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Ques. & Ans. On Spiritual Mataz

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  1. My Question Is About Speaking In Tongues Which You Touched On In One Of You Q & A This Week, I Think. Is It Safe To Say That Some Christians May Not Be Permitted To Speak In Tongues? I Understand, Individually, We May Not All Be Gifted With All The Gifts But How About Tongues In Particular? Some Say Speaking In Tongues Is A Proof Of Ones Baptism In The Holy Spirit Failure Of Which Means One Is Not Yet Baptized In The Holy Spirit. Thank You. Much Blessings Always!

    In As Much As Speaking In Tongues Edifies Our Spirit/Inner-Man, It Is A Gift Of Which The Giver Is The Lord Holy Spirit Who Gives To Us As He Chooses. So I'll Say Yes, It's Safe To Say That Some Christians May Not Be Given That Gift. Some Argue Against This But I'm Yet To See It Proven By The Scriptures.

    Speaking In Tongues IS NOT A Proof Of Ones Baptism In The Holy Spirit But The Proof Of Ones Baptism Is The FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Listed In Gal.5:22-23 And If Anyone Does Not Manifest This Fruit But Speaks In Tongues For Hours, He/She Is Merely Deceiving Him/Herself.

    This Has Made Many People To "Learn" How To Speak In Tongue Which Cannot Be Found Anywhere In The Scriptures; Some Speak In "Fake Tongues" Deceiving Themselves And Those Around Them While Their Lives Stinks With Sin; While Others Are Content To Watch And Ridicule The Deception Of The Church.

    Again I Will Say This, Seek To Be Gifted With The Ability To Speak In Tongues By Asking It Of The Lord Holy Spirit And If He Grants It To You, Glory Be To God But If He Chooses To Gift You With Another Of His Divine Gifts, All Are Meant To Edify The Church And MUST Be Used To Glorify God!

    Forcing People To Enter Into The Deception Of Speaking In Tongues Either By Telling Them That A Proof Of Their Holy Ghost Baptism Is Tongue Speaking Or Opting To Teach Them Should STOP. Let's Rather Preach And Teach That The FRUIT Of The Holy Spirit MUST BE EVIDENT In The Life Of Everyone Who Claims He/She Is Born Again.

    Finally, Speaking In Tongues Is Not A Ticket To Heaven{Gift Of The Holy Spirit} BUT Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness And Self-Control{Fruit Of The Holy Spirit} Is A SURE TICKET TO HEAVEN! Blessings!


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