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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is It Biblical To Kiss During Courtship?

Is It Biblical For A Christian Brother And Sister, While Still In Courtship, To Kiss?

The Answer Is NO! It Is Not Biblical. What Apostle Paul Said Was To Give One Another A HOLY KISS And Please Don’t Allow Any Brother To Use That Verse And Deceive You. If A Christian Brother Wants To Give A Holy Kiss To A Christian Sister While Courting Her, He Should Do So In A Public Gathering Like The Church, Fellowship, Or In The Presence Of Other Christians.

During Courtship, Anything That Cannot Be
Done Openly But Secretly Is Not Advisable Because A Kiss Can Progress To A Caress And Before You Realize Yourself, Sex Has Taken Place. Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure So Care Must Be Taken Especially During Courtship.

Don’t Also Be Deceived When People Tell You That ‘There’s Nothing There As You’ll Soon Get Married To That Guy/Lady’. There Is Something There! Anything That Will Not Glorify God Should Not Be Done. DO ALL THINGS TO THE GLORY OF GOD.


  1. This post is interesting! I really love it.
    As of now kiss is a natural thing for all couples. For them kiss is good and it's one of the main spices of the relationship.

  2. African girl, the fact that kiss is good and among one of the main spices of a relationship does not make it right in the eyes of God. Remember the Scriptures tells us that a friend of the world is an enemy of God but friendship with God is enmity with the world. I sincerely pray we'll stick to God's way of doing things than the worlds' way no matter how enticing the worlds' way may seem. God bless you for your contribution..

  3. I want to know this, how holy is a kiss? Is it described by the position where it placed on a person, the place where they are, intentions in one's
    heart? Really just how holy is it and what glory comes from it for others to see that God is being glorified? I don't even see the married couples kiss at church...I wonder why!

    1. Martin, a kiss is holy or unholy based on the motive or intention in a person's heart. If someone's heart is corrupt and full of immoral thoughts, then even if he/she kisses you on the forehead, it's still not holy. You know, God will also judge our motive/intentions for doing things.

      A kiss is a sign of affection between two people but what makes it holy is the heart and thought behind the kissing. This is why Apostle Paul told us to greet one another with a holy kiss.

      The glory that comes from it when it is done with a pure heart is made manifest in the fellowship, peace and unity that thrives between the partners or congregation as the case maybe; and this in turn glorifies God.

      As for the married couples kissing at church, I will say some are not comfortable with such outward show of expression while some are. It depends on the couples. I hope this answer will stop your wondering.. :)

  4. Kissing is okay if it is done based on biblical injunction, anything besides that is a sin.


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