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Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Ladies Got Pregnant For Me And I Denied One For Fear Of My Father And I Regret It. How Do I Go On With My Life?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Born Again But It Is Like I Have Back-Slided. After Finishing My High School, I Got Into A Relationship With A Certain Girl Who Was Of A Different Tribe. It Reached A Point And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant And I Knew Nothing About It. Within Some Few Days, My Father Noticed That We Were In A Relationship With Her. My Dad Became Harsh To Me And Told Me Never Ever Will He Want To Hear That I Have Married A Girl From That Tribe.
I Decided To Leave The Girl And I Got One From My Tribe. We Didn't Stay Long And We Slept Together And She Became Pregnant. I Didn't Know About It Because She Didn't Tell Me. In The Year 2011, I Went To College. During That Time I Had An Idea About The Pregnancy Of Those Girls. The First One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Told Me. I Had To Deny Because I Knew That My Father Had Told Me Never To Marry Her. The Second One Gave Birth To A Boy And She Got Married.
Now I Am Confused Whether I Will Ever Marry And All I Have Sinned. I Regret This. Please Advise Me On What To Do. If At All I Go To The 1st Lady, Then Her Parent Will Definitely Tell My Parents That It Was True. So I Don't Know How My Dad Will React On Me. Can That Girl Accept To Take Care Of That Child Alone? Can She Allow Me To Marry Another Lady And Lead A Nice Life Or She Will Still Continue To Follow Me? Will I Ever Stand In The Church And Tell The People About The Word Of God Like I Used To Do Earlier? These Are The Kinds Of Questions That Normally Flow In My Mind.
I Wish To Have A Good Family That I Will Enjoy To Be With But I Fail To Understand If It Will Ever Happen Because Of What I Did. I Just Feel That I Messed With My Future. I Thank God That You Are Here And You Will Be Of Great Help To Me And Also My Life Will Change. Pray For Me And Also I Am Looking Forward To Your Advice. May God Bless You.


My Brother, I Was Really Touched As I Read Your Story And One Truth That Stood Out Clear As I Finished Reading It Is That You MUST Confess – You’ll Never Be Free Till You Do So. That Is What The Bible Calls Restitution. You Shouldn’t Have Denied A Pregnancy You Know Full Well Is Yours And Left That Young Lady To Suffer All The Humiliation And Shame Alone Just Because Of Fear. #NotGoodAtAll.

Do You Know That When The Bible Talked About Hating Your Father, Mother, Wife, Children, Brothers, Sisters And Even Yourself{Luke 14:26} So That You Can Be A Disciple Of Jesus, This Is What It Means?
Should You Fear Your Father Above God OR God Above Your Father? Would You Live A Life Denying A Young Boy His Paternal Privileges In Fear Of Your Father Or Should You Speak The Truth In Fear Of God?

The Bible Warns Us In Matt.10:28 Not To Be Afraid Of Those That Can Destroy Only Our Bodies But Cannot Kill The Soul; But Rather To Fear The One Who Can Destroy Both Body And Soul In Hell. I Believe That If You Really Pray About It, God Can Work On Your Father ‘Cos The Hearts Of Kings Are In His Hands. You Just Have To Take Full Responsibility Of Your Son.

Another Truth I’ll Tell You Is That You CAN NEVER Stand In The Church And Share The Word Of God When You’re Disobeying His Instructions. How Will God Bless Your Ministry When The Accuser Of The Brethren{The Devil} Will Keep Reminding God Of The Precious Son You Denied? Our God Is A Just God Who Cannot Behold Iniquity So You Must Come Clean Before Him First Of All Before He Can Use You And Bless Your Ministry.

Finally, We Serve Such A Merciful And Loving God Who Will Wash Away Your Sins Immediately You Confess And Repent Of Your Sins. It’s Not About How Many Times A Man Fall But If He Stands Again – So Stand Up My Brother And Return To Our Precious Lord. He Will Richly Bless Your Life Even If You Didn’t Marry That Lady But You Must Restitute By Accepting Your Son. Then Jesus Will “Un-Mess” Your Future.

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