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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ten Lies Of Pornography – Conclusion(3)

Porn Addiction: Am I Addicted?

If You See Any Of These Patterns In Your Life, You Need To Put The Brakes On Right Now! Is Porn Becoming More And More In Control Of Your Life? Do You Have Trouble Putting It Down(Magazines) Or Switching It Off(TV/Computer etc.)? Do You Keep Going Back For More?

What Can I Do?
The First Thing You've Got To Do Is Admit That You Struggle With Pornography. Believe Me; You Are Not Strange Or Unusual If You Do. Millions Of Men And Women Are At Various Stages In Their Struggle With Porn. It's Really Not Surprising. 

The Porn Industry Has Spent Billions Of Dollars Trying To Snare You. Is It Really Shocking That They Have Succeeded? For Some Of You There May
Also Be Issues In Your Past, Such As Abuse Or Sexual Exposure That Makes Porn Addiction Even Harder To Shake. There Is Only So Much You Can Do In Fighting Addiction Without Help.

You Need Someone To Help You Break This Addiction - God First Of All Because You Can Do All Things Through Him That Strengthens You. Overcoming The Secrecy Is Absolutely Vital. You Probably Can't Escape Addiction Without It. That Doesn't Mean Everyone Has To Know You're Struggling. 

Secondly, Pick Someone You Can Trust Who Counsels Men And Women Who Are Having Problems With Addiction -- A Pastor, Youth Group Leader Or Counselor. Someone You Can Completely Trust And Feel Safe With. Anyone Who Has Had Experience In The Area Of Addiction Isn't Going To Be Surprised.

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