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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekend Advice..

When We Dey Talk Of Having Respect For God, No Be By Just Going To Church And Warming The Seats There O! If Your Fiance/Fiancee Abi Na Your Wife/Husband No Get Better Regard For God, Wahala Dey O!
You See Ehh, No Courtship/Marriage Relationship Be Smooth Ride O! Storms Must Hit Am And E Get The Kind Storm Wey Go Hit Una Wey Go Scatter That Relationship If You And Your Partner No Dey Correctly Rooted In Christ Jesus.
One Adage Say “Na Wen Breeze Blow, We Dey See Fowl Nyash” And Na True Be Dat O! So If You Never Marry, First Dig Your Own Root In Christ First So That He Go Lead You To Person Wey Don Still Dig His/Her Own Root For Inside Am Too.
If You Don Marry And Your Husband/Wife Na Sunday-Sunday Christian{Just Christian For Mouth}, Na Prayer O! Start With Yourself First Make E Dey Obvious To Your Partner Say You Don Change Wella Then Trust God To Use You Draw Your Partner Inside Christ Jesus Too.
E Don Finish For My Mouth For Now O!
I Pray Say God Go Help All Of Us ‘Cos This Marriage Matter No Be Small Thing Oo! Christ Wey Be The Rock Of Ages Go Help Us Stand So That We Go Fit Overcome Every Storm Wey Come Our Lives In Jesus’ Name O! Amen!
I Too Love Una But I Never Die For Anybody O! So Make We Throway Salute For Baba God Wey Love Us Sote He Send His Only Son Jesus To Die For Our Sins Even Wen We Still Dey Roll For Inside The Sin.
I Pray Say This Weekend Go Carry Nyafu-Nyafu Blessings For All Of Us O! Amen! hear
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