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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


        Sex Before Marriage Ruins The Other Parts Of The Relationship:

For Me, Two Things Happened Once I Had Sex With A Girl. As I Look Back On It, I Can Say That They Happened Literally Every Time, Although I Was Unaware Of These Dynamics At The Time. The Two Things Were This:

1, I Lost Respect For The Girl (Even Though I Didn't Want To); And
2, She Began To Mistrust Me (Even Though She Didn't Want To).

I Don't Know Why This Happened; I Just Know That It Did. Maybe It's Just Built Into

Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Ladies Got Pregnant For Me And I Denied One For Fear Of My Father And I Regret It. How Do I Go On With My Life?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Born Again But It Is Like I Have Back-Slided. After Finishing My High School, I Got Into A Relationship With A Certain Girl Who Was Of A Different Tribe. It Reached A Point And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant And I Knew Nothing About It. Within Some Few Days, My Father Noticed That We Were In A Relationship With Her. My Dad Became Harsh To Me And Told Me Never Ever Will He Want To Hear That I Have Married A Girl From That Tribe.
I Decided To Leave The Girl And I Got One From My Tribe. We Didn't Stay Long And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant. I Didn't Know About It Because She Didn't Tell Me. In The Year 2011, I Went To College. During That Time I Had An Idea About The Pregnancy Of Those Girls. The First One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Told Me. I Had To Deny Because I Knew That My Father Had Told Me Never To Marry Her. The Second One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Got Married.
Now I Am Confused Whether I Will Ever Marry And All I Have Sinned. I Regret This. Please Advise Me On What To Do. If At All I Go To The 1st Lady, Then Her Parent Will Definitely Tell My Parents That It Was True. So I Don't Know How My Dad Will React On Me. Can That Girl Accept To Take Care Of That Child Alone? Can She Allow Me To Marry Another Lady And Lead A Nice Life Or She Will Still Continue To Follow Me? Will I Ever Stand In The Church And Tell The People About The Word Of God Like I Used To Do Earlier? These Are The Kinds Of Questions That Normally Flow In My Mind.
I Wish To Have A Good Family That I Will Enjoy To Be With But I Fail To Understand If It Will Ever Happen Because Of What I Did. I Just Feel That I Messed With My Future. I Thank God That You Are Here And You Will Be Of Great Help To Me And Also My Life Will Change. Pray For Me And Also I Am Looking Forward To Your Advice. May God Bless You.


My Brother, I Was Really Touched As I Read Your Story And One Truth That Stood Out Clear As I Finished Reading It Is That You MUST Confess – You’ll Never Be Free Till You Do So. That Is What The Bible Calls Restitution. You Shouldn’t Have Denied A Pregnancy You Know Full Well Is Yours And Left That Young Lady To Suffer All The Humiliation And Shame Alone Just Because Of Fear. #NotGoodAtAll.

Do You Know That When The Bible Talked About Hating Your Father, Mother, Wife, Children, Brothers, Sisters And Even Yourself{Luke 14:26} So That You Can Be A Disciple Of Jesus, This Is What It Means?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                                                Sex Has Killed My Best Relationships:

For Example, I Had A University Sweetheart, The Girl Of My Dreams. With Her, There Was Never A Dull Moment. We Totally "Clicked." We Waited For Awhile, Then, Through My Initiation, We Started Having Sex.

Sex Soon Became The Focus Of Our Relationship. I Stopped Wanting To Get To Know Her On Any Other Level. And So, Instead Of