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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is Something Wrong With My Spiritual Life??

Hi Beloved. I Am A Christian Who Was Baptized In A Catholic Church But Now Attends A Pentecostal Church. My Problem Is That My Prayers Are Very Short In Church And I Always Run Out Of Things To Pray About When Others Around Me Go On And On. I Don’t Speak In Tongues And I Have Never Fallen Down Like Most People Do When The Pastor Prays For Them. This Makes Me Feel Very Awkward. Is It That I’m Not Believing Enough Or I Am Not Connecting With The Holy Spirit At All?

My Dear, I Would Want To Say That There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Spiritual Life BUT I Have To Ask You A Question First. When You Began Attending The Pentecostal Church, Did You Really Accept Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Renounced Every Work Of Darkness?

If Your Answer Is Yes, Then Here’s The Second Question; Does The
Holy Spirit Bear Witness With You That You’re A Child Of God? If Your Answer Is Yes Again, Then, There’s Nothing Wrong With You And The Holy Spirit Dwells Within You.

Don’t Allow People’s Demonstration Of Falling Down And Speaking In Tongues Shift Your Focus From Christ Because Some Of Them Are Faking It. Prayerfully Ask The Holy Spirit To Give You The Gift Of Speaking In Tongues Because There Are Many Gifts Of The Holy Spirit And 1 Cor. 12:11 Says That “All These Are The Work Of One And The Same Spirit, And He Gives Them To Each One, Just As He Determines”.

Read 1 Cor.12:1-11 To See The Various Gifts Of The Holy Spirit And It Will Also Help You Know If You’re Believing Enough And If You’re Connecting With The Holy Spirit.


  1. I think you must devote yourself more to the bible to know the right words to use during prayers and also seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit to enable you pray more

    1. Thanks for that candid advice Freedom fighter. God bless you..


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