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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Want To Divorce My Husband Because Of My Mother In-Law..

Hello Beloved! Good Morning To You! It's Been Ages. I'm Having An Issue Right Now And I Need A Candid Advice From You Because The Predicament I'm Facing Now Is Beyond My Knowledge And That Of My Household. The Issue Is That I Want To Divorce The Father Of My Daughter Because Of My Mother In-law. She’s The One Behind My Hubby’s Misbehaviour. So I Decided To Leave Him But He Kept On Begging Me. What Do I Do?

Hi Dear, A Lovely Morning To You Too And Nice To Have You Back On The Page Again. I Love The Way You Said You Need A Candid Advice From Me So I’ll Really Be Straightforward With You. First Of All, God Said In Malachi 2:16a That He Hates Divorce So I’ll Advice You To Cancel That Thought And Want From Your Mind If You Really Love God.

The Predicament You’re Facing Now Might Truly Be
Beyond Your Knowledge And That Of Your Household BUT IT’S NOT BEYOND GOD! There’s Nothing God Cannot Do And That Includes Restoring The Love And Peace In Your Marriage. Have You Really Told Him About Your Predicaments. Prayer Remains The Master Key!

I Noticed The Way You Called Your Husband, “The Father Of My Daughter” As If He’s No Longer Your Husband. As Far As God Is Concerned, He’s Still Your Husband Till Death Parts Both Of You. That He Keeps Begging You Not To Leave Him Shows That He Still Loves And Need You So I Will Join In Asking You Not To Leave Him ‘Cos You Married Him For Better And For Worse.

As For Your Mother In-Law, There’s Nothing Prayer And Love Cannot Change. Also Try Putting Yourself In Her Shoes Because You’ll Become Someone’s Mother In-Law One Day, By God’s Grace Too. We Cannot Change People But God Can Through Our Prayers And It Is My Sincere Prayer That God Will Change Both Your Husband And His Mother’s Behaviour And Restore His Divine Peace In Your Marital Home. Shalom..

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