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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The "One" For Me No Longer Cares..

Hi, I'm In Love With A Guy I Thought Was "The One". But Everything Has Changed Because Up Until Recently He Has Stopped Caring And It Seems Our Relationship Has Been One Sided Because I'm Doing All The Texting, Calling, Loving And Missing. The Problem Is I Love Him And I Don't Know What To Do... Please Help Me... I Am Confused...

I believe I’ve treated a case like this and my answer remains that you should leave the relationship because God never created love to be one-sided but mutual. If a guy you thought was “the one” stops caring and you’re the only one that does the whole texting, calling, loving and missing, then something is wrong somewhere.

Thinking he was “the one” meant that there was a time he was calling you,
texting you, missing you and loving you. So what made him stop? If he was doing those things before and was your prince charming, why the recent change? Could it be he’s tired of the relationship?

I’ll suggest that you call him for the last time and plainly tell him how you feel about his recent careless nature and see what he says about it. If you’re not okay with his explanations and if there’s no immediate change in his behaviour towards you, then quickly terminate the relationship before he out-rightly dumps you.

You will definitely hurt for a little while because of your love for him but its far better now than having a heart-break or having your spirit crushed later because true love is never meant to hurt us needlessly.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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