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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Quote..

Have You Been Looking All Over For That Special Person/Thing Who/That Who Can Satisfy The Desires Of Your Heart And You’ve Been Disappointed Several Times?

If You Continue Searching For It In Mere Mortals And Things, You’ll Even Face More Disappointments Till You Look In The Right Place And That Is Heavenwards!

Only And I Repeat, Only GOD Can Satisfy You Simply Because He Created That Heart And Has The Manufacturer’s Manual On How To Satisfy His Creation.

Why Delay Further? Go To Him In Prayers So He Can Quickly Go To Work On Your Heart.

Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus..  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(3)..

Women Are “Property”:

Pornography Unconsciously Injects The Idea On Our Minds That Women Are Nothing But Properties To Be Purchased And Kept, Used And Discarded When Tired Of Them. Unfortunately, Even Some Ladies Are Buying Into This Misconception Thereby Allowing Themselves To Be Treated As Rags.

Most Men Find It So Easy To Man-Handle And Turn Women Into Punching Bags Because They Believe They Own Them Since They Spend On Them Or Paid Their Bride-Price. These Unfounded Beliefs Stem From Years Of Watching Porn And Allowing Those Subtle Ideas Infest Our Minds Instead Of Renewing Our Mind With The Word Of God.

We've All Seen The Pictures Of The Sleek

Monday, October 13, 2014

She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

Dear Beloved, I Have This Friendship Going On With My Bestie In High School, A Female And We Happen To Meet Again At The University As Students. This Time Around I Have Decided To Take This Friendship To The Next Level And Get Intimate With Her. Even Though I Haven't Spoken To Her About It Yet, I Have Showed It In My Actions That I Am Deeply In Love With Her And Hoping That Her Reaction Would Be The Same As Mine But She Still Sees Me As Just Friends. I’m Shy To Tell Her That I’m Deeply In Love With Her And Also Afraid Of What Her Answer Might Be Because This Can Also Ruin Our Little Friendship. I Feel So Secured And Comfortable When Around Her. The Feeling Of Just Wanting To Do Just Anything For Her, Anything That Would Make Her Happy Because When She Is Happy Then I Am Happy Also. She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

My Brother, My First Observation As I Read Your Post Is That No Mention Of Having Prayed And Felt God’s Confirmation Was Made. You See, I Don’t Support Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships And A Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Not What Delve Into Just By Your Feelings. You Must Be Fully Convinced Or You May Break Her Heart Unnecessarily.

Before You Take This Friendship To The Next Level, Please Pray About It First And Seek The Lord’s Confirmation But Know That Before

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man?

Dear Beloved, I Have Being Praying And Waiting On God For A Life Partner. Some Promising And Genuine Sons Of God Have Proposed To Me Overtime Which Got Me Excited That God Has Done It Finally. But Each Time I Took It To God In Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me Clearly Not To Marry Them Because If I Did I Would Sink, That I Should Exercise More Patience And My Spiritual Mentors Also Confirmed It Each Time. 
Now A Friend Has Been Asking For My Hand In Marriage For About 5yrs, But I Had Always Said NO Even Without Praying Because I Think He's Not So Spiritually Sound To Be My Head, He Doesn't Drink But Takes Red Wine When Making A Toast @ A Party Occasionally Because He Doesn't Believe It Is Wrong To Do So As A Christian, I Don't Even Love Him And He Only Knows Something Keeps Drawing Him To Me
Recently He Proposed Again And Said He Has Waited For A Long Time For Me Without Proposing To Another Lady, That If I Told Him No This Time, He Would Pitch His Tent Somewhere Else And Not Bother Me Again. And So I Took It To God In Prayers This Time, As Advised Not To Turn Down Any Proposal Without Seeking God. 
In The Place Of Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me "Shift Your Gaze From Others, Fear Not And Open The Door For The One Knocking At This Time, For Every Lying Tongue Will The Lord Destroy". I Asked For More Clarity From God And He Led Me To Read Heb 3:15 To Heb 4:1. Also Some Other Signs Followed. With All These, Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? 
Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man? I Sincerely Do Not Believe He Can Be My Husband Because I Had Always Thought God Will Give Me A Spiritual Giant As A Partner. But With All These Signs, I Really Do Not Understand. I Have Waited This Long In Order To Please God And Do His Will.

My Dear Sis, After Reading The Scriptures You Wrote Out, I Feel It Could Be God Telling You To Go Ahead. BUT Please Be Very Sure It Is From God ‘Cos His Word Standeth Sure; And Also, Meet Your Spiritual Mentors On This Matter To Confirm It Further.

Now, One Thing I Should Let You Know Is That Our Thoughts And Ways Are So Different From God's Therefore What We

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(2)..

Little Kids Should Have Sex:

Most Times, We Wonder At The Rate Child Trafficking, Child Abuse And Other Forms Of Child Malpractices Are On The Increase But Its Root Can Be Found In The Subtle Psychological Influence Of Pornography Whereby Women Are Dressed As Little Kids And Behave As Such Too To Win Over Their Male Counterparts. This Injects Into Most Men The Thoughts Of Molesting And Sexually Abusing Babies And Little Kids, Even Their Children In Some Cases.

One Of The Biggest Sellers In Pornography Is Imitation Of "Child" Porn. The Women Are "Made-Up" To

Monday, September 15, 2014

Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do!

Please Beloved, My Past Is Haunting Me Now. The Man That Proposed Marriage To Me Has Found Out My Past Affair With A Married Man, He Is Confronting Me About It And I Don’t Know What To Tell Him. Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do. Please Help Me, I Have Used My Own Hands To Destroy Myself.

My Dear, The Bible Never Contradicted Itself When It Said The Truth Sets Us Free So I Will Not Advise You Contrary To The Word Of God. You Did Wrong By Committing Adultery But I Believe It Was Done Before You Met And Knew Christ.

Tell Him The Truth And Explain That You Did It In Ignorance When You Haven't Really Known Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Personal Saviour. Do Not Be Afraid Of Losing A Man But Be More Afraid Of Losing Your Salvation.

If You Decide To Lie To Him, For How Long Will You Live A Lie? Remember, The