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Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Want To Be A Lay Pastor But Keep Falling Into Sexual Sin. How Do I Control Myself??

There Is A Girl In My Church I Proposed To. We Are Both Choristers. We Were Very Close Before The Proposal And After I Did, We Began Doing Things We Are Not Supposed To Do As Christians. Though We Never Had Sex, What We Did Was Equal To Sex. This Went On For Some Time And We Both Felt Bad Anytime It Happened. In Other To End This We Decided To Keep Our Distance And That Worked But The Least Chance We Meet Each Other, Something Happens. Now We’re Keeping Our Distance And She Sent Me A Message That She Still Loves Me But During Our Earlier Discussions, I Made It Known To Her That I’m No Longer In Love With Her Just To Make Her Forget Me Because I Don’t Like What Is Going On. Just Few Days Ago We Met And We Were Talking And After That, The Unwanted Happened Again. The Truth Is I Feel I’m Not In Love With Her But I Don’t Know Why I Allowed That To Happen. I Want To Be A Lay Pastor But Because Of How Naughty I Have Been, I’m Scared I Will Take It To My Pastoral Ministry, So I’m Thinking Twice. Help Me. I Need A Godly Advice To Clear Myself And Conscience And How To Go About It So I Won’t Hurt Her And Also How To Control Myself.

As I Read About Your Predicament, The First Advice That Came Strongly To Me Is The Issue Of Becoming Born Again. From All Your Narration And Falling In And Out And In Again For Sexual Sin, There’s No Other Solution That Will Clear Your Conscience And Help You Control Yourself Other Than Becoming A New Creation In Christ Jesus.

When You Become Truly Born Again, Then The Words That St. Paul Uttered In Gal.2:20 Will Become Your Own Words Too. If You’re Dead And Christ Is The One Living In You, Will Christ Fall Into Sexual Sin With A Lady? NO! If You Say You’re
Born Again Yet The Life Of Christ Is Not Clearly Visible In You, Then Your Being Born Again Is Really Questionable.

Being A Chorister With A Desire To Become A Lay Pastor Is Not Just Enough To Help You Overcome The Temptations Of The Flesh And Life Challenges Victoriously. It Cannot Also Take You To Heaven Because The Only Passport To Heaven Is A New Spiritual Id Bearing The Real Mark Of Christ And Stamped With His Blood. Any Other Thing Is Fake.

Finally, Go To God In Prayers, Confess All Your Sins And Truly Repent From It All, Then Ask Him To Come Into Your Heart And Completely Take Over Your Life Because You Just Cannot Handle It. He Will And Once The Holy Spirit Dwells In You, He Will Clear Your Conscience, Direct Your Life Paths And Help You Control Yourself. Then And Only Then Can You Now Go Ahead With Your Pastoral Ministry.

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