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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How True Are Dreams In Choosing A Wife?

Dear Beloved, I Have A Little Problem And Somehow Confused. A Friend Of Mine A Guy I Met 2yrs Ago Before He Went To The States Has Been Calling And Texting To Know How I’m Doing. A Few Months Ago, He Called And Begged To Know Everything About Me. Then I Told Him And We Remained Friends. But Recently, He Called And Started Telling Me That Ever Since, He Kept On Seeing Me In His Dreams. 

I Told Him That I Don’t Know Why, That He Should Pray About It To Get The Meaning From God. Now He’s Blaming Me For Not Accepting Him Because Now He Has Somebody He Is Going Out With And Wants To Marry But He Doesn’t Know The Person Because His Sister Found The Girl For Him. According To Him, When He Started Seeing Me In His Dreams, He Became Confused And Said How Can He Be Seeing Another In A Dream And Want To Marry Another? 

I Told Him Again To Move On With His Plan So That He Will Not Hurt The Girl. So Please Tell Me, What Do You Think About His Dreams? For Me I Have Wished Him The Best Because He Did Not Open Up To Me On Time But I Don’t Want Him To Make Mistake.
I Think His Dreams Are Nothing And That He Might Even Be Lying About Them(Some Guys Deceive Ladies By Telling Them That They Saw Them In Their Dreams). If He's Genuinely Born Again, Then He Can Ask God To Help Him Interpret His Dreams But If He's Just An Ordinary Guy, Then It Could Not Be God Revealing You To Him In His Dreams But Maybe The Figment Of His Imaginations.

Secondly, A Truly Sensible And Mature Christian Cannot
Be Allowing Someone To Find A Wife For Him Because It's Only God That Helps A Man To Find A Good Wife. Then Within That Short Time, He’s Already Going Out With Someone Else. So I Can Say He's Already Making A Mistake If He Just Wants To Marry That Lady Because His Sister Found Her For Him.

Some Dreams Are Figments Of Imaginations, Some Are Sent By The Devil To Confuse God's Children While Some Are True Revelations From God. You Can Only Know The True Dreams By Praying About It And Testing It To See If It Is In Line With The Word Of God. Any Dream That Contradicts The Word Of God Is Not From Him.

Finally, You Can Advise Him If You Want To But I'm Happy For You And I Thank God You Didn't Fall For Those Perceived Dreams Or Tricks. Shalom.

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