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Monday, December 31, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings(Conclusion).. By Samson Ajilore..

 Purity Is Power!
Finally Let There Be None Among Us Who Profess Christ Who Will Go About And Defraud His Or Her Fellow Brethren, Don’t Take Advantage Of A Sister Or Brother By Allowing The Devil To Use You To Seduce Them Or Lure Them Into Sexual Sin. “For This Is The Will Of God, Your Sanctification: That You Should Abstain From Sexual Immorality; That Each Of You Should Know How To Possess His Own Vessel In Sanctification And Honor, Not In Passion Of Lust, Like The Gentiles Who Do Not Know God; That No One Should Take Advantage Of And Defraud His Brother In This Matter, Because The Lord Is The Avenger Of All Such, As We Also Forewarned You And Testified” (1Thes. 4:3-6 NKJV). 

We Must Not Yield Our Body As Instruments Of Unrighteousness But We Must Learn To Keep Our Passions Under Control. This Is One Of The Reasons We Should Be Careful We Do Not Dress In Sexually Suggestive Ways But In Modesty And Godliness. The Holy Spirit Has Come To Enable Us To Do So, That’s Why We Are Commanded To Do So. God Will Not Command Us To Do What We Don’t Have The Ability To Do. If We Do Not Judge Ourselves God Will Judge Us.

There Is Abundance Of Grace For Those Who Have Fallen Because Jesus Christ Is Our Lawyer And High Priest Before The Father, So We Can

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Mind Is Weak With Sexual Thoughts. What Should I Do To Stop This??

Dear Beloved, Please Help Me. My Mind Is Weak With Sexual Thoughts And It Makes Me Have Anxiety Disorder. I Am Afraid To Confront A Woman. What Should I Do To Stop This?

The Anxiety Disorder From Your Question Comes From Your Mind That Is Filled With Sexual Thoughts. Your Thoughts, First Of All Has To Be Submitted To Christ Because The Scriptures Made Us Know That "Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks". From Your Case, I'll Say That Not Only Does It Affect Your Mouth(Confronting A Woman) But It Also Affects Your Mind (The Anxiety Disorder).

Permit Me To Ask You This Question; Are You A

Monday, December 24, 2012


Greetings To You All In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As This Would Be The Last Message Before Christmas, We Wish You The Best Of The Christmas Season With These Promises Of Love From Our Lord Himself. 

May We Never Forget The Reason For The Celebration – CHRIST – And The Message Of Love And Giving; For God So LOVED The World That He GAVE. Be Blessed As You Read On..

Isa.43:4 – Since You Are Precious And Honoured In My Sight, And Because I LOVE YOU, I Will Give Men In Exchange For You, And People In Exchange For Your Life..

Isa.54:10 – Though The Mountains Be Shaken And The Hill Be Removed, Yet My Unfailing LOVE FOR YOU Will Not Be Shaken Nor My Covenant Of Peace Be Removed, Says The Lord Who Has Compassion On You..

Jer.31:3 – The Lord Appeared To Us In The Past, Saying: “I Have LOVED YOU With An Everlasting LOVE; I Have Drawn You With Loving-Kindness..

Hos.2:19 – I Will Betroth You To Me Forever; I Will Betroth You In Righteousness And Justice, IN LOVE And Compassion..

Mal.1:2a – I Have LOVED YOU, Says The Lord..

Rev.3:9b – I Will Make Them Come And Fall Down At Your Feet And Acknowledge That I Have LOVED YOU..

I Pray These Verses Reminds You Of The Extent Of God’s Love For You As I Wish You A HAPPY CHRISTMAS Celebration In Advance.. 
God’s Grace To You As You Remain Richly Blessed..

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Overcoming Masturbation And Lust..

Dear Beloved, Please How Can I Overcome Masturbation And Lust Because I Have Come To Understand That These Two Work Together?          

My Dear, I'm So Touched By This Message ‘Cos You Chose To Speak It Out And I Believe This Is The Work Of The Holy Spirit. I Truly Understand Your Predicament More Than You Could Ever Know Because I've Passed Through The Same Thing And The Blood Of Jesus Christ Washed Me Thoroughly Clean And I Know That If He Can Do It For Me, Then He Can Do It For You Too.

Masturbation And Lust Most Often Goes With

Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (10).. By Samson Ajilore..

Why Can’t We Do It; After All We Are Getting Married?

It Has Been Observed That Several People In Courtship Or Engagement Think That It Is Okay To Have Sex As Long As It’s With Your Partner Alone, They Call That ‘Being Faithful’ To One Another. Although, They May Be Faithful To One Another In That Process As They Say But They Do Not Own One Another And As Such They Are Supposed To Be Faithful To God Who Owns Them Beyond Any Other. God Commanded That Marriage Should Be Honorable In All And The Bed Must Not Be Defiled, 

“Let Marriage Be Held In Honour Among All, And Let The Marriage Bed Be Unpolluted; For Fornicators And Adulterers God Will Judge” (Heb.13:4 Wnt). Notice That It Says God Will Judge Fornicators Before It Mentioned Adulterers; This Is Because Fornication Is Premarital Sex While Adultery Is Extramarital Sex (Sex With Another Person Different Form One’s Husband Or Wife), God Condemns Both.
Even During The Process Of Courtship Or Engagement, We Must Not Allow Premarital Sex Because That Is Defilement. “Each Of You Should Know That Finding A Husband Or Wife For Yourself Is To Be Done In A Holy And Honorable Way” (1thes. 4:4 Gw).

Certain Young Minds Would Even Ask That If They

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Distance Relationship. Can It Really Work??

Dear Beloved, Is It Possible Keep A Distance Relationship, And The Love Will Still Be There? That Is Seeing The Person Once In Two Years?

I Believe I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship/Engagement And From Experience; I Can Say That It’s Absolutely Possible To Keep Or Get Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You Trust Each Other.

What Kills Every Relationship Is A Lack Of Trust. Trust Is So Important In A Relationship Because It Is The

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I See Him In My Dreams. How Do I Know If He’s My Husband??

Dear Beloved, I’m A New Convert And The Person Who Converted Me Was My Ex. We Never Had Any Sexual Relationship When We Were In The World So After Converting, He Asked Me To Pray About Us. That We Should Seek The Face Of God About Marriage Which I Did. I Normally See Him In My Dream But I Don’t Know Whether He Is My Own Husband. I’m Confused And I’m In love With Him. Please I Need Your Advice.

I’ll Start By Welcoming You Into God’s Lovely And Most Blessed Family. Your Ex Did Well By Being The Channel Through Which God Used To Bring You Home. I’ll Add Here As Regards Your Confused State That God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. Your Love For Him Maybe The Cause Of Your Confusion Because Our Emotions Prevent Us From Making Right Decisions. But All The Same, Go To God In Prayers And He’ll Make All Things Clear To You.

I’ll Commend Your Ex For Asking You To Seek The Lord’s Face Concerning Marriage. It Shows That

Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (9).. By Samson Ajilore..

 Unholy Intimacy& Un-sanctified Privacy..
Do Not Keep Unholy Intimacy With The Opposite Sex. If You Have Sexual Feelings And There Is No Opposite Sex Alone With You, You’re Safer Than Having It When You’re Alone With An Opposite Sex In A Room. The Bible Says That We Should Put On Christ And Not Provide For The Flesh To Manifest Its Lust In Us. “Let Us Walk Properly, As In The Day, Not In Revelry And Drunkenness, Not In Lewdness And Lust, Not In Strife And Envy. But Put On The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For The Flesh, To Fulfill Its Lusts” (Rom.13:13-14).

 The Weymouth New Testament (WNT) Puts The Fourteenth Verse Like This, “On The Contrary, Clothe Yourselves With The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For Gratifying Your Earthly Cravings” (Rom. 13:14 WNT). People Give So Much Attention To Sexual Passions And Other Carnal Cravings But The Flesh Shouldn’t Be Given So Much Attention.

If We Learn To

Thursday, November 22, 2012

He’s Too Shy To Take The First Step. Is It Alright With Me Taking The First Step??

Hello Beloved, I Have A Question. I Really Like This Guy, But He's Too Shy To Take The First Step (I Know This Because I've Known Him For A Long Time.) How Do I Know If God Is Alright With Me Taking The First Step? I've Been Praying About It For A Long Time Now... But Still No Answer. Is God Silently Telling Me To Let It Go? Or Am I Being Too Impatient For His Answer?               
My Dear, One Thing That Should Be Made Very Clear To Us Is That Most Time, God Does Not Answer Questions That We Already Know The Answer To. When He Seems Silent After You’ve Prayed And Prayed, It Either Means That The Time Is Not Yet Right OR You Already Know The Answer. If It’s A “NO”, He Will Let You Know Without Delay Or Allow You To Outgrow That Request.

I’ve Also Come To Know That When We’re Asking If Something Is Right Or Wrong, Deep Down In Our Hearts, We

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner?

Dear Beloved, How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner? Do I Have To Hear A Voice Or Dream About It? Is It Spiritual Or Physical? Does It Have To Be A Prophecy? Do I Have To See A Vision? Can A Pastor Or Spiritual Leader Choose For You? As A Woman Do You Have To Propose Or Just Wait For Some Guy To Come To You? Is There An Age Limit To Marriage?

Wow! My Dear, You’re Really Loaded With Questions So I’ll Take Them One By One. First Of All, You Can Best Confirm The Right Marriage Partner By Relying On God’s Divine Wisdom And Trusting His Choice Of The Correct Man/Woman For You. If You Don’t Trust Him Completely Or Try To Smartly Act With Your Limited Wisdom, Then There Are Bound To Be Problems Along The Way

Secondly, Hearing From God Can

Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (8).. By Samson Ajilore..

The Word has got all the answers!

“How can a young person keep his life pure? [He can do it] by holding on to your Word. (Psalm 119:9 GW).
The Scripture above makes it clear that the only way to keep our life pure is by holding on to the Word. Now to hold on to something means that you’re intimate with that thing. We must learn to fellowship with the Word through constant meditation and practice. If our mind is filled with the Word, our life will be filled with it. Until the Word becomes the absolute controller of our life, we’re not going to keep a pure life. We must keep our passions under the authority of God’s Word. “God's will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin” (1Thess. 4:3 NLT). 

To control our sexual passions, sometimes we have to learn how to

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Lover Is In Love With Another. What Should I Do?

Dear Beloved, What Are You To Do When Your Lover Who Claims To Love You So Much Is In Love With Another?

In Sincerely Answering Your Question, There’s Really Nothing You Can Do. If Your Lover Who “Claims” To Love You So Much Is Now In Love With Another Person, It Means He/She Never Really Loved You In The First Place And Also That It Is Not Of God. So It Is Best The Relationship Got Broken Now Than Waste More Precious Years Of Your Life.

A Relationship That Is Of God Or Has Received God’s Consent Would Never Dissolve Just Like That Because God Never

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Don’t Know What My Ex Is Up To. Confused. Please Help..

I Broke Up With My Ex-Boyfriend Because His Mother Said I Can’t Bear Him A Child In Future. So He Called Me And Said That The Relationship Is 50/50 After Several Changes. Since Then, No Calls From Him But For The Past Month Now, We Talk On Phone And Of Recent He Ends His Call With I Love U. I’m Confused Now Because I Asked Him What He Really Mean Or Want But He Has Refused To Reply. I’m Confused… Please Help.

I Wonder Why His Mother Would Say Such A Thing About You Not Being Able To Bear Her Son A Child In The Future. Was There Something She Knew About You? But All The Same, No Person Has The Right To Conclude On The Fate Of Another Person Because We Are Not God And There’s Nothing God Cannot Do. So Don’t Let That One Bother You.

I Did Not Understand What

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?

Hi Beloved, Can I Ask You This Question?  Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?
The Answer Is NO! It Is Not A Crime At All To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret. From Your Question, It Seems You Were Betrayed By Your Friend Best Who You Confided In. Most Of The People We Call Our Best Friends Might Not Really Have Our Best Interest At Heart Like We Have Theirs.
 This Will Lead Me To Say That Your Friends Will Always Be Like You Because As The Saying Goes;

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Had A Crush On Him, Now In Love Though He’s Married And Now Divorced. What Do I Do?

Dearly Beloved, When I Was 10 Years Old, I Had A Crush On A Boy Who Was Our Neighbor Then & 5 Years Older Than Me. Whenever I See Him I Run To The House And Hide Not Knowing He Knew It. That Continued Until I Was 15 When He Left For The United States. I Moved On With My Life Thinking I Will Never See Him Again But Then Thank God For Facebook. He Added Me & I Was So Happy But One Thing Was Wrong, He Got Married.
I Was So Devastated Even Though I Was Seeing Someone Else Then. A Year Later, I Left Nigeria To Study In Europe. He Called Me On Phone (Best Day Ever!!) From The States & We Talked For Hours & Then He Told Me He's Divorced His Wife. I Felt Sad For Him. We Talked To The Extent He Told Me He Knew I Had A Crush On Him Years Back. After That Day We Never Talked Again Maybe Because I Told Him I Was With Someone Else. Early This Year I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, So Then I Got Talking With Him Again.
We Talked On Video Chat Every Blessed Day, We Became Part Of Each Other's Lives. Due To Difference In Time, I Had Two Clocks To Know What Time It Is In His Country. This Time It Wasn't A Crush, I Fell In Love With Him & He Said He's In Love With Me Too. Why I'm Writing To You Is Because I Hardly Hear From Him These Days. Now We Talk Like Once A Week & It’s Been A Month Now.
I Don't Know What's Wrong Beloved. I Asked Him If Anything Is Wrong, He Said We Are Fine, Just That He Distance Himself Sometimes. To Me I Think Distance Relationships Needs A Lot Of Communication If Not It Won't Work. Please Beloved What Should I Do? I Have Loved Him All My Life & I Don't Want To Lose Him Now That He's Mine. Thank You

Wow! This Is A Hard One That May Hurt Your Feelings But The Truth Must Be Said Because Nobody Can Deny Or Refute The Truth As Found In The Living Word (Bible) Can I Be Very Honest With You And Tell You That He’s Not Yours. He May Be Divorced But As Far As God Is Concerned, He’s A Married Man Till Death Parts Him And His Wife.

Read The

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Marrying Into Another Faith..

Dear Beloved, Is It Right To Be Engaged To A Catholic Man While You’re A Protestant And You Have A Different Faith?

Whether It Is Right Or Wrong Depends On You Because Be Rest Assured That Once You Get Married To That Man, You’re Automatically Switching Churches Which Means You’ll Become A Catholic. If You’re Not Comfortable With Becoming A Catholic, Then Why Getting Engaged In The First Place?

Never Be In A Hurry To Get Married Because Nothing

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Want To Divorce My Husband Because Of My Mother In-Law..

Hello Beloved! Good Morning To You! It's Been Ages. I'm Having An Issue Right Now And I Need A Candid Advice From You Because The Predicament I'm Facing Now Is Beyond My Knowledge And That Of My Household. The Issue Is That I Want To Divorce The Father Of My Daughter Because Of My Mother In-law. She’s The One Behind My Hubby’s Misbehaviour. So I Decided To Leave Him But He Kept On Begging Me. What Do I Do?

Hi Dear, A Lovely Morning To You Too And Nice To Have You Back On The Page Again. I Love The Way You Said You Need A Candid Advice From Me So I’ll Really Be Straightforward With You. First Of All, God Said In Malachi 2:16a That He Hates Divorce So I’ll Advice You To Cancel That Thought And Want From Your Mind If You Really Love God.

The Predicament You’re Facing Now Might Truly Be

Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (7).. By Samson Ajilore..

The World Is Upside-Down For Us To Turn It Right-Side Up:

Funny How The World Has Turned Upside-Down, Now They Tell Us That Exposure And Civilization Is Premarital Sex And Perverted Living, They Despise Our Virginity And Speak Evil Of Our Purity, They Mock The Way Of The Lord Which We Preach. They Think Opposite From God And Strive Daily To Make Us Think Like They Do.

Now Are We Any Surprised? We Shouldn’t Be. However, The Problem With Us Believers Is That We Often

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Should I Use Fertility Pills Or Wait For God’s Time??

Dear Beloved, My Husband And I Were Blessed With Twin Girls In 2009. Of Late We Have Been Trying To Conceive For The Second Time In Vain. One Doctor Gave Us Some Fertility Pills And I Would Like To Ask If It Is A Godly Thing To Take Those Pills Or Should We Wait For God’s Time As He Did Before... Confused.

Hi Dear, I Believe There’s Nothing Wrong With Taking The Fertility Pills Because It Is God That Gave The Doctors/Scientists That Manufactured The Medicine The Wisdom To Do So. It Does Not Also Mean That You No Longer Have Faith In God Because It Is Only When He Permits That Those Drugs Will Work In Us.

It Is Like Being Sick And Asking If It Is

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I’m In Love With One Of My Mentors But She’s So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do?

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor. She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She

Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God Choose A Wife For A Man?

Dear Beloved, Men Do Ask Me This Question Daily; Do God Make Choice Of Wife For A Man? I Ask This Because In My Own Case, I Heard God Clearly Spoke To Me In Person About The Lady I Should Get Married To And Still Went Ahead To Confirm It Through Several Great Men Of God And To The Lady Herself. Please Answer The Question. Thanks.

The Answer To That Question Is YES! God Chooses A Wife For Any Man That Allows Him To Do So Because He Will Never Force Himself On Anyone But If A Man Decides To Go Ahead And Make His Choice By Himself, Then Let Him Also Be Prepared To Bear The Whole Responsibility If The Marriage Turns Sour Because As A Christian, Once You Say I Do, It’s For Life!

I’m Happy That You Shared

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Man Rumoured To Be HIV Positive Is After Me. What Shall I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am 19 Years And Believe This Is Not The Right Time For Me To Be In A Relationship. But There Is This Man Who Is After Me; The Worst Part Of It Is That Rumour All Over The Town I Live Has It That He's HIV Positive. I Am Trying To Avoid Him But I Feel This Is Not The Right Thing And I Fear To Confront Him. What Shall I Do? Please Help..

I Agree With You That Avoiding Him Is Not The Right Thing To Do But You Should Not Be Afraid Of Facing Him And Telling Him That You’re Not Interested In His Pursuit Of You. In A Firm But Polite Way, Disregarding

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Found Out My Boyfriend Is A Year Younger Than Me. How Do I Handle It – Tell Him Or Not?

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship With My Boyfriend And Everything Is Fine Even Though It’s A Long Distance Relationship; We Love Each Other But The Problem Is That I Found Out That He’s One (1) Year Younger Than I Am But He Doesn’t Know Yet. Should I Tell Him Or Not ‘Cos I’m Afraid He Will Leave Me Because Of My Age. Please Help Me.

I’m Presently Working On The Acronym Of The Word TRUST And The First Letter “T” Stands For ‘Truthful’. We Must Be Very Truthful To Our Partners At All Times Because Our Father In Heaven Detests Lying Lips. Hiding The Truth From Him Is The Same Thing As Living A Lie.

The Scripture Tells Us The Truth Will Set Us Free. When You Tell Him The Truth, You’ll No

Monday, October 15, 2012

Loving Your Partner God’s Way..

What If You Experienced Love Like This??

Love Is More Than Emotions, And It Is Much More Than A Good Feeling. But Our Society Has Taken What God Has Said About Love, Sex And Intimacy And Changed It Into Simply Emotions And Feelings. God Describes Love In Great Detail In The Bible, Especially In The Book Of First Corinthians, Chapter 13.

He Did It So That You Can Catch The Full Weight Of His Definition Of Love, Let Me Present Verses Four Through Seven (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) To You This Way. How Much Would It Meet Your Needs If A Person Loved You As God Says We Should Be Loved:

If This Person Responded To You With Patience,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Do I Help My Lady-Friends As One Is In Love With A Brother In Our Fellowship While He’s After The Other One?

Dear Beloved, Our Fellowship Group Leader Likes One Of The Brothers From Church, In Fact I Think She's In Love With Him. They Have Been Spending Time & It Looked Like They Were Starting A Relationship. However The Brother Has Began To Show Interest In A Close Friend Of Mine Who Is Part Of The Group As Well And I Am Not Too Sure As To How This Friend Of Mine Feels, As Most Of The Time She Says She's Not Interested, & Other Times She Jokes & Says She Might Be Interested, But She Entertains His Advances, They Even Have Dinner/Lunch Dates. I Don’t Know What To Do As I See A Disaster About To Happen. How Do I Help As A Friend To Both Ladies? We Are All Born Again.

The Best Way To Help Them As A Friend Of Theirs Is To Be Honest With Them. You Said The Group Leader Likes And Is In Love With The Brother – This Sounds As If She’s The One Pursuing After The Brother. Then The Brother Is Now Going After The Other Friend – All In The Same Fellowship. #NotGoodAtAll#

If You’re All Truly

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I’m Finding It Hard To Remain Happy In My Relationship After My Boyfriend Practically Raped Me. Please What Should I Do?

Hello Beloved. I Have A Problem With My Boyfriend. We’re Both Born Again Christians And Some Time Ago We Had A Big Fight After I Had Gone To His Place And He Wanted Us To Sleep Together. When I Refused, He Used Force Even As I Was Crying, He Did It Anyway. I Threatened To Go To The Police And Report A Date Rape But He Locked Me In That Whole Night. I Didn’t Report Because I Thought I Might Be Pregnant And I Loved Him Still. He Promised Never To Do It Again Until We Are Married. On Another Day, I Visited Him And He Tried To Do It Again But This Time I Was So Angry And Hurt That I Grabbed A Knife And Took The Keys, Opened The Door And Left. He Followed Me To The Bus-stop And Said I Must Undo The Braids In My Hair Because I Was Just Using Him.

He Tugged At One Of Them And Realized They Wouldn’t Come Out Easily. I Went Home But He Followed Me And Swore He Was Sorry And Wouldn’t Do It Again. I Forgave Him Even Though My Love For Him Is Not As It Used To Be. Now These Days, I Can’t Do Anything With Him Without Referring To That Incident. It’s Hard For Me To Accept Money Or Gifts From Him Because The Other Day He Wanted Me To Go With Him To Church In Town I Told Him I Didn’t Have Money For Bus-fare And He Said He Would Reimburse If I Took From My Allowance. Instead Of The Usual R5 Fare, It Was A Dollar That Day (Happens In Zim.) And When I Told Him, He Seemed To Think I Was Lying, I Felt Insulted That He Thought I Would Try And Trick Him Out Of Such An Amount.

Now I Have These Negative Feelings Towards Him Even Though He Says He Was Joking. Help Beloved. Am I Wrong To Expect Him To Do Certain Things For Me, And Not Grudgingly?

To Be Truly Honest With You Dear, That Boyfriend Of Yours Is Not A Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus At All. How Can A New Creation Rape A Lady While She’s Crying And Tried To Do It Again On Another Occasion? He’s A Fake Christian Pretending To Be A Sheep In A Wolf’s Clothing. Please Run For Your Dear Life.

Secondly, You’re To

Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (6).. By Samson Ajilore..

Put Your Appetites Under Control:

The Feelings Of Sex Isn’t The Only Thing That Should Be Controlled; I’ve Heard Of Several People Who Failed In School And In Other Disciplines Because They Couldn’t Control Their Appetite For Sleep; Some Even Sleep On Duty Till They Get Fired From Their Jobs. Others Became Thieves And Prostitutes Because They Couldn’t Contain Their Appetite For Food And Sex. We Now Have Campus Prostitutes, Thugs And So On.

Those Whose Parents Sent To

Thursday, October 04, 2012

We’re From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. What Must I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship And Planning To Wed Soon, But We Are From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. 1) Ministries, We Are Okay With Each Other And We’ve Talked About It. My Concern Is Our Families And Our Wedding ‘Coz He Is An S.D.A And I Do Sundays, What Should We Do? I Really Do Love Him. 2) We Grew Up In Different Backgrounds; He Grew Up In An Abusive Environment (Step Mom) And He Is Very Bitter That Even If We Have A Misunderstanding, He Becomes So Insecure That He Gets Furious Big Time. He Was Open Enough To Tell Me That He Doesn’t Like It But It Just Happens And He Is Willing To Change. I Really Want To Help Him By Doing The Daily Bible Reading But It Seems As If It’s Going To Be Hard. What Must I Do?

First Of All, I’ll Start By Telling You That Marriage Is So Much More Than What We Think It Is. If These Issues Are Treated Or Taken Lightly, It’ll Definitely Get Bigger In Marriage. Different Backgrounds Are Not So Much An Issue As Different Ministries And Bear In Mind That Once Married, It Is The Lady That Has To Switch Over To The Husband’s Church. Are You Ready To Be An S.D.A?

Secondly, We Cannot Change A Man/Woman Because

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

He Doesn’t Call Anymore – Says He Needs To Be By Himself. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship, And Got A Confirmation While In It But There’s A 'But' Attached To It. The ‘But’ Is That I Need To Pray Against An Intruder In My Relationship. Things Had Been Going On Fine Until Recently; He Sent A Text That He Is Confused And He Needed To Be By Himself For The Main Time. Could It Be That The Intruder Has Actually Come In? Cos He Doesn’t Call Any More, At Times He Doesn’t Even Pick My Calls So I Decided To Be On My Own And Won't Call Him Anymore. Please Advise Me On This.

Hi Dear, In As Much As I Feel Your Pain, I Would Start By Correcting You First Of All, Based On What You Said About Receiving A Confirmation While In The Relationship. YOU DON’T GET A CONFIRMATION “WHILE” IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT “BEFORE” YOU ENTER THAT RELATIONSHIP.

I Say This Because When You’re Already In A Relationship, The Confirmation That Might Come To You May Be

Monday, October 01, 2012

How To Control Your Sexual Feelings.. By Samson Ajilore..

Don’t Drink From A Stinking Well..

So You See, Sexual Feelings Require Sexual Discipline Because If We Cannot Tame Our Sexuality It Can Wreck Our Lives And Societies. Uncontrolled Sexuality Is The Way To Total Self Destruction. Some Have Thought That Pornography Is One Of The Ways To Curtail Sexual Feelings But It Is Not. Pornography Devalues Women, Downgrading Them To Mere Sex Slaves. It Reduces Sex To Lust So Quickly. It Plants The Seed Of Lust Into People’s Mind Which When Grown Becomes So Controlling.

The World Thinks That It’s Okay Because History Is Yet To Record

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dating A Guy For Nine Months Now But He’s Never Called. Is That Love??

Dear Beloved, I Have Been Dating A Guy For About Nine Months Now But He Has Never Called Me. Is That Love?

NO! If You Are The One Doing All The Callings For These Nine Months, Then It Is Not Love. How Can You Be Dating Someone For Close To A Whole Year And He Has Never Called You? Does He Live Very Close To You? Do You Chat With Him Every Day? Even If Your Answer To These Questions Is Yes, It’s Still Not Proper For Him Not To Have Called You At All.

Before Dating This Guy, Did You

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Should One Do When His/Her Partner Always Listens To Third Parties??

Dear Beloved, In A Situation Where A Brother And A Sister In Christ Are In Love And They Both Claim To Love Each Other But Unfortunately One Out Of The Two Always React To What He/She Hears From 3rd Parties. What Should The Other Do?"


Listening To Third (3rd) Parties And Always Reacting To Whatever They Say Clearly Shows A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship. Without Trust In A Relationship – Be It Approved By God Or Not, That Relationship Is Bound To Crash-Land Because Trust Is Like The Fuel That Enables A Car To Move Or The Wings That Enable A Bird To Soar – Without These Fuel And Wings, The Car Can’t Take-Off Neither Can The Bird Soar.

I’m Presently Doing

Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Handle Your Sexual Feelings.. By Samson Ajilore..


Sex sells! And it does because it is one of the three strongest human appetites, which are:

1. The appetite for sleep,

2. The appetite for food

3. And the appetite for sex

The first two comes at birth but the last is awakened at puberty stage. God has it all well planned.

Now the problem is that we are often tempted to awaken love before it’s time, we’re tempted to follow the way of the world and start practicing pre marital sex because the world says it’s okay and perverted societies teaches us that it’s normal as long as we use protection. They don’t even care if our

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He’s Not Born-Again But I’m Madly In Love With Him. What Do I Do??

Dear Beloved, I Have Been Dating This Guy For Over 2 Years Now – With Break Ups And Make Ups. Lately We Were Close And I Thought He Was Going To Be The One But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again – He Doesn't Know The Lord. A Few Weeks Ago We Almost Had Sex But Stopped Because I Knew It Was Wrong. Ever Since, We Have Been Having Problems, And He Decided To Break Up With Me, I Don't Know What To Do Because I'm Still Madly In Love With Him.

I Liked The Way You Said “..But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again...” And Since You Knew That His Not Being Born-Again Was A Major Problem, Why Did You Begin The Relationship In The First Place When It Was Very Obvious That You’re Both Going In Different Directions?

I Also Take It That You’re

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings By Samson Ajilore (2)..


Sometimes Hormones Are Wild And The Feelings For Sex Is Like A Little Fire That Is Burning One Within, The Worst Part Of It Is That The Church Hardly Talks About It, Which Is One Of The Reasons Youths Are Getting Education From Secular Media. Burning Sexual Desires Come To Us Believers As Much As It Does To Unbelievers Because Being Born Again Doesn’t Kill Our Sexuality.

So The Difference Between A Believer And A Non Believer In This Aspect Isn’t That We

Thursday, September 06, 2012

He Stood Her Up And No Longer Answer Her Calls. What Should She Do??

Dear Beloved, I Really Appreciate Your Approach To Handling Issues And I Need Some Help . I Have A Friend Who Is In A Dilemma And Wants A Way Out. She Got A Call From Someone Who Was Interested In Her And Even Though They Had Never Met, They Seem To Like Each Other. They Finally Met Briefly And They Fixed A Another Meeting But On The Proposed Day, She Called To Let Him Know She's On The Way And The Guy Told Her That He Was Busy But Will Call Her Back. He Did Not Call Her Back And He Stood Her Up. She Does Not Know How To Handle It; He’s Not Picking Her Calls And He’s Not Calling Her Back And It’s More Than 2 Days Now. He’s Not Replying Her Text Messages Either. What Do You Think She Should Do?

Thanks Dear. I'll Simply Advise Her Not To Bother The Guy Again Because A Lady Is Meant To Be Pursued And Not The Other Way Round. I Say This Because God Saw That Adam Was Alone And Created A Woman (Eve) For Him – It Wasn’t Eve That Went To Look For Adam Or Told Him That His Being Alone Wasn’t Good. It Was God!

Ladies Do Not Know Or Maybe They Always Forget The

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

He Gets Angry With Me Whenever He’s ‘Broke’. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m Into A Relationship, My Guy Is God Fearing And We Love Each Other But Each Time There Is No Money (I Mean When He’s Broke), He Gets Angry And Shouts At Me And The Shouting Makes Me Feel Rejected. What Should I Do In This Kind Of Situation?

First Of All, Have You Told Him That His Anger Makes You Feel Rejected? I Always Stress On Effective Communication In Every Relationship Because Without Telling Him Your Feelings, He Might Never Know That He Hurts You Whenever He Shouts At You. Don’t Assume He Ought To Know, Tell Him.

Secondly, Anger Is A

Monday, September 03, 2012



Feelings are human emotions or passions. There are different kinds of feelings, some are positive while others are negative. People often wonder why Christians should have sexual feelings but it’s not abnormal. Sexual feelings are awakened during the early teenage-hood and this is because of the hormonal and physical changes of puberty designed by God. These changes involve both the

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Do I Tell Him The Truth Without Hurting His Ego??

Dear Beloved, I Have An Issue On My Hand Right Now And I Need To Sort It Out Quickly. I Met A Guy About Six (6) Weeks Ago And He Seems Attracted To Me But I Don’t Feel The Same Way About Him. I Have Plans Of Reading For PhD, I’m Going For My Masters Later In The Year And He Is Not A Graduate. He Is Kind Of Not Serious With His Job too. Last Week, He Said He Wants To Meet My Parents Even When I’ve Not Told Him Yes. In The Beginning I Did Not Want To Say Anything So That I Would Not Wound His Ego But Right Now, I Don’t Want Him To Assume Forever Cos He Is Not My Kind Of Person And He Is Not Someone I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With. How Do I Tell Him No Without Sounding Proud Or Wounding His Ego?

There Really Is No Easy Way To Telling Someone That You’re No Longer Interested In Him/Her Or That His Advances Are No Longer Welcomed. It Just Has To Be Done. But Before Doing It, Pray About It And Ask God To Give You The Wisdom Needed For Such A Task So That He Would Not Feel Degraded Or Demeaned.

Secondly, Bear In Mind

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Guy’s Parents Refused To Give Their Consent. What Should They Do?

Dear Beloved, A Friend Has Been Going Out With This Guy For Five (5yrs). He Took Her Home To His Family But They Complained Of Tribal Differences And Refused To Give Their Support. What Should They Do?

They Should Go To God In Prayers Because He Gave Us The Only Commandment With A Promise To Honour Our Parents Therefore, Going Ahead When The Guy’s Parents Are Saying No For Any Reason Whatsoever, Would Be Out-Right Disobedience Against The Guy’s Parents And Against God Too.

This Is One Of The Reasons I Always Say People Should

Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do I Boost My Courage??

Dear Beloved, When I Was Young, My Mum Shouts At Me For Every Mistake I Made. The Shout Or Yelling Became Too Much To The Extent That I Became Afraid Of Her. She Never Knew That Her Shouting Was Killing My Boldness. Now As Old As I Am, Even When I’m In The Midst Of My Peers, I Feel Different & I Feel They Are Seeing Me In That Way Too. How Do I Boost My Courage? Thank You

Hi Dear, I Understand What You’re Going Through And The Only Way To Boost Your Courage Is To Know WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST JESUS! When You Truly Know How God Sees You And In Whose Image You Are Made, Your Boldness Will Return Because The Bible Tells Us That God’s Children Are As Bold As Lions.

Most Parents Don’t Know The Extent To Which

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Intimacy Means More Than The Physical:

Each Of Us Has Five Significant Parts In Our Lives. We Have The Physical, The Emotional, The Mental, The Social, And The Spiritual. All Five Of These Parts Are Designed To Work Together In Harmony. In Our Search For Intimacy We Want The Solution Today, Or Yesterday. One Of Our Problems Is That We Want "Instant" Gratification. When The Need For Intimacy In A Relationship Is Not Met, We Look For An "Instant" Solution.

Where Do We Look? We Most Often Look To The

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship I’m In Will End In Marriage??

Dear Beloved, How Can I Know That A Leading Is From GOD? How Can I Be Certain That A Relationship That I'm In Will End In Marriage?

You Can Know A Leading Is From God When Everything Aligns With The Word Of God. You Cannot Have A Leading To Become Engaged To A Married Man And Say It’s From God. Any Leading That Does Not Conform To Biblical Standards Is Not A True One But False.

You Can Be Certain That A Relationship That You’re In Will Lead To Marriage When God Confirms The Person To You. You Cannot

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Can I Help This Lady??

Dear Beloved, How Can You Help This Lady? She Had Been Involved In A Relationship And Got A Baby And Really Depressed To The Extent Of Leaving The Man Who’s The Father Of Her Child. I Need To Help Her But Don’t Know How To Start.

The First Question To Ask Here Is This; Is She Married To The Man? If No, Then There's No Reason Staying With A Man Who's Not Your Husband Simply Because You Had A Baby For Him. That’s The Same Thing As Living In Sin (Fornication).

From The Way You Asked Your Question, I Take It To Mean That

Monday, August 13, 2012


 Here’s The Recap/Summary Of The Last Letter – “T” – As I Finally Bring To An End, The Series On The Acronym Of TRUST..

TALK-ABOUT-EVERYTHING: Are There Secrets You Know That When Found Out, Might Break Your Relationship? Now Is The Best Time To Confide In Your God-Approved Partner, Un-Burden Your Heart To Him/Her. It Is During Courtship/Engagement That Any Previous Lifestyle That May Affect Childbearing Should Be Discussed With Your Partner. It Is Dangerous To Hide Such Things, Only To Open It Up After Wedding.

Is It Abortion Done When You Were Still An Unbeliever? Is It Any Sexually Transmitted Disease Before You Became Born-Again? Prayerfully

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Should I Pursue Her Further ‘Cos She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex??

Hi Beloved, I Have A Question But Also A Request. I Met This Girl For Whom I Care Deeply. We Are Not In A Relationship – We Are At This Stage Only Friends. She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex Who Has Hurt Her And Cheated On Her Time And Time Again. They Also Have Not Been In A Relationship For More Than Two Years Now And She Has Not Been In A Relationship Since Then Though She Does See Him From Time To Time.
I Feel He Is Only Using Her. I Have Asked Her To Go Out With Me At Times And We Always Seem To Have A Good Time. At Times, It Does Seem She Likes Me But Then She Had Said To Others Hurtful Things Like ‘I Irritate Her’. I Do Feel In My Heart That We Could Be A Good Match But My Request And Question Is; Should I Pursue Her Further And Try To Win Her Heart Or Is It Better To Leave It? I Would Like Someone To Please Pray For Me And Give Me Some Godly Advice As The Holy Spirit Leads Him/Her.

I Would Advise You To Leave Pursuing Her Further As To Win Her Heart Because From What You Said In Your Question, She’s Still In Love With Her Ex And She Might Only Use You As A “REBOUND” Which Could Be Very Hurtful When She Finally Decides To Move Ahead In Her Life Without You.

Secondly, I Didn’t See You Calling Her A

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I’m Finding It Hard To Forget Though I've Forgiven Her..

Dear Beloved, There's Something My Fiancée Did To Me, I Have Forgiven Her But Still Find It Difficult To Forget. What Should I Do?

As I Pondered Over Your Question, This Adage Came To My Mind, “To Err Is Human And To Forgive Is Divine.” That Word ‘Divine’ Means Taking The Very Nature Of God – Forgiving Others Just As In Christ Jesus, God Forgave Us (Ephesians 4:32). God Forgives Us Totally And Expects Us To Do The Same As His Children.

It Takes The Grace Of God To

Monday, August 06, 2012


Here Is The Recap/Summary Of The Next Two (2) Letters – “U” And “S” – As I Conclude The Series On The Acronym Of TRUST..

U-NDERSTANDING: This Is About Getting To Know What Makes Your Partner “Tick”. What Makes Him/Her Talk And Reason They Way They Talk And Reason, Knowing What Makes Them Happy Or Angry And Being Able To Say With All Confidence That You Know Your Partner. A Way Of Achieving This Would Start From

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Boyfriend Wants Me And Our Two Girls Back But He’s Coming With Another Child. What Do I Do?

I Have Two(2) Daughters With My Boyfriend. We Stayed Together for five(5)yrs, But He Moved Out With No Reason Known By Me. I Can’t Move On Only Because I Love Him And All This Time I Waited. Now He Wants To Come Back But He Has A Child With Another Woman Which Hurts Me, Especially Now And Then When He Puts The Child’s Pictures On Facebook. If I Call Him To Come And Talk To Me Since He Wants Me Back, He Will Say That It’ll Be By Sms As He Wants To Takes His Time. I’m Just Sick Of All This And Wish I Could Just Leave Him And Stay On My Own. What Should I Do?

Answering This Question Is A Little Difficult For Me And I’ll Plead With You To Quietly Go Through This And Heed The Advice Coming Straight From God’s Heart. It Might Cause You Some Pain Or Even Anger But Believe Me When I Tell You That God Chastises Only Those He Really Loves And He Does Love You So Much As To Send His Only Son To Die And Redeem You From Your Sins.

First Of All, This Is A Christian Page Where We Speak The Truth In Love And Also Pray For Our Members. Living With A Man Who’s

Monday, July 30, 2012


We Just Finished The Acronym Of TRUST And I’ll Conclude The Series By Doing A Recap/Summary Of The Letters. I’ll Start With The First Two (2) Letters – “T” And “R”..

T-RUTHFUL: As I Explained On The Matter Of Being Truthful And To Add A Little To That, You Have To Be Very Honest With Your God-Approved Partner – No Need Of Pretending. If He/She Is Talking And You Don’t Understand, Don’t Lie That You Do But

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts On Dating??

Hello Beloved. Thanks For All The Godly And Insightful Post Regarding Relationships. I'm A Born Again Christian By The Grace Of God And Would Like To Know Your Thoughts On Dating. I Personally Want To Meet The Right Man God Has Created For Me And I Know That Is Only Possible Through Patiently Waiting And Trusting On His Promises. However, I Get Confused On Certain Areas Like Dating. If I Decide To Date A Guy Who Is A Friend Because I Feel He Might Be A "Potential", Does That Seem Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God? At The Same Time, I Then Ask My Self That If I Don’t Date, How Do I Get To Know A Guy. The Ideal Way I Understand Relationships That Lead To Marriages Is: Date->Courting->Then Marriage. Please Let Me Know Your Answers To This. God Bless.

You’re Welcome Dear And Greater Thanks To God For The Divine Wisdom And Inspiration He Brings To Light Through Me. I Don’t Support Dating Because It Shows An Individual Picking A Lady Or Gent All By Himself/Herself And This Is Not God’s Way. I Love The Way You Put It – ‘…Seems Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God?’ Yes, You Are.

 The Truth About Wanting To Date First Is That We Want To

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Having Feelings For My Ex-Boyfriend..

I Still Have Feelings For My Ex Boyfriend. What Do I Do Coz He Has Moved On, I Don’t’ Know What To Do. I Love This Guy. Please Help.

In This Instance Dear, To Be Very Honest With You, There's Nothing You Can Do. If He Has Moved On With His Life, Then I Suggest You Move On With Your Life Too. There’s No Need Crying Over Spilt Milk; And Holding On To The Past Will Not Allow You Move On With Your Future.

If You Check Those Feelings Well, It Might Not Be

Monday, July 23, 2012

THE “T” IN T-R-U-S-“T”..

“T” Stands For “TALK-ABOUT-EVERTHING”. Secrets Destroy Any Relationship No Matter How You Profess To Love Each Other. Do You Keep Secrets From Your God-Approved Partner? There’s Nothing Like A Little Secret And A Big Secret. Keeping Secrets Gives The Devil Charge Over You Because He Will Keep Tormenting You With It; And Sooner Or Later, He Will Expose It To Your Shame.

2 Cor.4:2a Tells Us That “Rather, We Have Renounced Secret And Shameful Ways; We

Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Frequent Calls To No More Calls. What Do I Do?

I Am A Sister Aged 24, And I Have Been Dating This Guy For 6 Years Now And He Is Currently Living And Working In South Africa. Before He Went To South Africa, Our Relationship Was Great And When He Left The Communication Was Good And Gradually The Communication Started To Become Less Frequent. At First, He Would Call Me Everyday, And It Came To Twice A Week, Four Times A Month, And Eventually Once A Month And Now He No Longer Calls. Now He Is Quiet And I Don’t Know What This Means. Do You Think I Still Have A Future With Him? I Don’t Know What To Do Or Think? My Feelings For Him Are Mixed And Uncertain. What Should I Do? Should I Call Him And Find Out What’s Going On Or Should I End Things With Him? Please Help Me??

This Is Quite Touching And It Brought To My Mind The Fact That “DISTANCE TRIES OUR LOVE TO SEE IF IT’S REALLY TRUE AND GODLY OR NOT.” My Fiancé And I Are Also Involved In A Long Distance Relationship But It Has Not Reduced Our Love For One Another A Bit Or Our Communication Frequency ‘Cos It Has God’s Solid Backing. Does Your Relationship With This Guy Have God’s Backing? Is God Even Aware Of It? Did The Relationship Begin With God’s Consent/Permission?

Any Relationship Without A Frequent Communication – Be It Far Or Near – Is

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Confused In Choosing My Life Partner. What Should I do??

Hi Beloved, I’m Confused In Choosing My Life Partner. I Recently Became Friends With The Guy That I Have Been Seeing In The Church For Long. And Now He’s Asking Me For A Relationship. I Asked Him To Give Me Some-Time And I Have Prayed About It For God To Show Me If He’s The Right One For Me But God Seems To Keep Silent – No Answer And No Signs From Him. I Don’t Know What To Do.  Please Help Me. What Scares Me Is That I Had A Dream Concerning This Guy And That His Name Was 'Paul' Which I Shared With You Some Months Ago.

Confusion Should Not Be Found In The Lives Of God’s Children Like Us Because Our Father In Heaven Is Not A God Of Confusion. We Often Become Confused When We Are In A Hurry But Once We Calm Down And Focus On God, Our Minds Will Become Clear And We’ll Know Exactly What To Do.
If It “Seems” Like God Is Silent After You’ve Prayed, It Only Means That He Wants You To

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "S" In T-R-U-"S"-T..

“S” Stands For “SELFLESSNESS”. The Opposite Of Being Selfless Is To Become Selfish And Selfishness Is A Vice That Breeds Distrust In Any Relationship. Does Everything You Do Concern You And You Alone? Do You Put Your God-Approved Partner’s Needs Ahead Of Yours? If All You Care About In Your Relationship Is How To Meet Your Needs, How Can Your Partner Trust You?

Philippians 2:3 Tells Us That We Should “Do Nothing Out Of Selfish Ambition Or Vain Conceit, But In Humility,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I’m In A Long-Distance Relationship And I Don’t Fully Trust Him. Can He Cheat On Me??

Hi Beloved, I Want To Ask; What Do You Think About Long Distance Relationships? Does It Really Work? My Boyfriend Loves Me And He Calls And Texts Me Every Time But Somehow I Think He’s Cheating On Me Coz I Have Never Had A Long Distance Thing Going On Between Us So It’s My First Time. I Love Him So Much And He’s A Christian. Do You Think He Can Cheat On Me? I’m Worried. Lol

I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship And From Experience; I Can Say That There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Getting Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You "Trust" Each Other Completely.

What Kills Every Relationship Is

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Love Builds Overtime..

Question For Beloved: What Do You Mean By, "Love Builds Overtime", Please?

When I Said That “LOVE BUILDS OVERTIME”, I Was Trying To Explain The Truth That You Cannot Just Say The Words “I LOVE YOU” Within Days, Or Even Few Weeks Of Meeting Someone Without Actually Taking The Time To Really Know That Person First Of All.

The Same Way It Takes You Time To Know All There

Monday, July 09, 2012

THE “U” IN T-R-“U”-S-T..

“U” Stands For “UNDERSTANDING”. Understanding Your God-Approved Partner At All Times Does Not Happen At The Snap Of Your Hands. It Takes The Grace Of God To Truly Understand Your Partner. When He/She Shares Their Concerns Or Problems With You, Is Your Mind Else Where Or Do You Show That You Really Understand What They’re Going Through? If You Don’t Understand Them, How Can They Trust You?

Proverbs 4:7b Tells Us That “Though It Cost All You Have, Get Understanding”. The Cost Is Not

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Difference Between Love And Infatuation..

Dear Beloved, Please Can You Explain The Difference Between Infatuation And Love Because Most Of Us Don’t Seem To Know The Difference? Thank You!!!
Let Me Start By Giving You The Oxford Definition Of Both Words; INFATUATION Has Been Defined As “1. Inspire With Intense Usually Transitory Fondness And Admiration. 2. Affect With Extreme Folly; While LOVE Has Been Defined As “1. Deep Affection Or Fondness. 2. Admire; Greatly Cherish; Delight In”.

From These

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is Something Wrong With My Spiritual Life??

Hi Beloved. I Am A Christian Who Was Baptized In A Catholic Church But Now Attends A Pentecostal Church. My Problem Is That My Prayers Are Very Short In Church And I Always Run Out Of Things To Pray About When Others Around Me Go On And On. I Don’t Speak In Tongues And I Have Never Fallen Down Like Most People Do When The Pastor Prays For Them. This Makes Me Feel Very Awkward. Is It That I’m Not Believing Enough Or I Am Not Connecting With The Holy Spirit At All?

My Dear, I Would Want To Say That There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Spiritual Life BUT I Have To Ask You A Question First. When You Began Attending The Pentecostal Church, Did You Really Accept Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Renounced Every Work Of Darkness?

If Your Answer Is Yes, Then Here’s The Second Question; Does The

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm In Love With One Of My Mentors But She's So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do??

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor.
She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is It Biblical To Kiss During Courtship?

Is It Biblical For A Christian Brother And Sister, While Still In Courtship, To Kiss?

The Answer Is NO! It Is Not Biblical. What Apostle Paul Said Was To Give One Another A HOLY KISS And Please Don’t Allow Any Brother To Use That Verse And Deceive You. If A Christian Brother Wants To Give A Holy Kiss To A Christian Sister While Courting Her, He Should Do So In A Public Gathering Like The Church, Fellowship, Or In The Presence Of Other Christians.

During Courtship, Anything That Cannot Be

Monday, June 25, 2012

THE “R” IN T-“R”-U-S-T..

“R” Stands For “RELIABLE”. This Word I Believe Is Gotten From These Two Words; RELY And ABLE. Bringing Them Together Would Give Us ‘Able To Be Relied On’ So Are You Able To Be Relied On? Can Your God-Approved Partner Rely On You? If He/She Cannot Rely On You, Then How Can You Be Trusted Or Depended On?
John 8:26b Tell Us That “He Who Sent Me Is Reliable, And What I Have Heard From Him, I Will Tell The World”.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is It A Sin To Have A Crush For Your Boyfriend’s Lil Bro??

Hi Beloved. Is It A Sin To Have A Crush For Your Boyfriend’s Lil Bro? Thank You.

Your Question, When I Finally Understood It Made Me Wonder. Having A Crush On The Younger Brother Of Your Boyfriend Is Like Having A Crush On The Younger Brother Of Your Husband And It Is Not Good At All, At All. #Smh

First Of All, Is Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend A Godly One? I Ask This Because I Don’t Encourage ‘Boyfriend-Girlfriend Stuff’. It Is Better To

Monday, June 18, 2012

The "T" In T-R-U-S-T..

We Ought To Know The True Meaning Of The Word “Trust” Before Giving Our Hearts To Anyone So As To Avoid Un-necessary Heartbreaks. I’ll Be Sharing The Meaning Of Each Letter That Make Up T-R-U-S-T With You On A Weekly Basis. This Tuesday, We’ll Be Starting With The First Letter Which Is “T”.

THE   “T”   IN   “T”-R-U-S-T:
“T” Stands For “TRUTHFUL”. Being Always Truthful Means Being Realistic And Never Having To Lie About Anything Concerning Your Life; And Not Concealing The Truth Either. If Your God-Approved Partner Cannot Vouch For You, How Can He/She Be Able To Trust You? They Will Always Be Suspecting You Even When You Decide To Tell Them The Truth.
Proverbs 12:19 Tells Us That “Truthful Lips Endures Forever, But A Lying Tongue Lasts Only

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage..

What Is The Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage And Also Kissing And Physical Intimacy?
The Biblical Truth Can Be Found In Many Chapters Of The Scripture But Let Me Give You Two Passages; 1 Corinthians 6:13-20 Which Explained In Detail That Your Body Belongs To The Lord Because He Paid For It With His Blood; Therefore It Is Now His Temple And As Such Should Not Be Defiled By Sexual Immorality Which Is A Sin Against One’s Body.
Another Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage Can Be Found In Hebrews 13:4 Which Says That “Marriage Should Be Honoured By All And The Marriage Bed Kept Pure, For God Will Judge The Adulterer And All The Sexually Immoral”.
Kissing And Physical Intimacy Between Two Unmarried People Falls Under The Umbrella Of Sexual Immorality And Is A Sin Before God.
Remain Richly Blessed..