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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(7)..

Prostitution Is Glamorous:

We May Wonder Why Prostitution Is No Longer Hidden But Legalized In Most Countries And All These Have Their Roots In Pornographic Movies. It Subtly Injects Into Us The Practice Of Homo-Sexuality, Lesbianism And Multiple Sex Partners At The Same Time. Now, Gay Marriages Have Also Been Legalized In Most Countries And Even Some Churches Perform Holy Matrimonies For Them.

Porn Paints An Exciting Picture Of Prostitution. In Reality, Many Of The Women Portrayed In Pornographic Materials Are Runaway Girls Trapped In A Life Of Slavery. Many Of Those Girls Having Been Sexually Abused; Some Of Them Are Infected With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Are Highly Contagious And Often Die Very Young. Also, Many Take Drugs Just To Cope.

We Can See From The Old Testament That The Act Of Prostitution Is Punishable By

Monday, December 08, 2014

Is It Right To Marry A Man That Did Not Pay His Former Wife Dowry And After 14yrs Of Living Together?

Dear Beloved, I’m Intending To Marry A Man That Did Not Pay His Former Wife Dowry And After 14yrs Of Living Together As Husband And Wife Separated. They Had Just One Child. Is It Right To Marry Such Person?

I Don't Think It's Right To Marry Such A Man Who Has Lived For 14years With A Woman He Did Not Pay Dowry For. This Man Has Been Living In Sin For The Past 14yrs And You Want To Get Married To Him?

Is He A Believer In Christ Jesus? I Don't Think So! Are You A Believer In Christ Jesus? If Yes,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Which Cross Is Working In Your Life?

Is It The One That Entertains, Amuses You And Encourages Confidence In Yourself/Flesh?
Is It The One That Slew, Condemns/Convicts Sin And Destroys Your Confidence In Yourself/Flesh?

The Kind Of Cross In Your Life Determines Your Eternal Destination.

Choose Now The Biblical Cross That Slew, Convicts And Destroys Your Self-Confidence; And Ensure Your Eternity With Christ Jesus!

Loving You All..  
And Praying You’ll Have A Weekend Filled With God’s Peace And Comfort..  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(6)..

 Women Are A "Sport":

Porn Subconsciously Injects In Its Viewers The Idea That Women Are A “Sport” By The Way They Treat And Handle The Women Involved In Their Movies. They Count Them As Conquests Which They Win And Should Receive Medals For. This Evil Notion When Not Checked Can Permeate The Minds Of The Viewers And Cause Them To Begin Thinking Of Women As “Sports” And From Thinking To Actualization Because “As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He”.

Some Sports Magazines Have A "Swimsuit" Issue. This Suggests That Women Are Just Some Kind Of Sport. Porn Views Sex As A Game And In A Game; You Have

Monday, November 24, 2014

He’s Not Legally Married; Lives With A Woman And Has Three Kids. Now He Wants To Marry Me. What Do I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am In Great Confusion Now. I Met This Man Through A Sister From My Church. He Proposed To Me But I Later Found Out Through Prayer That He Lives With A Woman In An African Country With 3 Kids. He Didn't Lie About It But He Says They Are Not Legally Married, He Only Hooked Up With Her In Order For Him To Get His Papers And They Signed Some Documents Agreeing To Be Husband And Wife. I Am Confused Cos I Told My Pastors About It And They Said I Should Not Go For It. But When I Told Another Of My Pastor, She Said He Is My Husband And I Should Accept Him. And From The Dream I Had, There Were Battles But Together, I And Him Conquered. I Don’t Know What To Do Cos He Came To See My Family On Monday But They Did Not Accept Him Saying He's Already Married. Please What Do I Do Cos In As Much As I Love Him, I Do Not Want To Enter A Wrong Marriage? God Bless You

My Dear Sister, To Be Really Frank With You, That Man Does Not Seem Like A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus. First Of All, He Proposed To You Without Telling You That He’s Living With A Woman Who Has Had Three{3} Kids For Him Of Which You Have To Find Out Through Prayer. This Shows A Heart That’s Still Unconverted!

That He Didn’t Deny It When Confronted With The Truth But Went Ahead To Make Flimsy Excuses That He Only “HOOKED UP” With A Woman Just To

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Quote..

If You Have Not Come To The Point That It Is Settled In Your Heart That If Death Comes Upon You Now; As You Close Your Eyes Here On Earth, You’ll Open Them In Heaven Beholding Jesus, Then You Are Not Yet Saved!

We Are Saved By Grace For Sure But If Your Eternal Destination Is Heaven, YOU MUST KNOW IT FOR SURE!!

If You’re Still In Doubt Or Not Sure, Please Settle This Matter With God Now Before It’s Too Late. MAY GOD FORBID THAT WE’LL LOSE OUT ON ETERNITY WITH HIM! Amen!

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  
And Praying For A Peaceful Weekend For You All..  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship..

Hello Beloved, I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship. Thanks

My Dear Sister, The First And Best Key On Managing A Long Distance Relationship Is TRUST. Knowing How To Trust Or Not Knowing How To Trust Will Either Make Or Mar Your Relationship. It All Depends On You.

Now When I Say Trust, I Don't Mean Trusting Him 'Cos At Times, He Might Give You A Very Good Reason Not To Continue Trusting Him - It Only Goes To Show He;S Human. When I Say Trust, I Mean Trusting God To Keep The Relationship Since He's The One That Gave The Approval In The First Place.

If Your Fiancé Is Also Born Again, Then You Don't Have To Fear His Cheating On You 'Cos You're Each