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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Will I Find A Suitable Candidate? Please Help Me?

Please Help Me Before I Go Astray! I am Failing To Stand For A Long Lasting Relationship. Most Of The Girls I Meet Will Be Cheating On Me. Will I Find A Suitable Candidate??

Yes Dear, You Will Find A Suitable Candidate For A Relationship That Has Its End In Marriage If Only You’ll Resolve In Your Heart To Do It God’s Way. A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus Will Never Cheat On His/Her Partner So If The Ladies You Met Have Been Cheating On You, It Shows They Are Not New Creations In Christ Jesus.

But Before God Can Give You One Of His Precious Ladies To Court And Marry, You Have To Also Be Among His Precious Guys. So Permit Me To Ask You This Question; Are You The
Apple Of God’s Eyes? Have You Given Your Life To Christ And Become A Born Again Believer In Him? If Your Answer Is “Not Yet”, What Are You Waiting For? But If It’s Yes, Then Wait On God For The Right Lady.

The Problem With Most Guys Is That They Go For The Flashy Ladies Who Catch Their Eyes Without Even Pausing To Think And Ask God If She’s The Right Lady For Them. If You Are A True Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus, You Have No Business Going Into A Relationship With An Ordinary Lady Whom You Might Call A Christian.

I Have Always Said This; For The Fact That Someone Calls His/Herself A Christian Does Not Make Him/Her A Bona-Fide Child Of God (Born-Again). Allow God To Give You The Right Lady Who’ll Never Cheat On You And This Will Make You Not To Go Astray Or Suffer Needless Heart-Aches.

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