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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Even With Reasons, My Mind Still Refuses. Please Help Me..

Dear Beloved, Please Help Me Out: I Like To Watch Movies; More Especially, Foreign American Action Films. I Really Detest Love Movies Because Of Their Contents, But Even Action Movies Have Obscene Scenes, So What I Do Is To Fast Forward It. Now The Problem Is That My Mind Doesn’t Want To Accept That But Want Me To Stop Watching It Completely. I Have Given Myself Reasons Why I Watch These Films, Mostly Because I’m Bored And Can't Do Any Other Thing. What Should I Do?
I Will Start Answering Your Question By Correcting One Of Your Statements Where You Said ...”My Mind Doesn’t Want To Accept That But...” You See, It Was Not Your Mind That Was Refusing To Accept Your Reasons But The Holy Spirit In You. God Has Placed The Holy Spirit In All His Children To Convict Us When We Sin Or Deviate From His Commands.

Your Level Of Spirituality Determines Who Has The Upper Hand In Your Mind – Either
The Holy Spirit(If You’re A Genuine Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus) Or The Flesh/Prince Of This World(If You’re Not Yet Born-Again). If You’re A Born-Again Child Of God And You Find The Holy Spirit Rejecting Anything In Your Life, The Best Thing To Do Is To Drop It Or You Will Grieve Him.

Watching Movies Are Not Bad But The Type Of Movies You Watch. Any Movie That Awakens The Sexual Part Of You Should Be Avoided. Any Action Movie With Obscene Scenes Should Also Be Avoided Not Fast Forwarded. There Are Lots Of Christian Movies Which Have Sound Moral Lessons. Please Avoid Anything – Movies Or Music – That Will Corrupt Your Mind.

Finally, Let Me Bring The Adage Which Says That “An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Workshop” To Your Remembrance. Please Find Something To Do So That You Will No Longer Be Bored And Helpless. Engage Your Mind In The Things Of God Because If You Let It Wander, The Devil Will Take Hold Of It. Possess Your Mind And Time For Christ!

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