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Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Don’t Share The Same Faith. Will It Affect Our Relationship?

Dear Beloved, I’m A Young Christian Lady And I Have Been Seeing This Christian Brother For A Year Now. My Problem Is That We Don’t Share The Same Christian Faith; He Happens To Be A Pentecostal And I’m A Witness. He Always Tries To Convince Me To come To His Church But I Love My Church And I Wouldn’t Like To go To Any Other Church. I Would Like To Know How This Will Affect Our Relationship ‘Cos We've Been Advised To Marry Our Church Members.

My Dear, I’ll Be Very Honest With You By Saying That A Difference In Faith Will Definitely Affect Any Relationship Not Just Yours. How Can You Share Your Beliefs With Your Husband If You Don’t Even Share The Same Faith To Begin With? It Just Cannot Work Out Because Amos 3:3 Asked Us A Good Question – “Do Two Walk Together Unless They Have Agreed To Do So?”

You’re A Witness And He’s A Pentecostal, He Keeps Inviting You To His Church But You Don’t Want To Go To Any Other Church But Yours And I Guess He

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loving Someone Who Cares Not And Forsaking The One That Cares. Why?

Dear Beloved, Why Do I Love Someone Who Does Not Love Me And Seem Not To Like The One Who's ‘Dying’ For Me?
This Is A Question That Has Plagued So Many Young Hearts But The Answer Is A Simple One If Only You Will Follow The Right Path. The Major Reason We Fall For Those That Don’t Love Us And Ignore Those That Really Do Love Us Is That The World System/Culture Have No Regard For Things That Come Easy Or Appear Simple. This Is Why A Lady Will Play Hard To Get Because She Thinks The Man Won’t Appreciate Her If She Tries To Be Her Normal True Self.

The Way Of The Cross Has Been Made So Easy By God – Just Accept And Believe With All Your Heart In His Son Jesus And You Will Be Saved – But We Insist On Making It Hard By Preferring To Believe

Monday, February 25, 2013

REAL L‘O’VE (6)… {Being Outstanding}..

Some Of Us Are In A Relationship Yet Wishing For A Better Partner Because The Ones We’re Currently With Are Not Outstanding But Just There. But This Is Not The Life That A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus Ought To Be Living Because Christ In Us Ought To Make Us Outstanding In All We Do Including Loving Our Partners.

As A Child Of God, Are You Outstanding In Your Relationship? Or Are Trying To Imitate The

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Even With Reasons, My Mind Still Refuses. Please Help Me..

Dear Beloved, Please Help Me Out: I Like To Watch Movies; More Especially, Foreign American Action Films. I Really Detest Love Movies Because Of Their Contents, But Even Action Movies Have Obscene Scenes, So What I Do Is To Fast Forward It. Now The Problem Is That My Mind Doesn’t Want To Accept That But Want Me To Stop Watching It Completely. I Have Given Myself Reasons Why I Watch These Films, Mostly Because I’m Bored And Can't Do Any Other Thing. What Should I Do?
I Will Start Answering Your Question By Correcting One Of Your Statements Where You Said ...”My Mind Doesn’t Want To Accept That But...” You See, It Was Not Your Mind That Was Refusing To Accept Your Reasons But The Holy Spirit In You. God Has Placed The Holy Spirit In All His Children To Convict Us When We Sin Or Deviate From His Commands.

Your Level Of Spirituality Determines Who Has The Upper Hand In Your Mind – Either

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How True Is This Statement??

Dear Beloved, I Read A Relationship Book Some Years Ago And The Writer Said "When Your Feelings For The Opposite Sex Stands The Test Of Time, Then Both Can Begin To Think It Is Real Love And Not Lust. How True Is That Statement?

I Will Say That The Writer’s Statement Is Quite Debatable. I Use The Word Debatable Because His “Test Of Time” Is Not Clear And Anyone Can Either Agree With Him Or Disagree With Him. Some Couples’ Relationships Have Lasted For A Long While But Once They Get Married, Their Marriages Crumble Within A Year Or At Most Two. Didn’t Their Relationship Stand The Test Of Time?

Some Other Couples May Court For A Short While Yet Their Marriage Will Truly Last. Real Love Is Not A Thought Like The Writer Said – If It’s Real Love And You’re Honest

Monday, February 18, 2013

REAL ‘L’OVE (5)… {Love For Others}..

How We Love Others And Show It By Our Words And Deeds Is A Strong Indication Of How We Love God ‘Cos We Cannot Neglect Those Around Us Or Our Partner In A Relationship Yet Claim To Love God. Real Love For Others Means You’ll Put Their Needs Before Yours And Serve Them In Love But This Would Be Very Hard If You Don’t Have Christ.

Real Love Is Not Calling/Sending Messages A Hundred(100) Times, Spending All Your Money On Him/Her Expecting To Get Something Out Of It. Real Love Sacrifices And Gives Without Expecting Anything In Return. Can You Honestly Say You Really Love Others Or Your Partner?

If You Really Love Your Partner, You Will Never Ever

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day..

Valentine’s Day Is A Good Opportunity To Learn What The Bible Teaches Us About Love. Not The Shallow “Love” On Display In Advertisements And Marketing Industries And The World At Large, But Real, Genuine Love — The Self-Sacrificing, Grace-Extending Attitude That God Wants To See Embodied In All Of Our Relationships, Not Just Our Romantic Ones.

Whatever Your Plans For Today, Take Some Minutes To Reflect On These Five Powerful Bible Verses That Explain What True Love Looks Like:

1 Cor.13 – This Is Perhaps The Most Famous Bible Passage About Love, This One Is Frequently And Understandably Recited At Weddings. But As With Many Well-Known Bible Quotes About Love, It’s Not Just Romantic Love That Is Being Described But Agape Love.

1 John 4:16-18 – These Talks About Perfect Love Which Drives Away All Fears Because The Author Of Love, God, Lives In Us. So When We Truly Love Without Fear And Doubts, It Shows That God Is Really In Us.

Romans 12:9-13 – These Talks About

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Want To Be A Lay Pastor But Keep Falling Into Sexual Sin. How Do I Control Myself??

There Is A Girl In My Church I Proposed To. We Are Both Choristers. We Were Very Close Before The Proposal And After I Did, We Began Doing Things We Are Not Supposed To Do As Christians. Though We Never Had Sex, What We Did Was Equal To Sex. This Went On For Some Time And We Both Felt Bad Anytime It Happened. In Other To End This We Decided To Keep Our Distance And That Worked But The Least Chance We Meet Each Other, Something Happens. Now We’re Keeping Our Distance And She Sent Me A Message That She Still Loves Me But During Our Earlier Discussions, I Made It Known To Her That I’m No Longer In Love With Her Just To Make Her Forget Me Because I Don’t Like What Is Going On. Just Few Days Ago We Met And We Were Talking And After That, The Unwanted Happened Again. The Truth Is I Feel I’m Not In Love With Her But I Don’t Know Why I Allowed That To Happen. I Want To Be A Lay Pastor But Because Of How Naughty I Have Been, I’m Scared I Will Take It To My Pastoral Ministry, So I’m Thinking Twice. Help Me. I Need A Godly Advice To Clear Myself And Conscience And How To Go About It So I Won’t Hurt Her And Also How To Control Myself.

As I Read About Your Predicament, The First Advice That Came Strongly To Me Is The Issue Of Becoming Born Again. From All Your Narration And Falling In And Out And In Again For Sexual Sin, There’s No Other Solution That Will Clear Your Conscience And Help You Control Yourself Other Than Becoming A New Creation In Christ Jesus.

When You Become Truly Born Again, Then The Words That St. Paul Uttered In Gal.2:20 Will Become Your Own Words Too. If You’re Dead And Christ Is The One Living In You, Will Christ Fall Into Sexual Sin With A Lady? NO! If You Say You’re

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Will I Find A Suitable Candidate? Please Help Me?

Please Help Me Before I Go Astray! I am Failing To Stand For A Long Lasting Relationship. Most Of The Girls I Meet Will Be Cheating On Me. Will I Find A Suitable Candidate??

Yes Dear, You Will Find A Suitable Candidate For A Relationship That Has Its End In Marriage If Only You’ll Resolve In Your Heart To Do It God’s Way. A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus Will Never Cheat On His/Her Partner So If The Ladies You Met Have Been Cheating On You, It Shows They Are Not New Creations In Christ Jesus.

But Before God Can Give You One Of His Precious Ladies To Court And Marry, You Have To Also Be Among His Precious Guys. So Permit Me To Ask You This Question; Are You The

Monday, February 04, 2013

REA‘L’ LOVE (4)… {Love For God}..

It Becomes Ridiculous When We Claim To Be In Love Or Know What Real Love Entails BUT Does Not Know Or Have A Genuine Love For God Who Is The Author Of Love And Love Himself. No Wonder We Have So Many Failed Relationships With Trails Of Heart-Broken Ladies/Gents Who Genuinely Wanted Their Relationships To Work Out.
If You Don’t Have Any Regard For The Commandments Given By God And Therefore Does Not Keep It, Then How Can You Desire To Experience