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Monday, June 11, 2012

Meant To Be Or Not Meant To Be..

Hi Beloved, I Have Been Praying For The Right Man In My Life, 3wks Ago, I Met This Good Looking Guy, Smart, Christian, Everything I Idealized Except There Is No 'Chemistry'. Sometimes, We Go Out But Run Out Of Things To Say To Each Other. It Gets Quite Uncomfortable And Whenever He Says 'I Love You', I Just Can’t Bring Myself To Say The Same To Him. Could It Be That This Is Not Meant To Be Or I Need To Give Us More Time?

I’ll Start By Saying That Three (3) Weeks Is An Awfully Short Time To Know And Love Somebody. Any Guy/Lady That Professes To Love You Within Three Weeks Is Making A Very Suspicious Statement Because Lust Is Instant But Love Builds Overtime.

Have You Taken Time To
Pray Again After Meeting Him If He’s Really From God? Please Be Careful How You Make Choices So As To Avoid Un-necessary Heart-Breaks. Take Your Time And If It’s Really From God, The Feelings And “Chemistry” As You Call It Will Surely Come.

Finally, Prayerfully Wait To Receive A Go-Ahead From God Before Proceeding And Then, Take Time In Asking Each Other Questions About Yourselves. Don’t Force Anything Because True Love Develops Naturally.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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