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Monday, March 09, 2015

I Don't Know If He Is Waiting For God To Come Down And Tell Him We Are Meant For Each Other..

Dear Beloved, I'm A Single Mom With Two Kids And There's This Man I Met; He Also Has A Daughter And We Just Started Dating. He's Steadfast In Prayers Even Stronger Than Me When It Comes To Faith And Everything Concerning A Christian. We've Both Been Through A Lot From The Various Experiences We've Had. We Both Like Each Other A Lot But Due To What He Has Been Through He Keeps Saying When God Decides, I Really Need To Understand That Term "When God Decides" Cause I've Also Had My Own Experiences. I've Always Thought That God Brings People Together For A Reason And We, As Humans, Have To Work And Pray Concerning It. I Don't Know If He Is Waiting For God To Come Down And Tell Him We Are Meant For Each Other Or We Should Pray Concerning Our Relationship. How Will I Know When God Says Yes Or No. He Cares About Me And My Kids But He's Still Frightened About His Past And What He Went Through. During My Prayers Yesterday Morning Cause We're Having Prayer And Fasting In My Church, I Had A Vision About Me And The Man Celebrating Our Traditional Wedding, I Was In Tears And I Refuse To Make Up When The Make Up Artist Came, I Kept On Crying Cause I Never Expected I Will Get Married Some Day And A Call Was Put Through To Him To Talk To Me And Comfort Me Before I Dressed Up. I Want To Know If It’s Tears Of Joy Or If There's Another Interpretation To The Vision. Please Back Me Up In Prayers.

My Dear Sister, First Of All, I’ll Begin By Saying That This Is One Of The Reasons Dating Is Not Supported By Me Apart From The Fact That It Does Not Have Any Scriptural Backing. In Dating, The Relationship Is Not Defined As I’m Seeing In Your Message. If It Was Defined From The Beginning, You Wouldn’t Be Asking These Questions ‘Cos You Would Know Exactly The Outcome Of Your Relationship With Him.

Coming To Your Man, I’ll Say He’s Trying To Tread Sofly And Carefully Lest What Happened
To Him Before Repeats Itself Again. Since You Said He’s Steadfast In Prayers, Maybe He’s Waiting For A Confirmation From God{That’s What He Means By “When God Decides”} Before Taking The Relationship To The Next Stage. Now, This Is What He Should Have Done Before Coming To You – He Should Have Waited For God’s Decision Before Entering A Relationship With You.

Knowing When God Says Yes Or No Starts From Having A Personal Intimate Relationship With Him. If You Have Not Been Hearing From Him On Other Issues Of Your Life, Then It Will Also Be Impossible To Hear From Him Concerning The Right Person To Marry. But It’s Not Too Late To Start Cultivating God’s Presence In Your Life. You Begin By Accepting Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour; And Asking The Holy Spirit To Take Over Your Life Completely.
Concerning The Vision You Had, I’m No Interpreter Of Visions But One Thing I Know For Sure Is That If God Gives You A Vision, He Will Bring The Meaning To You – God Never Leaves His Children In The Dark Concerning His Plans For Their Lives. Also Test That Vision As We Were Warned In 1Jn.4:1 To Test Every Spirit To Know If It’s From God Or Not.

Finally, For The Interpretation Of That Vision, Go Back Again To God In Prayers – But Be Sure It’s From Him ‘Cos Our Minds Can Play Out Our Greatest Heart Desires Making Us Think It’s Real – And Ask Him To Reveal Exactly His Plans Concerning Your Relationship With That Man. I'll Be praying For You. Blessings!

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