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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Do I Do To Win Her Heart Of A Girl That Caught Me Eyes?

Dear Beloved, I Have Two (2) Questions To Ask. There Is A Girl That’s Always Looking At Me, I Don’t Know If She Loves Me Or Not, But The Fact Is That I Only Love Her As A Friend And I Met A Girl That Caught My Eyes. What Do I Do To Win Her Heart? Urgent Reply Please.

As I Read Your Question, The Story Of Samson Came To My Mind Where He Said In Judges 14:2,3b To His Parents “…I Have Seen A Philistine Woman In Timnah; Now Get Her For Me As My Wife” And “But Samson Said To His Father, Get Her For Me. She’s The Right One For Me.” It Was Samson’s Eyes That Got Him Into Trouble And Those Eyes Were Finally Gouged Out.

I’m Seeing A Need To Address The Issue Of Your Sight. It Was Your Eyes That
Saw A Girl Who’s Always Looking At You But Whom You Have No Interest On; And Those Same Eyes Have Now Caught A Girl Whose Heart You Want To Win. Read The Words Of Job In Job 31:1 – “I Made A Covenant With My Eyes Not To Look Lustfully At A Girl.”

I Had Thought You Would Have Asked For A Way To Know If She’s The Right One Or How To Get God’s Consent/Approval But Rather, You Are Asking Of Ways To Win Her Heart. I’m Sorry To Tell You That I Cannot Give You Ways To Win Her Heart But God Can! Do You Really Know God? Are You Born Again? Have You Surrendered Your All To Him?

Finally, My Advice Is This; Get To Know God First. Become A New Creation In Him And He Will Direct Your Path. Once He Approves Of Your Relationship, He Will Also Win The Girl’s Heart For You. Give Him A Try. Taste And See That The Lord Is Good (Psalm 34:8a).

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