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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


        Sex Before Marriage Ruins The Other Parts Of The Relationship:

For Me, Two Things Happened Once I Had Sex With A Girl. As I Look Back On It, I Can Say That They Happened Literally Every Time, Although I Was Unaware Of These Dynamics At The Time. The Two Things Were This:

1, I Lost Respect For The Girl (Even Though I Didn't Want To); And
2, She Began To Mistrust Me (Even Though She Didn't Want To).

I Don't Know Why This Happened; I Just Know That It Did. Maybe It's Just Built Into
"The System." But One Thing's For Sure: I'm Not Alone. I've Seen It Happen Over And Over Again. I Know Many People Having Marital Problems Because They Engaged In Premarital Sex. They Go Into The Marriage With Lack Of Respect And Lack Of Trust, Two Absolute Necessities For The Health Of Any Marriage.

I Know A Newlywed Couple Who Have Sex Less Than Once A Month Because Of This -- He Doesn't Respect Her, She Knows It, And She Doesn't Trust Him, So She Doesn't Want To Give Herself To Him. It's Very Sad, And More Common Than You Might Think.

But Nobody Talks About This Kind Of Thing In Public. And The Movie And TV Portrayals Of Couples Having Sex Before Marriage Never Present It Either. It's Like No One Wants To Acknowledge That It's Happening, Even Though, Sadly, It Is.


  1. Very true. Wish more people will read and learn from this.


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