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Monday, February 18, 2013

REAL ‘L’OVE (5)… {Love For Others}..

How We Love Others And Show It By Our Words And Deeds Is A Strong Indication Of How We Love God ‘Cos We Cannot Neglect Those Around Us Or Our Partner In A Relationship Yet Claim To Love God. Real Love For Others Means You’ll Put Their Needs Before Yours And Serve Them In Love But This Would Be Very Hard If You Don’t Have Christ.

Real Love Is Not Calling/Sending Messages A Hundred(100) Times, Spending All Your Money On Him/Her Expecting To Get Something Out Of It. Real Love Sacrifices And Gives Without Expecting Anything In Return. Can You Honestly Say You Really Love Others Or Your Partner?

If You Really Love Your Partner, You Will Never Ever
Seduce Them Or Lure Them Into Having Pre-Marital Sex With You Because If That Relationship Is Of God, Then That Person Will Still End Up Being Your Wife/Husband And You’ll Have All Your Married Life To Make Love.

So Have You Had A Personal Encounter With The Author Of Love (God)? You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have! If You’re Not Yet Born Again But An Ordinary Church-Goer, Suspend Whatever Relationship You May Be In And Surrender Your Life To God First.

Phil.2:3-4 – “Don’t Push Your Way To The Front; Don’t Sweet Talk Your Way To The Top. Put Yourself Aside, And Help Others Get Ahead. Don’t Be Obsessed With Getting Your Own Advantage. Forget Yourselves Long Enough To Lend A Helping Hand” (MSG)

John 3:3 – “In Reply Jesus Declared, ‘I Tell You The Truth, No One Can See The Kingdom Of God Unless He Is Born Again.”

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