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Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Don’t Share The Same Faith. Will It Affect Our Relationship?

Dear Beloved, I’m A Young Christian Lady And I Have Been Seeing This Christian Brother For A Year Now. My Problem Is That We Don’t Share The Same Christian Faith; He Happens To Be A Pentecostal And I’m A Witness. He Always Tries To Convince Me To come To His Church But I Love My Church And I Wouldn’t Like To go To Any Other Church. I Would Like To Know How This Will Affect Our Relationship ‘Cos We've Been Advised To Marry Our Church Members.

My Dear, I’ll Be Very Honest With You By Saying That A Difference In Faith Will Definitely Affect Any Relationship Not Just Yours. How Can You Share Your Beliefs With Your Husband If You Don’t Even Share The Same Faith To Begin With? It Just Cannot Work Out Because Amos 3:3 Asked Us A Good Question – “Do Two Walk Together Unless They Have Agreed To Do So?”

You’re A Witness And He’s A Pentecostal, He Keeps Inviting You To His Church But You Don’t Want To Go To Any Other Church But Yours And I Guess He
Wouldn’t Want To Attend Your Church Too. The Simple Remedy To This Dilemma Is To Break Off The Relationship With Him OR Resolve In Your Mind To Start Attending His Church If You Want To End Up Being His Wife.

I Don’t Believe In A Marriage Where The Two Spouses Attend Different Churches. How Can They Pray Together When They Obviously Have Different Beliefs? Which Church Will Their Children Attend? A Woman Most Often Joins Her Husband’s Church When She Becomes Married And Not The Other Way Round Except They Both Decide To Start A New Church Together As A Couple.

So My Final And Candid Advice To You Is This; If You Don’t Want To Change Your Church, Then You Don’t Want A Marriage Relationship With That Pentecostal Brother. And It Would Be Better To Face The Brothers From Your Own Church And Prayerfully Expect To Be Wedded To One Of Them. But If You Really Love That Brother, Then Be Prepared To Switch Churches.

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