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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Weekend Advice..

For Some Wey Feel Say They Really Dey In Love, This One Fit Sound Like Say E No Dey Possible But Make I Tell You; Any Love Wey Make You Disobey God No Be Love O! Na Pure Lust.

If You Say Na Because Of The Kind Love Wey You Get For The Person Make You Commit Fornication Abi Na Adultery With Am Instead Of To Tell Am No Way! Know Say Na Confusion Hold You O Cos That One Na Pure Lust!

So If Any Man Abi Na Woman Tell You Say If You No Gree For Am, He/She Go Cut Off The Relationshi...p, Abeg Gather The Strength Wey God Give You And Tell The Person Say As He/She Still Dey Talk, You Sef Don Terminate The Relationship Sharperly Because To You, Heaven Dey More Important Pass The Person!

I Pray Make Baba God Give You The Power To Stand Against Any Kind Of Sin/Evil For Your Life In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

I Too Love Una But My Love No Reach The One Wey Baba God Get For Una..
Again I Pray Say Make You Enjoy Your Weekend Wella.. :) :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

In The Area Of Genotype Medically, We Are Not Compatible; But I Believe In The God Of All Possibilities. What's Your Advice?

Dear Beloved, I Greet You. By God's Grace, I'm Very Convinced About His Leading To Me In The Area Of Marriage. In Subjecting This Conviction To Some Tests, I've Been Able To Go Through Prayer, Purity, Patience, Peace Test, Etc. But In The Area Of Physician Test, We Are Both AS. Although I Have Peace Within Me, But There Are Some Challenges That Will Frighten Your Convictions; And This Is One. I Don't Believe Love Is Blind, But It Covers Multitude Of Sins. I'm 25, And She Is 20. I'm Not Going Into Marriage Until About 3 Years Time. I Know God Is Not The Author Of Confusion. I Have No Problem With Other Tests Concerning My Genuine Conviction, But One Cannot Overlook The Physician Test In The Area Of Genotype. Medically, We Are Not Compatible; But I Believe In The God Of All Possibilities. I've Heard Testimonies Of SS Changing To AA, HIV/AIDS Vanished, Woman With No Womb Giving Birth, Etc. But As A Marriage Counselor (Like-Mind Faith Because I've Been Reading Your Updates For Years), What's Your Advice?

My Brother, I Will Go By Your Strong Conviction That God Is The One Leading You To Marry This Sister Who Shares The Same Genotype Of AS With You. We Serve A Living God Who Created And Can Re-Create The Universe And Everything Found In Man Including His Genes, Tissues, Nerves, Ligaments, Blood Cells, Etc. There’s No Impossibility In His Dictionary.

But I Must Stress The Fact That If Your Faith Is

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ten Lies Of Pornography(10)..

 Women Should Be Degraded:

Most Often Than Not, Women, In Pornographic Films Have Been Shown To Be A Little Above Dummies(Toys/Dolls). We See These Should-Have-Been-Confident Women In Pitiful And Vile Positions Yet “Seemingly” Enjoying The Whole Torturous Scenes.

Porn Is Often Full Of Hate Speech Against Women. Women Are Shown Being Tortured And Humiliated In Hundreds Of Sick Ways And Weeping/Begging For More. Does This
Kind Of Treatment Show Any Respect For Women? Any

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Like So Many People Are Already Saying; ‘TOMORROW IS THE D-DAY’ And They’re Preparing Seriously For It. Now If You Ask Them Why, The Answer Would Be; ‘IT’S VALENTINE OR LOVERS’ DAY!, A Day To Show The Extent Of Your Love To Your Loved One!

Now I Wonder Along These Lines;
**Why The So Great A Preparation For Something That Passes In Just One Day?
**How Has The Devil Managed To Twist The Great Love Of God Which Ought To Be Celebrated Everyday Into A So-Called “Lovers’ Day” Filled With Sexual Immorality And The Likes?

Sisters Who Profess To Be Born Again, What Are You Planning For Tomorrow And The Weekend? Why Must You Fall For This World’s Definition Of Love? How Can The World That Is Devoid Of The Rich Love Of God, Push You Into Sexual Sin All In The Name Of Love? What Happened To Your First Love, Jesus Christ??

Brothers Who Claim To Be Spirit-Filled, How Can You – In The Name Of Love – Invite That Sister To Your House Or Even To Spend The Weekend With You? Does It Not Show That You’ve Not Really Known The True And In-Filling Love Of Christ Within Your Heart? Why Must You Sacrifice Your Destiny At The Alter Of Lust And Sex?

Celebrating St.Valentine’s Day Aka ‘Lovers’ Day And Dressing Up In Red And White Is Only A Resounding Gong Or A Clanging Cymbal Without The Love Of Christ Jesus Who’s The Author Of Love Dwelling Richly In You!{1Cor.13:1}

Is It Possible To Celebrate Love When You Have Not Yet Known The Author Of Love{God} And Experienced His Unconditional Love? NO!

I Beseech You Brethren, Do Not Mortgage Your Future By Joining The World To Participate In All Forms Of Sexual Immorality Because Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit And God Would Destroy Anyone Who Defiles Or Destroys His Temple{1Cor.3:16-17}.

Rather, Choose To Celebrate Every Day, The Love God Has For You That Made Him Send His Only Son Jesus To Die For Your Sins. AS JESUS CHOSE TO DIE FOR YOU, HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO LIVE FOR HIM??

Remember, Christ Jesus Died For ALL And ALL DIED! We Who Are Now Alive In Him Should Henceforth No Longer Live For Ourselves But For Him Who Died And Was Raised From Death!{2Cor.5:14-15}

And Do Have An Awesome Weekend..

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I Am Not Happy Anymore On This. I Want To Be Christ Centered Just Like Before. Please Advise Me.

Dear Beloved, I Am Disturbed Because I Had An Affair. I Am Married For 2 Years. I Am Trying To Forget Her Because I Want To Start Building My Life Again. My Wife Doesn’t Have An Idea About This. I Love My Wife So Much But It’s Just That I Was Tempted And Drowned With Lust(Great In Bed, Sex Appeal, Giver Etc.). Now, This Woman Is Away And I Feel I Am Busted Because She Is Away From Me For Weeks. I Don’t Know What To Do. Please Tell Me What To Do And Completely Forget Her And What We Had Before ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Lose My Family. Can I Be Saved Again? I Want To Revive The Joy Again. I Am Not Happy Anymore On This. I Want To Be Christ Centered Just Like Before. Please Advise Me. God Bless You.

My Brother, I Want To Point Something Out To You First Of All Before Proceeding With Advising You On What To Do: You Have Not Yet Come To Detest The Sin Of Adultery You Fell Into And Also The Woman You Committed That Sin With. You Said She’s Away And You Feel You’re Busted But What If She Had Not Gone Away, Will You Have Stopped? And If She Returns, Will You Continue From Where You Stopped?

You Must First Come To Hate With Passion, The Sin You Fell Into Because

Monday, February 02, 2015

Ten Lies Of Pornography(9)

Illegal Sex Is Fun:
God Created A Man And Woman And Introduced The Act Of Lovemaking Which Bonds The Couple. He Made Sex Beautiful And Dignifying Because It Bonds Not Just The Bodies But The Spirits And Souls As Well.

But Pornographic Scenes Often Has Illegal Or Dangerous Elements Thrown In To Make Sex More "Interesting". It Suggests That You Can't Enjoy Sex If It Isn't Weird, Illegal Or Dangerous. The Use Of Weird Toys, Objects And Gadgets Have Been Introduced By Them To Make Sex “Sexier”.

In Pornographic Movies, We See People Having

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Quotes..

Many Of Us Are Still In Their Week(s) Of Prayer So Let Me Chip In Something That Will Make Your Prayers To Receive Speedy Answers:

***No Matter How Long You Fast And Pray, If You’re Still Praying For The Death Of Your Enemies, You’re Wasting Your Time O! ‘Cos How Do You Expect God To Answer You When You’re Out-Rightly Disobeying His Command?

Now Hear Me;
**God Himself Knows It’s Not Easy To Love And Pray For Someone Who Enjoys And Is Determined To Keep Hurting You But That’s The Only Thing That Shows His Seed Of Love Is Within You; And His Grace Abounds To Enable You Keep His Commands..

**When You Quote “Do Not Suffer A Witch To Live”, Remember That The Same Bible Says That “Rebellion{Disobedience} Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft” So Be Careful Before Your Prayers Begin To Affect/Destroy You Too!

**No Matter What Your Pastors Lists As ‘Prayer Points’, If They Contradict The Words Of Christ Jesus Himself And His Disciples, Please Dis-Regard It And Pray According To The Scriptures ‘Cos God Never Told Us To Listen To Your Pastor But To His Son Jesus In Whom He Is Well Pleased!

I Pray God Will Answer Your Prayers As You Pray Correctly In Jesus’ Name, Amen!
Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus; heart emoticon heart emoticon
And A Glorious Weekend To You All.. smile emoticon :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Right Now I Feel Used, Dumped And Frustrated. Please Tell Me How I Can Fight Against This Regret And Bitterness Am Into Now.

Dear Beloved, I Am In A Distance Relationship With A Young Man Since Last Year While We Both Were Serving As A Youth Corpers. By God's Grace We Are Believers But We Are Not Of The Same Tribe. We Used To Have Misunderstanding Then Due To His Attitude Of Not Being That Caring And His Unfaithfulness Because He Used To Ask Some Sisters Out Which I Knew About Two Then Before We Finished Our Service. This Really Caused A Big Problem Between Us Cos I Couldn't Believe That He Will Do Such Thing And It Really Broke My Heart And I Wanted To Break The Relationship But He Pleaded And I Accepted Him Back. Something Happened Recently That Made Me To Reflect On What He Did To Me In The Past And I Started Telling Him That He Did Not Love Me Because I Will Not Be The One That Will Be Reminding Him To Call Me, Then He Said That I Used To Remind Him Of The Pain He Caused Me And For This Reason, I Should Follow My Mind And He Wished My Well. I Was Shocked That Truly This Man Did Not Love Me As He Professed To Me; And He Even Proposed To Me. I Now Accept My Fate That I Will Not Force Him To Love Me But The Problem I Have Now Is That I Can't Even Let Him Go Out Of My Mind And Heart, I Feel Depressed And Bitter Now. I Regret Ever Knowing Him Because He Made Me To Compromise Last Year On Pre-Marital Sex Which I Have Vowed Never To Indulge In Again Till I Get Married. So Right Now I Feel Used, Dumped And Frustrated. Please Tell Me How I Can Fight Against This Regret And Bitterness Am Into Now. Please Help Me ‘Cos Am Emotionally Down. God Bless You.

My Dear, I Was Really Touched As I Read Your Message But What Has Happened Has Happened And You Simply Need To Move Forward With Your Life 'Cos I Know That The Brother Is Already Moving On With His Life. From What You Said About Him, I Wonder The Kind Of Believer That Would Be Asking Some Sisters Out When He’s In A Relationship With You.

Now On Woman To Woman, Let Me Tell You Something About Our Emotional Make-Up Which I Feel You Might Have Known Already, We Are Too