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Monday, March 23, 2015

He Told Me That I Should Choose Between School And Marriage. I Don’t Know What To Do.

Hello Beloved, I’m 23yrs Old And In Courtship With This Man – My Mum And Dad Know Him. It Happened That I Decided Not To Go To School But Someone Advised Me To Go Since My Elder Ones Are Through With Their Education. I Made Up My Mind To Go And I Let My Fiancé Know Everything About Me Including My School Stuff. He Said That We Should Do Introduction Since Am About To Go To School But I Told Him That Am Not Ready For That Now Since My Elder Sister Has Not Done Hers Even Though She’s Through With Her Education And That He Should Wait For Me To Enter School First. Later He Told Me That I Should Choose Between School And Marriage. I Told Him That Am Going To School Since I Have Explain Everything To Him But He Said If I Go To School That I Should Forget About The Relationship. I Want You To Advise Me Because I Don’t Know What To Do. I Really Love Him And I Don’t Want To Lose Him.

My Dear, As For Me, I Will Advise You To Go To School And If Your Fiancé Cannot Wait To Do Your Introduction After You’ve Entered School, Then Let Him Go 'Cos There's No Way You Can Eat Your Cake And Still Have It Since He Has Asked You To Make A Choice. You Need Your Education So That You Can Be More Productive In The Future And Be Of Greater Assistance To Your Husband.

If This Man Cannot Wait For You To Go To School But Is Already Asking You To Choose Between Him And Your Education{Though He May Be
Scared Of Your Leaving Him Once You’re In School}, Then Make Up Your Mind Very Well And If It's Your Education That You Have Chosen, Then Sincerely Tell Him And If He Still Wants To Leave, The Choice Will Be His.

I Believe This Ought To Have Been Among The Things Both Of You Would Have Talked Before You Accepted His Proposal. But If You Really Love Him And Seriously Don't Want To Lose Him Like You Said, Then You Can Decide To Marry Him And Forget Everything About Your Education – Though I Wouldn't Advise You To Do That But The Choice Is Still Yours.

I Also Believe That Every Man Wants The Best For His Wife So If This Man Is Saying ‘Marry Me And Forget About Schooling’, I Don't Really See His Wanting The Best For You. Does He Want A Semi-Literate Housewife? Won't He Get Tired Someday And Maybe Ridicule You For Not Completing Your Education?

On A Final Note, Are You Born Again? If Yes, Then Seek The Lord's Face Concerning This Matter And The Man. Is He The Right And God-Approved Man For You? Then Do Whatever He{God} Asks You To Do. If No, Then Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And I Pray His Peace Will Envelope Your Heart As You Do The Right Thing. Amen!

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