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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Quote..

If You Have Not Come To The Point That It Is Settled In Your Heart That If Death Comes Upon You Now; As You Close Your Eyes Here On Earth, You’ll Open Them In Heaven Beholding Jesus, Then You Are Not Yet Saved!

We Are Saved By Grace For Sure But If Your Eternal Destination Is Heaven, YOU MUST KNOW IT FOR SURE!!

If You’re Still In Doubt Or Not Sure, Please Settle This Matter With God Now Before It’s Too Late. MAY GOD FORBID THAT WE’LL LOSE OUT ON ETERNITY WITH HIM! Amen!

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  
And Praying For A Peaceful Weekend For You All..  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship..

Hello Beloved, I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship. Thanks

My Dear Sister, The First And Best Key On Managing A Long Distance Relationship Is TRUST. Knowing How To Trust Or Not Knowing How To Trust Will Either Make Or Mar Your Relationship. It All Depends On You.

Now When I Say Trust, I Don't Mean Trusting Him 'Cos At Times, He Might Give You A Very Good Reason Not To Continue Trusting Him - It Only Goes To Show He;S Human. When I Say Trust, I Mean Trusting God To Keep The Relationship Since He's The One That Gave The Approval In The First Place.

If Your Fiancé Is Also Born Again, Then You Don't Have To Fear His Cheating On You 'Cos You're Each

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(5)..

A Woman's Value Depends On The Attractiveness Of Her Body:

This Is An Area That Has Eaten Deep Into Our Society Today. Everybody – Both Male And Female Believe That If A Lady Is Not Tall, Slim, Sexy, Shapely(Perfectly Rounded) And Flaunts It, Then She’s Nothing But An Object Which Can Be Considered As A Second Choice. Therefore, Our Markets Are Filled With All Manner Of Lightening Creams, Spot-Removers; Anti-Aging Creams Etc. And Women Are Busy, Seriously Patronizing Them.

Less Attractive Women Are Ridiculed In Porn. They Are Called Dogs, Whales, Pigs Or Worse, Simply Because They Don't Fit Into Porn's Criteria Of The "Perfect" Woman. Porn Doesn't Care About A Woman's Mind Or Personality, Only Her Body.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Are You Genuinely Born Again? If Yes, Then You MUST Always Have This At The Back Of Your Mind: This World Is Upside Down And You’re Swimming Against Its Current.

If You Find Yourself Doing Everything – Dressing, Working, Partying, Behaving, Thinking, Etc. – Like The People Of This World Does, Then Examine Yourself To See If You’re Really A True Believer In Jesus Christ.

We Are In This World To Turn It RIGHT-SIDE UP FOR GOD!! Are You Playing Your Part???

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  
And Praying You Have A Great Weekend..  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(4)..

Good Sex Requires Super-Human Energy:

Porn Makes You Believe That Sex Requires Endless Energy And Passion. In Reality, The Men And Women Portrayed In Pornographic Movies Are Constantly On Hard Drugs Which Give Them The Extra Energy To Perform Endlessly.

Moreover, Movies Are Made In Cuts And Joined At The End Of The Shoot But They Make You Believe In Super-Human Power And If Care Is Not Taken,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Her Parents Does Not Support Our Relationship Because They Don’t Like My Native Land. Please What Should I Do?

Hello Beloved. I’m A Guy Of 28 Years; And Seriously In Love With A Girl Of 23 Years. She Loves Me More Than I Do And Each Time She Do Tell Me How She Wish To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With Me But The Problem Is That Her Parents Does Not Support Our Relationship Because They Don’t Like My Native Land. Please What Should I Do ‘Cos We Both Don’t Want To Lose Each Other.

My Brother, I Observed As I Read Your Message That You Didn’t Specify If God Has Approved Your Relationship With The Lady. You See, One Truth About God Is This; Whatever He Approved, He Creates A Way To Bring It To Pass And Nobody Can Say No Or Do Anything About It! If God Says Yes, Who Is It That Can Say No? No One!

So I Will Begin By Asking You To Go To God In Prayers First Of All So As To Know His Mind Concerning This Matter. But Before

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Have You Been Looking All Over For That Special Person/Thing Who/That Who Can Satisfy The Desires Of Your Heart And You’ve Been Disappointed Several Times?

If You Continue Searching For It In Mere Mortals And Things, You’ll Even Face More Disappointments Till You Look In The Right Place And That Is Heavenwards!

Only And I Repeat, Only GOD Can Satisfy You Simply Because He Created That Heart And Has The Manufacturer’s Manual On How To Satisfy His Creation.

Why Delay Further? Go To Him In Prayers So He Can Quickly Go To Work On Your Heart.

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(3)..

Women Are “Property”:

Pornography Unconsciously Injects The Idea On Our Minds That Women Are Nothing But Properties To Be Purchased And Kept, Used And Discarded When Tired Of Them. Unfortunately, Even Some Ladies Are Buying Into This Misconception Thereby Allowing Themselves To Be Treated As Rags.

Most Men Find It So Easy To Man-Handle And Turn Women Into Punching Bags Because They Believe They Own Them Since They Spend On Them Or Paid Their Bride-Price. These Unfounded Beliefs Stem From Years Of Watching Porn And Allowing Those Subtle Ideas Infest Our Minds Instead Of Renewing Our Mind With The Word Of God.

We've All Seen The Pictures Of The Sleek