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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pray For Nigeria..

As Tomorrow Na Presidential Election, We Must To Panel-Beat Heaven’s Gate With Our Prayers O! So Join Me Make Wey Pray!
Baba God, Na Only Your Counsel Go Stand For This Election In Jesus’ Name O! Amen!

As You Dey See All Hearts, No Allow Bad-Belle Person - Who Fit Use Beautiful Smiles And Wonderful Words Take Deceive Us But Who No Fit Deceive You - Sit Down For Our Presidential Seat In Jesus’ Name O!

Abeg Frustrate And Disappoint All Those Politicians With Evil Agenda Against Us And Our Naija In Jesus’ Name O! Amen!
Na Peace, Untiy, Love And Progress And NEVER War, Hate, Division And Stagnation Go Be The Portion Of Our Naija In Jesus’ Name O!

Baba God, Abeg Use Your Hand Take Select The Person Whose Decisions And Agenda And Policies Go Favour Us, Our Families And Our Dear Naija In Jesus’ Name O! Amen!
Blood No Go Flow O! And We No Go Lose Any Of Our Friends And Loved Ones For This Election Period In Jesus’ Name O!

E Go Beta For Us O!
E Go Beta For Our Families And Friends O!
And E MUST To Beta For Our Naija In Jesus’ Name O! Amen!!!

The Banner And Protection Of God Over Us Na Im Love So Enjoy Am Wella This Weekend And Abeg Dey Careful O As You Dey Shine Your Eyes..
Also Try Vote As Me Go Still Try For My Area.. Make My Fingers Rest For Now...
Una Doooo!!!

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