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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Long Should A Courtship Last?

Dear Beloved, How Long Should Courtship Last Before Marriage?
My Dear, There Really Is No Fixed Time For Courtship Before Marriage Because As Individuals Are Differently Unique So Are Courtships Too. Some May Court For Six (6) Months And Are Ready For Marriage While Some May Court For One (1) Year And Still Not Be Spiritually Ready For Marriage.
What I Will Advice Is That It Should Not Be Too Long Neither Should It Be Too Short. A Very Brief Or Hurried Courtship Most Often Result In
This Saying; “Marry In Haste, Repent At Leisure” While Prolonging Courtship For Too Long May Result In Falling Into The Temptation Of Pre-Marital Sex And At Its Extreme, Abortions Before The Wedding.

If They Are Both Born Again Christians, God Will Direct Them On The Right Time To Fix Their Wedding Because The Scripture Tells Us That The “Steps Of The Righteous Are Ordered By The Lord” (Psalm 37:23). If You Allow God To Lead In Your Relationship And Courtship, He Will Direct It And It Will Not Be Too Short Nor Too Long Before Tying The Wedding Knot.

Courtship Should Not Be A Period Of Idleness Or A Time Filled With Wedding Preparations. There Is A Definite Purpose That Must Be Accomplished And Certain Things That Must Be Sorted Out. The Period Of Courtship Is Also Useful In Subjecting Your Decision To Be Married To Each Other, To A Test Of Time.

Finally, Do Not Allow Anyone To Give You A Fixed Time Of Courtship Before Marriage Because They Cannot Tell The True Readiness Of The Heart For Marriage Except God Himself. “Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Lean Not On Your Own Understanding. In All Your Ways, Acknowledge Him And He Shall Direct Your Path.”

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