uplift Your Partner Before God}

Uplifting Your Partner Daily In Prayer Before God Can Only Be Correctly Done If You’re At Peace With God. If You’re Not Yet Born Again Then Know That The Prayers Of A Sinner Is An Abomination Before God But The Prayer Of The Righteous Is Very Effective!

So First Of All, Genuinely/Sincerely Accept Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Not Just By Words Alone, Then And Only Then Can You Be Privileged To Go Before God In Prayers And Uplift Your Partner.

The Knowledge That You’re Constantly

Monday, October 21, 2013

He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin..

Hello Beloved, I Like Your Blog Page, It’s Really Inspiring. I Am A Christian And Have Been Raped Before By Someone I Trusted. Afterwards, I Just Hated The Act But Now I Have A God Fearing Man God Has Given Me, Due To My Vulnerability. I Have Kissed Him And Even Spent The Night With Him But No Sex Involved; I Told Him About My Past And He Understands And Helps And Looks For Ways To Make Me Happy And Satisfied So He Tries To Fill The Vacuum Of My Sexual Urges Cause I Was Told That These Urges Will Come So Long As Have Be Active. We Have Asked God To Forgive Our Times Of Weakness, But I Know He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

My Dear Sister, Thanks For Visiting And Learning A Lot From My Blog. I’m Happy To Hear That You’ve Recovered From Such An Ordeal And Also Been Blessed With A God-Fearing Man; I Give God All The Praise And Glory.

Even Though You Kissed And

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

THE ‘I’ IN RELATIONSH‘I’P… {It Pays To Be Good}

It Really Pays To Be Good And We All Know This But Sometimes, We Intentionally Repay Evil For Evil Which Is Against Biblical Instructions Given To Us In Rom.12:17a And 21 – “Do Not Repay Evil For Evil”, Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good.”

Have You Been Offended And You’re Deciding To Hold Back Your Help And Compliments? It Pays To Be Good So Scatter That Ungodly Decision ‘Cos While We’re Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us!{Rom.5:8}

My Dear Sister, Has He Not Called For Some Days And You’re Deciding To

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I’m Tired Of The Heartbreaks; How Can I Confirm God’s Destined Partner For Me??

Hello Beloved, I Would Like To Know How I Can Confirm Whether The Person Who Wants To Date Me Is God's Destined Partner For Me. As At Now, I Do Not Want To Go Into Any Experimental Relationship Again Because I Am Tired Of The Heartbreaks. Please In Your Answer Give Me An Example Of How Someone Got His Or Her Confirmation. Thank You.

My Dear, I Will Say The Same Happened To Me And After My Last Relationship And When I Got Born Again, I Crossed My Heart Against Any Relationship Except The One God Himself Will Bring My Way Which Will Lead To Marriage. God Helped And Preserved Me Till He Brought My Dearest And I Together. Let Me Share How I Got My Own Confirmation With You.

My Dearest As At My Last Two Years In The University Was My Neighbour In The Off-Campus Hostel Where I Lived But Then We Were

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THE ‘H’ IN RELATIONS‘H’IP… {Help Without Being Asked}..

Many Of Us Have Already Formed The Habit Of Rendering Help Only When We’re Asked For It – Not So Good. On The Other Hand, Some Use That Excuse –“No One Asked Me!” – To Cover Up Their Laziness. So Not Good!

We Must Come To Realize That Some Of Our Partners May Not Directly

Monday, September 23, 2013

Help Am Confused! Is It Possible For Brothers To Have Crushes On People Yet Be Scared To Tell Them?

Hi Beloved. Am A Lady And This Is My First Year At Varsity And I Have Never Been In A Relationship. I Have Questions That Trouble Me. Are There Some Things We As People Can’t Get Over? Cos I Have Had Feelings For A Certain Brother. I Have Always Told Myself I Will Get Over It. But This Has Grown In These Past Three Years Up To An Extent I Went And Told Him About It. Funny He Told Me That’s What He Wanted To Tell Me But Has Been Afraid. Could He Be Telling The Truth? I Have Prayed About It But Am Still Not Sure What To Do. Is It Possible To Get Over It Without Us Having A Relationship Because I Just Think It Will Not Be A Good Thing. Was He Telling The Truth, I Mean Is It Possible For Brothers To Have Crushes On People Yet Be Scared To Tell Them? Should I Get Involved With Him? What Else Could I Do To Avoid Mishaps Cos I Just Don’t Trust Myself On This One? Help Am Confused.
My Dear, I’ll Take Your Questions One After The Other. In Answering Your First Question, I’ll Say No. There Is Nothing We As Genuine Believers In Christ Jesus Can’t Get Over Here On Earth Because We Have His Strength In Our Times Of Weakness And Brokenness. We Can Get Over Crushes/Infatuations And Lusts In Him, We Can Get Over The Death Of A Loved One In Him, We Can Get Over Heart-Breaks In Him, Etc,
To Your Second Question, I’ll Say That It’s Very Possible The Brother Was

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

THE ‘S’ IN RELATION‘S’HIP… {Say ‘I Love You’ Always}

Of All The Words One Can Never Get Tired Of Hearing, I Believe The Words ‘I LOVE YOU’ Tops The Scale. I’m Yet To See Someone Who Says He/She Is Tired Of Hearing Those Words Especially When It’s Coming From A Sincere And Truthful Heart/Lips.

If You’re In An

Monday, September 09, 2013

Was Her Pastor And Her Mum Who’s An Evangelist Mistaken When They Told Her That He’s The Man For Her Considering Her Predicament??

Dear Beloved, Please I Want You To Help Me Answer This Question And Also Post It. Sis Becky Is A Christian At Least From The Outward Appearance And Behaviour. There Is This Bro So To Say That Usually Come To Visit Her Then. Sister ‘B’ Is 23year Old And A Virgin, So She Said And We Believe Her. 
Her Mother Is An Evangelist. She Told Me That Both Her Mum And Her Pastor Confirmed That, That Was The Guy She Should Marry Though She Never Told Me She Had The Revelation Herself. But She Took His Name To The Mother And Pastor And Both Confirmed That, That Brother Is Her Husband. She Is Still In The University 400level. 
During The Cause Of Their Relationship, She Got Pregnant For Him. To Be Honest, I Have Never Seen Her With Any Man Expect When That Brother Started Coming. At First D Brother Denied The Pregnancy Saying That He Is Not Responsible For It, The Sister Also Insisted That It Was The Brother That Dis-Virgined Her. 
On The Long Run, He Accepted The Pregnancy. This Very Brother Drinks And Rains Abuses On Her. Can’t Remember The Last Time He Went To Church, Though I Am Not 2 Judge, But With What I Have Seen In Him And His Appearance, Hmmm! He Had A Baby Earlier With Another Woman. Now The Question He Asked The Lady Was; Do You Want To Marry Me Or You Just Want Us To Have A Child Together. 
My Question Now Is (1) Was She At Fault Because She Did Not Have The Revelation Herself.(2) Was Her Mom And Pastor Wrong When They Told Her That, That Was God Will For Her Because You Once Said That God Will Not Give You An Ungodly Man As Husband Or Ungodly Woman As Wife. (3) What Went Wrong? (4) What Is The Solution Though She Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock? Tanks And God Bless You. More Wisdom.
My Dear Sister, The Answer To The First Question Is Yes; She’s At Fault Because She Did Not Seek God’s Face To Receive Her Own Revelation. Giving Excuses Or Looking For Who To Blame Will Never Vindicate Us. That Adam Blamed Eve And Eve Blamed The Serpent Did Not Make God To Pardon Their Sin Of Disobedience. It Also Applies To Us – We Must Give Our Own Personal Account On The Last Day!

To Your Second Question, I Can Say That Her Mum And Her Pastor Were

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

THE ‘N’ IN RELATIO‘N’SHIP… {Notice The Little Things}

Why Is It That We’re So Quick To Notice Little Things About Others Which Is Not So Much Our Business But Turn A Blind Eye To Those Little Changes We See In Our Partners. We Must Learn And Master The Art Of Compliment – Truthful Ones – To Nurture, Spice—Up And Boost Our Relationships.

Brother, Notice Her Change Of Hairstyle, Her New Clothes, Shoes, Bag, Etc. And Say Something About It. Even If It’s A Bit On The Extreme, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t See Or Notice It, Say Something About It!

Sister, Notice The New

Monday, September 02, 2013

What Should A Godly Relationship Look Like? Can The Partners Spend Alone Time Together?

Dear Beloved, If A Partner Has An Opposite Sex Friendship Of Two Years Where The Friend Told Them That They Were In Love With Them, Had Plans For Them, And Couldn't Promise That They Wouldn't Be Thinking Of Kissing Them After The Partners Started Dating. Should That Friendship Continue? If So, What Should It Look Like? How Often Should They Talk? Should They Ever Spend Alone Time Together?

My Dear, If Your Partner Tells You That He’s In Love With You, Have Plans For You But Couldn’t Promise That He Wouldn’t Be Thinking Of Kissing You After You Begin To Date Him, Then My First Advice To You Is To Seek God’s Face To Know If That Gent Is God’s Approved Partner For You. This Is The First Step Before Entering Into A Relationship With Him.

If God Confirms Him As The Right Man For You, Then The Second Step Is To

Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE ‘O’ IN RELATI‘O’NSHIP… {Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half}

If All You Do In Your Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Complain About Your Partner, Then I Wonder What You Came To Do In That Relationship! You’re There To Improve Your Partner’s Character By Helping Them Transform Their Weaknesses Into Strengths ‘Cos Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half.
Does He/She Tell A Lot Of Lies? It’s On You To Gently Expose Them To The Truth In The Word Of God Which Says That Satan Is The Father Of All Lies {John8:44}
Is He/She Is Too Materialistic? It’s On You To Warn Them To Be On Guard Against All Covetousness For One’s Life Does Not Consist In The Abundance Of His/Her Possessions {Luke 12:15}

Does He/She Hate Working But Enjoys

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I’m Getting Impatient More Than Anything. Please Help!

Dear Beloved, I Always Hear God Telling Me What I Should And Not Do. I Heard His Voice Once Again I Think 3 Times By The Time I Met My Friend, Who Became Very Close With Me. He Told Me The First Time He Saw Me He Had A Desire To Know Me, Me On The Other Hand, I Heard A Voice Telling Me Something About This Guy But About That Time I Had Just Recently Lost My Sister And Separated From My Ex Boyfriend. 
So I Was Going Through Emotional Pain And Didn't Really Want To Listen To What The Voice Was Saying. But As Time Went By, Myself And The Guy Became Very Close And I Noticed He Likes Me A Lot. I Then Asked Him As I Was Trying To Avoid Confusions And Further Hurts. He Told Me He Was Taking His Time To Get To Know And Trust Me, And That He Was Waiting For That Time He Can Completely Trust Me. 
I Broke All Communications With Him As It’s Very Hard To Stay Friends With Him While Having Feelings For Him. He Told Me He's Not Yet Ready For A Relationship As He Had Been Hurt Terribly In The Past. The Thing Is Whenever He Sees Me He Talks And Talks To Me So Much, And Happily So That I End Up Being Very Confused As To “Is He Really The One Or What?” Considering The Voice That I Brushed Off Due To The Pain I Was Feeling At That Time. 
He Makes Me Very Happy And Has Made It Very Clear That He's Very Comfortable Around Me. Could He Be The One? How Would I Know The Voice Was Of God This Time And Isn't The Same Desire He Had To Know Me Before Even Saying A Word To Me A Way Of God Talking To His Heart? I Think I'm Getting Impatient More Than Anything.
My Dear, The Danger Lies In Being Impatient. Waiting On God Is Tasking But He Freely Gives Us The Grace If Only We Will Ask Him Because In The Long Run, We Are The Ones Who'll Benefit From His Timing For Us. Remember, God Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time (Eccl.3:11a). If We Choose Not To Wait And Run Ahead Of Him, Then We’ll Be Ready To Face The Consequences Ourselves.

When You Were Passing Through The Emotional Pain Of Losing Your Sister, I Got From Your Writing That He Was

Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE ‘I’ IN RELAT‘I’ONSHIP… {It’s Not All About You}

Most Commercial Adverts We Watch On TV And Read On Magazines Have So Filled Us With The Wrong Information About Ourselves. Words Like “It Begins With You”, “The World Is Waiting For You”, “ It’s All About You”, “Rule Your World”, Etc. Has Pushed Out The Scriptures That Ought To Fill Our Hearts.

Scriptural Words Like “You Must Deny Yourself”, “Come To Me And I’ll Give You Rest”, “He Must Increase While I Decrease”, “Mortify Your Flesh” Are Fast

Monday, August 12, 2013

Please Throw More Light On These Questions: Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? What’s The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring?

 Dear Beloved, Here Are Some Questions That Came Out From Your Last Week’s Answer To The Issue Of Using Attachments And Fixing Of Hairs That I Would Want You To Throw More Light On. The Questions Are: Explain The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? 
My Dear Brother, As I Saw And Read Your Questions, I Received A Warning From The Holy Spirit Not To Enter Into Matters Or Arguments{Eph.2:23-24} That Will Draw Away The Gospel Of Christ Which Has The Power To Save In Both Relationships And In Our Lives. So I Will Answer Your Question Based On The Direct Leadings Of The Holy Spirit.

For Your First Question, I Will Say That It Is Of No Use To Start Seeking The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring Because First And Foremost, That Is Not What God Is Looking For In A Man. He Is Looking For A Man/Woman Who Is Ready To

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

THE ‘T’ IN RELA‘T’IONSHIP… {Take Time To Listen To Your Partner}..

Has It Ever Occurred To You That We Want Others To Listen To Everything We Have To Say But Find It Hard To Listen To Everything They Have To Say?  The Natural Way Of Life ‘Cos Self Sit On The Throne Of The Natural Man BUT We’re Spiritual Beings In Christ Jesus And God Sits On The Throne Of Our Hearts And As Such, We Must Cultivate To Listen To And Serve Others In Love.

One Of Such Selfless Services Is The Divine Ability To Listen To Our Partners Without

Monday, August 05, 2013

I’m Afraid! On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent??

Beloved, Greetings IJN... I'm In A Relationship That Is One {1} Year & Still Running. We Love Each Other & Have Hopes Of Settling Down Together In The Nearest Future, The Problem Now Is That We Don’t Trust Each Other, We Lack Understanding, We're Both Hot Tempered, She's Really Not Caring, Can Hardly Understand My Moods & Doesn’t Know How To Touch My Heart Etc. My Major Problem Now Is That As A Result Of Our Incompatibility Which Was Not There From The Beginning Even Though We've Tried Working Things Out For Some Time Now Yet It Keeps Getting Worse. I've Thought About Breaking Up The Relationship But She Warned Me That If I Dare It That I'll Regret My Actions {Meaning She'll Curse Me}. Mind You, She Told Me She Cursed The Men From Her Past Relationships. Now Am Afraid & I Want To Ask On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent? Please I'll Really Appreciate Your Help On This Issue. Thanks & God Bless.

Greetings To You Too My Brother And In Answering Your Question, I Will Be Very Sincere With You And Tell You That If You Are Not In Christ Jesus, Then You Have A Good Reason To Be Afraid Because Only Christ Can Give You The Best Protection You Can Ever Hope Or Pray For. So My Questions First Of All Are These; Are You Genuinely Born Again? Does God Know You As His Bonafide Son? Is Your Name Written In The Book Of Life?

If Your Answer To These Questions Are A Very Sure YES, Then There’s

Monday, July 29, 2013

Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Of Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me??

Hello Beloved, There Is This Issue That Is Bothering Me. My Guy Introduced A Lady To Me As His Ex Girl Friend And Said That Now The Girl Is Just His Friend & There Is Nothing Between Them, Yet The Way They Behave Toward Each Other Shows That They Still Have Love Relationship Going On. The One That Pains Me Most Is That Whenever The Lady Comes Around, I Will Feel Isolated Because They Always Discuss In Hausa Language Which I Don’t Understand. We Always Quarrel Because Of The Girl & He Said He Loves Me. So Why Can't He Protect Me From Things That Hurt Me? My Question Is This; Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me? And What Is The Way Out Of This?

My Dear, I Don’t Quite Buy The Idea Of Introducing An Ex-Girlfriend As A Friend To Your Current Girlfriend Or Fiancée As Your Case Is. It Is Bound To Create Jealousy In Your Heart And A Friction Between You And His Ex-Girlfriend. The Way They Behave Towards Each Other Cannot Be Just Placid And It Is Not Surprising Because Something Has Existed Between Them Before.
With These Kinds Of Issues Coming Out Of Your Courtship, Let Me Ask You Again; Is

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

THE ‘A’ IN REL-A-TIONSHIP… {Always Forgive Your Partner}..

Why Is It That We Can Easily Forgive Others When They Hurt Us But Find It So Hard Or Take Us A Long Time To Forgive Our Partners When They Do The Same? I’m Also Guilty Of This But God Has Greatly Helped Me On This. Now, Even If They Offend Us A Hundred Times A Day, We Must Forgive Them A Hundred Times Too.

Matt.18:21-22 – “…Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? up to seven times? Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times but seventy-seven times.”

Our Loved One(s) Have The Power To Hurt Us As No Other Person Can Because They’re Closest To Our Hearts But We Must

Monday, July 22, 2013

How Do I Forget About Him??

Dear Beloved, Am A Guy, And I Have A Friend – He Is A Guy Too. I Stopped Going To His House Over A Month And More Ago, And This Was Because I Was Lusting Over His Younger Sister, But I Don’t Know What Is His Problem – His Family Used To Go To Native Doctors, False Prophets And Seers. One Day This Guy Began To Tell Me That, "Why Have I Done This Kind Of A Thing To Him'', And Am Confused At His Words When He Left, I Kept Asking Him What He Meant And He Refused Telling Me But Kept Saying That I Should Do Myself Good And Confess, And I Guess He Must Have Gone To One Of Their Family Fake Prophets And Seers Who Has Told Him Something Strange. Now All I Need Is Advice On What To Do, Cause Am Totally Confused And Whenever I Remember Him, I Feel Like Am Empty, Please I Want To Forget About Him But Its Seems To Be Difficult, And The Worst Part Is That He Has Stopped Coming To My House And Never Cared To Call Me Again. Please Beloved All I Need Is Just On How I Will 4get About Him.
My Dear, Your Question Is Not Very Clear But I Will Give You A General Advise Which I Believe Will Help You Overcome Whatever It Is That Might Be The Problem Weighing On Your Mind. First Of All, Running From A Weakness Is Never The Way To Defeat It Except In Fornication Where The Bible Advised Us To Flee.
Your Decision To Stop Visiting Your Friend Because You’re Lusting Over His Younger Sister Might Seem Like The Solution But It’s Really Not The End. If The Spirit Of Lust Is Not Dealt With In Your Life, You’ll

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE ‘L’ IN RE-L-ATIONSHIP… {Love Your Partner Unconditionally)..

You’re Not Really Ready For A Godly Relationship – Courtship And/Or Marriage Relationship – Till You Learn To Love Your Partner Unconditionally. Don’t Wait For Them To Merit Your Love But Go Ahead In The Love Of Christ And Love Them Anyway.

As We Continue To Celebrate Easter Today, May We Remember That It Was Unconditional Love For Us That Made Jesus Lay Down His Life For Us. And Since We Were Advised To Have The Same Attitude As Christ Jesus, We Must Choose To Love Our Partner’s Weaknesses As Well As Their Strengths.

Rom.5:8 – “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Phil.2:5 – “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:”

Does He Repeatedly Forget Your

Monday, July 15, 2013

Should You Pray About Marrying A Guy Who’s Taking His Time To Propose To You?

Hello Beloved, How Do You Deal With A Situation Whereby A Guy Goes To Your Church Elders And Tells Them That He Loves You But He Takes Time To Come To You. Should You Pray About It Waiting For Him To Show Up?

First Of All, As I Read Your Question, I Had To Wonder How You Got To Know He Told The Elders In Your Church That He Loves You #Smiles. But If One Of The Elders Told You, Then There’s Nothing Wrong In Praying About It While Waiting For Him To Show Up. Prayer Will Get You Prepared On How To Respond When He Does Finally Show Up.

Secondly, I Wondered What Could Be Keeping Him Or Why He’s Taking Time? Again, Maybe The

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE ‘E’ IN R-E-LATIONSHIP… {Everyone Else Is Second; Not You}..

As Hard As This May Sound, It Is The Truth – In Every Godly Relationship, Your Partner Is Second After God Who Takes The First Position – And Must Be Applied If You Want A Smooth And Satisfying Relationship. After Making God First, The Next In Line Is Not You O! {Sorry About That} It’s Every Other Person/ Your Partner, Now Followed By You.
Remember That The Bible Told Us To Consider Others Better Than Us And To Look Out For Their Interest First Before Ours. So In Your

Monday, July 08, 2013

He Agreed On No Sex But Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing. What Should I Do??

Hi Beloved, I Met This Guy And We Are Into A Relationship. While Getting To Know Each Other, I Told Him My Stand Against Pre-Marital Sex And He Is Okay With That. But He Also Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing And That Too Is Not Part Of My Ethics. What Should I Do?  I'm Confused.
My Dear, You Shouldn’t Be Confused Because God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. You Said You Met This Guy And Entered A Relationship With Him But I Didn’t Read Anything About Seeking God’s Face About Him Before Starting A Relationship With Him. No Relationship Can Be Genuinely Successful And Satisfying Except God Is With Both Parties Or In Support Of That Relationship.
Standing Against Pre-Marital Sex But Without Biblical Values Is Really Not Worth It Because It Will Not Stand Against

Monday, July 01, 2013

I’m Having Serious Problems With My Life. Please Help Me With Your Advice..

Dear Beloved, I Am A Young Guy And Am 18, But I Am Having A Serious Problem With My Life. I Want You To Help Me With Your Advice, Although I Am A Christian But I Want To Know How One Will Know That God Wants You To Go Into A Relationship With Some Body And I Don’t Know How To Stop Masturbation. I Have Tried To Stop But..

My Dear Brother, Can I Be Very Honest With You By Telling You That Just Being A Christian Who Attends Church Will Not Solve Your Problem? It Is Christ In You That Is Your Hope Of Glory And The Hope Of Overcoming Your Challenges Because You’re Victorious In Him. So I Will Plead With You To Completely Surrender Your Life To God And Become Born Again.
Becoming Born Again Does Not Mean You’ll No Longer Have Issues That Challenge Your Faith BUT The

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE ‘R’ IN R-ELATIONSHIP… {Remembering To Make God First}..

Everybody Wants To Go Into Or Be In A Romantic Relationship; But Are You Sure You’re Really Ready For A Relationship? If God Is Not Yet First In Your Life, Then Permit Me To Say That You’re Not Ready Yet ‘Cos Anyone That Is Not In Christ Jesus Is Already A Crisis Waiting To Happen! So It Will Be Disastrous For You To Carry That Crisis-Filled Life Into A Relationship.

Now First Things First! Are You Born Again? Don’t Just Be Quick To Say Yes If You’re Still Comfortable Living A Sinful Lifestyle. If You Enter A Relationship With That Sinful Behaviour, Then You’re Bound To Destroy And/Or Scatter It Because Sin Destroys Anything It Comes In Contact With But Is Destroyed Itself When It Comes In Contact With Jesus!

2Cor.5:21 – “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

Jesus Became Sin So That We’ll Be Free From Sin. Have You Accepted That Truth And Invited Him To Take COMPLETE Control Of Your Life? You Must Remember To Put God First Starting With Your Life Before Proceeding With Your Relationship.

Now, In Your Relationship, Are You The First

Monday, June 24, 2013

He Travelled Abroad For His Masters And Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Returns. Is He Worth Waiting For??

Dear Beloved, I Met This Guy On A Social Network Last 2yrs, We Started As Friends But He Later Asked Me Out And I Accepted. After I Had Accepted Him, He Opened Up To Me That He Used To Be A Cultist In School And Asked If I Was Going To Leave Him Because Of That. I Said No. As A Christian, I Kept Praying For Him. Five Months Into The Relationship, He Started Asking For Sex, I Refused ‘Cos I'm Still A Virgin. He Didn’t Complain And Two Months Later, He Said He Wanted Me To Carry His Baby But I Refused Again. I’m Not From A Wealthy Home And He Doesn’t Give Me Money – He Prefers To Give My Family Members And Friends Making Them Believe He Gives But I Rarely Ask Him For Money Or Anything. Recently, He Travelled Abroad For His Masters, He Never Told Me His Intentions Till Two Days Before His Departure. Severally, I Have Told Him It Was Over, But His Friends Calls And Say He Loves Me, I Don’t Believe It ‘Cos He Never Treated Me Like One. I Keep Praying For Him ‘Cos I Love Him And Cos I Don’t Want His Soul To Be Lost. He Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Comes Back. I’m 23yrs Old. Do You Think He's Worth Waiting For? The Truth Is That I’ve Never Been Happy In The Relationship And A Voice Keeps Telling Me He Isn't For Me. I’m Not Bothered About His Love – I’m Just Bothered About His Soul.
My Dear, I Understand The Predicament Or Confusion You’re Currently Facing In Your Relationship But Like I Will Always Say, Our God Is Not A God Of Confusion And I Will Also Say That You’re In This Dilemma Because You Entered A Relationship With An Unbeliever So Most Of His Behaviours Are Not Surprising Because It Is Purely Who He Is.
God Is Not Concerned About Our Past But Our Present And Our Future. If Your Guy Was A Cultist In School, What Is He Now? Has He

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On..

 Hi Beloved, Can You Please Explain To Me The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On?
My Dear, One Of The Biblical Perspectives On The Issue Of What One Should Put On Regardless Of Sex Can Be Found In 1 Cor.6:19-20 Which Says “Do You Not Know That Your Body Is A Temple Of The Holy Spirit, Who Is In You, Whom You Have Received From God? You Are Not Your Own; You Were Bought At A Price. Therefore Honour God With Your Body”
Secondly, 1 Peter 3:3-4 Says That “Your Beauty Should Not Come From Outward Adornment, Such As Braided Hair And The Wearing Of

Monday, June 10, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife..

Daughter Of The Most-High God Who’s Praying Day And Night For Her Husband To Come; And Those Married, Has It Ever Occurred To You That God Is Also Checking Daily To See If You Really Have What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife?

**A Godly Wife Is First Of All A Help To Her Husband; An Asset And Not A Liability Or Burden To Him. She Knows That Her First Duty Is To Assist Her Husband In Reaching His – Not Her – Goals In Life ‘Cos That Was Why God Created Her In The First Place.
**A Godly Wife Is Her Husband’s Backbone Who Knows His Soft Spot And Completes Him As His Missing Rib. She Will Never Compete Or Rub Shoulders With Him ‘Cos She Knows They Are Not And Will Never Be Mates Before God Who Made Him Her Head And Made Her From His Ribs.
**A Godly Wife Will Never Put Her Children Before Her Husband ‘Cos God Joined Her To The Man And Not To The Children; So Taking Care Of His Needs Must Come First Before Those Of The Kids.

**A Godly Wife Is Not Weak And Lazy ‘Cos She Knows She’s The

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman??

Dear Beloved, When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman? I'm Not Ready For Any Relationship So I'm Always Careful To Make Friends With Single Or Young Ladies So That They Will Not Be Thinking About A Relationship. Though I’ve Never Spoken With Her Husband, She Does Visit Me At Home And I Visit Her In Her Office. We Speak A Lot On Phone But Recently, I Told Her Not To Call Me Whenever She’s With Her Husband To Respect Him.
My Dear, There’s Nothing Wrong In Being A Friend To A Married Woman BUT Some Boundaries MUST Never Be Exceeded. As A Single Brother Who’s A Born Again Child Of God, You Should Never Allow A Married Woman To Visit You At Home Alone Because The Bible Warns Us In 1 Thess.5:22 To “Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil.”

Even Though Your Conscience Is Free But People Around You Might Begin To

Monday, June 03, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband..

 Majority Of Us Are So Quick To Jump Into Marriages Without Considering If He Has{For Ladies} And If I Have{For Gents} What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband.

**A Godly Husband Is The Spiritual Gateman Of His Family Who’ll Never Allow Anything That Is Not Of God Into His Household To Trouble His Wife And Children.

**A Godly Husband Is The God That His Wife And Kids See; So In His Thoughts, Words And Deeds, His Family See God In Action Who’ll Never Say Cruel Words To His Bride/Children But Words That Will Build Them Up And Place Them At The Apex Of Their Destinies.

**A Godly Husband Will Never Abuse Nor Disrespect His Wife ‘Cos He Knows That Though He’s

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Mother Is Standing Against My Relationship Because I’m Ahead Of My Guy. What’s Your View On This??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship With A Guy Whom I Believe Is God's Will For My Life Through Various Confirmations But The Challenge Am Having Is That Am Already Through With My Degree And Am Presently Doing My Youth Service But He Is Just In Year Two(2) In A College Of Education And This Is Making My Mother To Stand Against The Relationship. She Said He Is Going To Delay Me And She Wouldn't Want Me To Experience What She Experienced ‘Cos Hers Too Was A Similar Case. Please I Need To Know Your View On This Matter.

My Dear, Let Me Start By Saying That Once You’re Certainly Sure And Can Stake Your Life On The Confirmation You Received From God, Then Don’t Let Anyone Stop You Or Make You Change Your Mind About The Matter – Not Even Your Own Mother! She May Have Your Best Interest At Heart But Gently Let Her Know That It’s Better To Obey God’s Instructions That Hers.
But Where Problems Will Arise Is When You’re

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Emotions – Godly Or Carnal??

The Abuse Of Our Emotions/Feelings Have Become So Great That Even Some Churches Now Preach Against Recognizing Our Feelings Or Discussing Our Emotional Challenges. This Was Not So From The Beginning. God Created Adam And Eve And Emotions Were Among Their Make-Up. If It Was Bad, God Wouldn’t Have Made It.

Emotions Are Beautifully Designed By God Himself And Since We Were Created In His Own Image, He Has Emotions Too – Anger, Joy, Compassion, Godly Jealousy, Etc. But Sin And The Fall Of Man Have Destroyed And Twisted The Original Purpose Of God In Making Emotions A Huge Part Of Us. As A Result, We Can No Longer Rely A Hundred Percent{100%} On Our Feelings.

As Genuine Believers In Christ Jesus, Our Emotions MUST Be

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Do I Help My Sister To Stop Masturbating ‘Cos She Said It’s Not A Sin??

Dear Beloved, Please I Need A Solid Back Up To Assist My Sister Of 26yrs Old Who Has Been Masturbating And She Claims It’s Not A Sin, I Tried To Advice Her, But She Told Me To Prove It To Her Where It Is Written In The Bible That Masturbation Is Sin? That Is Only Fornication And Adultery That Is Been Recorded As A Sin, That It’s Either I Let Her Be On Her Masturbation Or She Goes Out And Sleep With Countless Number Of Boyfriends; Which Do I Prefer? I’m Confused. Please What Do I Do To Help Her ‘Cos She Means So Much To Me?
Hi Dear, For The Fact That The Bible Does Not Out-Rightly Call Masturbation A Sin Does Not Make It Right. Masturbation Is All About Pleasing Yourself And That Is What God Hates Because He Will Never Share His Glory With Any Man. When A Lady/Gent Masturbates, He/She Is Not Doing It To Please God But Rather To Please Themselves.

In 2 Tim.3 1-4, Paul Said That In The Last Days, “People Will Be Lovers Of Themselves, Lovers Of Money, Boastful, Proud, Abusive, Disobedient To Their Parents, Ungrateful, Unholy, Without Love, Unforgiving, Slanderous, Without Self-Control, Brutal, Not Lovers Of The Good, Treacherous, Rash, Conceited, Lovers Of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers Of God…”

Take Note Of

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Cycle Of Worldly Love – Is This What You Want?

When I Came Across This Wall Paper, I Really Felt Sorry For Whoever – Especially Those In Christ – Will Allow His/Her Relationship To Follow This Worldly Pattern. How Can You Engage In A Relationship That Rules Out God? How Do You Think It Can Ever Succeed When You That Claim To Be “Light” Associate Yourself With Someone Obviously In The Dark?

1Cor.6:14 – “do not be yoked together with unbelievers. for what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”
A True Son/Daughter Of God Will Never

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can A Marriage Be Blessed If One Of The Partners Committed Adultery In A Previous Marriage??

Dear Beloved, Can A New Marriage Still Be Blessed If At One Point One Of The Individuals Committed Adultery In A Previous Marriage? Or Will The New Marriage Be Cursed And Suffer. Example: A Husband Is Still Legally Married But Been Separated From His Wife For Over A Year. The Wife Had Moved On During The Separation And About 2 Years Into The Separation Became Pregnant By Another Man/Boyfriend. 
The Husband Had Moved On To Dating Another Woman During The Separation And Lived Out Of The Home. He Stayed Married To His Wife, Because She Would Make Up Excuses About Signing Divorce Papers, And Would Always Threaten To Keep His Daughter Away From Him Over Trivial Reasons. So, He Tried To Keep The Peace By Keeping The Divorce Topic To A Minimum To The Wife, Although She Had Already Moved On With Another Man Herself. The Divorce Finally Took Place Once The Wife Began To Cooperate, After She Became Pregnant By Her Boyfriend. At That Point She Brought Signed Divorced Papers To The Husband. 
All The While During The Separation The Married Man Carried A Relationship With A New Woman, And Now Him And The New Woman That Dated For 4 Years Of The Separation Are Married. Both Love God. Will This New Marriage Be Blessed, Or Will There Be Bad Karma/Punishment Because They Did Not Wait To Date, And Carried On During A "Separated But Married" Time? How Should The New Wife, Who Really Honors Marriage Proceed With Confidence In Her Marriage, When She Was Technically Wrong For Dating Her Now Husband, When He Was Still Previously Married On Paper?
My Dear Sister, In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Use The Scriptures Expressly So That This Matter Will Be Objectively Addressed. First Of All In Mal.2:13-14, God Refused To Answer Their Prayers Nor Accept Their Offerings Because He Is The Witness Between Him And The Wife Of His Youth Which He Has Broken Faith With. She’s His Partner, The Wife Of His Marriage Covenant.

Going Down Further To Verses 16 Of The Same Verse, The Lord God Of Israel Himself Said “I Hate Divorce…” In The Conclusion Of That Verse, We Were Warned To Guard Our Spirit And Do Not Break Faith. So Let It Be Clear First Of All That God Hates Divorce ‘Cos He Takes The Wedding Covenant Very Seriously.

Now, Let’s Go Over To 1Cor.7:10-11 Which Said “To The Married I Give This Command(Not I But The Lord): A Wife Must Not Separate From Her Husband. But If She Does, She Must Remain Unmarried Or Else Be Reconciled To Her Husband. And A Husband Must Not Divorce His Wife”. That Word ‘Must’ Is A Very Strong Word So Even Separation As We Just Read Is A No, No.

Jesus Himself Said In Matt.19:3-10 That Moses Allowed Divorce Because Of The Hardness Of The People’s Heart But From The Beginning, It Was Not So. He Said No

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don’t Settle For Just Anybody – Wait On God!

What Has The Enemy{Satan} Spoken Into Your Heart That Will Make You Settle For Just Anybody Like A Common Beggar? Did He Tell You That ‘All Your Mates Are Getting Married?’ Tell Him That Your Destiny Is Different From Theirs! Did He Tell You That Your Time{Age} Is Fast Passing By? Tell Him That God Makes ALL THINGS Beautiful In Its Time – Not Yours!

Jer.29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Eccl.3:11a – “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

If You Really Know Who You Are In Christ Jesus, You Will Never

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Do I Know God’s Will On Who To Marry??

Dear Beloved, How Do You Really Get To Know God's Will On Whom You Are To Marry? I’m In My Second Year At The University And Want To Ask; Is There Anything Wrong Engaging Into A Relationship Leading To Marriage?
In Knowing The Will Of God On Whom You Are To Marry, The First Step Is In Knowing God As Your Father; Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour; And The Holy Spirit As Your Guide And Teacher – This Means Becoming Born Again. If You’ve Not Come To This Point In Your Life, Then I’ll Advise You To Begin At This Stage.
Secondly, The Will Of God, As Shown Us In 1 Thess.1:3-5a Says “It Is God’s Will That You Should Be Sanctified: That You Should Avoid Sexual Immorality; That Each Of You Should Learn To Control His Own Body In A Way That Is Holy And Honourable, Not In Passionate Lust Like The Heathen Who Do Not Know God.” This Is First Of All, God’s Will For Your Relationship.

You Cannot Be In A

Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Careful Of Who You Get Married To ‘Cos It Defines Your Destiny!

One Of The Hells On Earth Is Marrying The Wrong Person{You Can Ask Those Sadly Lamenting In A Marriage Of Barely Two(2) Years}. Your Marriage Can Make Or Mar Your Destiny Depending On The Person You Choose To Marry.
Some People Are Fire Extinguishers Used By Our Arch Enemy{The Devil} To Put Out The Godly Fire And Zeal In The Life Of A True Believer In Christ Jesus. You Must Therefore, Be Very Careful Of Whom You’re Getting Married To ‘Cos It Will Define Your Destiny!

So Many

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is It Okay To Take And Send Pictures To Your Long Distance Partner??

Dear Beloved, Is It Okay To Take Pictures For Someone You Are Committed To, Especially If You Guys Are In A Long Distance Relationship And Do Not Get To See Yourselves Often? What Are The Restrictions If Any That Should Be In Place If This Is Allowed.

There’s Nothing Wrong In Sending Your Pictures To Someone You’re Committed To Who’s Far From You. But It Becomes NOT OKAY When Those Pictures Arouses Sexual Desires In Your Partner. Any Guy/Lady That Asks You To Send Nude, Semi-Nude Or Scantily-Dressed Pictures Of Yourself To Him/Her Is Not Of God. The Bible Strictly Warns Us To Avoid All Appearances Of Evil And This Warning Should Be Heeded.

When It Comes To Restrictions In Relationships, I Believe Every Relationship Is Unique And As Such Should Define Their Own Boundaries Because

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is There A Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook??

Dearly Beloved, I Met A Guy On Facebook ‘Cos We Happen To Have Hundreds Of Mutual Friends Including My Siblings Whom He Went To Same School With. It All Started When We Started Liking Each Other's Comments On Other People's Walls. This Continued For About Two(2) Years But None Us Was Bold Enough To Say Hello Or Add Each Other As Friends. Finally He Sent Me A Message To My Inbox. We Added Each Other And Started Talking Everyday And Now We Are Both In Love. The Good Thing I Like About Him Is That He Is Also Born Again & We Are Both Celibate. He Said He Is Only Into A Relationship Heading To Marriage So I Pray Every Day That It Works Out Fine ‘Cos I Really Like Him A Lot. But Here Comes My Problem, We Still Haven't Met ‘Cos I Am Thousands Of Miles Away From Him So I Don't Know How He Is Like In Person & This Gets Me Very Nervous. So, Please I Need To Know, Is There A Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook?

My Dear, There’s Really No Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook Or Any Social Media On The Net. I Say This Because God Cannot Be Limited – He Can Use Any Medium To Being Two People Together. Actually, My Elder Sister Has Been Married For Four(4) Years Now And She Met Her Husband On One Of The Social Networks And By God’s Grace, They’re Both Happy And Enjoying Their Marriage.

Their Relationship Was Equally A Long-Distance One Like Yours But Before She Ever Committed To Her Husband, She Insisted That He Must