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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How True Is This Statement??

Dear Beloved, I Read A Relationship Book Some Years Ago And The Writer Said "When Your Feelings For The Opposite Sex Stands The Test Of Time, Then Both Can Begin To Think It Is Real Love And Not Lust. How True Is That Statement?

I Will Say That The Writer’s Statement Is Quite Debatable. I Use The Word Debatable Because His “Test Of Time” Is Not Clear And Anyone Can Either Agree With Him Or Disagree With Him. Some Couples’ Relationships Have Lasted For A Long While But Once They Get Married, Their Marriages Crumble Within A Year Or At Most Two. Didn’t Their Relationship Stand The Test Of Time?

Some Other Couples May Court For A Short While Yet Their Marriage Will Truly Last. Real Love Is Not A Thought Like The Writer Said – If It’s Real Love And You’re Honest
With Yourself, You Will Know And If It’s Lust, You Will Also Know It. If You’re Still Thinking It Might Be Real Love, Then It’s Not! I Don’t “Think” God Loves Me But I “Know” For Sure With All My Heart That He Loves Me. The Same Goes For Relationships.

Feelings Are Part Of Us But We Must Not Let Them Control Us. As A Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus, If You Find Out That Your Feelings For Someone Of The Opposite Sex Is Daily Increasing, The Best Thing To Do Is To Seek The Lord’s Face To Know If It’s From Him Or From The Devil. If It’s Not From God, Then You Rebuke And Resist That Feeling And If It’s From Him, Then He’ll Surely Help You Put It Under Control Till You Both Get Married.

But Just Relying On Your Feelings Alone Without A Conviction From God Is Very Risky And Has Broken Many Young And Trusting Hearts. So I Do Not Agree With The Writer Because Anything That Is Not Of God Will Surely Fail No Matter How Long It Seems To Last Or How It Stood The Test Of Time.

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