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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My Love's Genotype And Mine Are The Same - As, As. What Do I Do??

Hi Beloved, I'm Into A Relationship That Is About 12 Years Old Now, She Is The Only Girl In My Life That I Love With My Whole Heart Even Though We're Not Living In The Same Country. I've Committed Myself To The Highest Level That Nobody Can Imagine Nor Believe In This 21st Century. Honestly Speaking, I Can't Do Without Her. I Can't Imagine My Feelings Towards Her. But From All Indications, She's Proven Integrity, Sincerity, God-Fearing And Decent. 
When I Realized All These, I Was Really Happy For Falling In Love With Such A Girl Which Made Me Clingier To Her. Early This Year, We Had A Medical Test And When The Result Came Out; Our Genotype Was The Same – As, As – According To The Report. Since Then, Whenever I Think Of Breaking Up, I'll Fall Sick And Emotional Crazy Until I Speak With Her Before I Can Get Myself. The Truth Is, I Can’t Quit The Relationship Otherwise Something May Happen To Me. 
I Really Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Her. I Need Prayers And Advice. What Should I Do?

Wow! I Feel Your Pain And Would Advice You Based On Your Faith. Are You Truly Born Again? Did God
Approve The Relationship Between Both Of You? If You Are Solidly Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt That God Approved Her As Your Wife, Then And Only Then Will I Advise You To Go Ahead And Marry Her.

Otherwise, Please DON’T!! I Say This Because It Would Not Be Fair Of You To Bring In A Child Into This World To Come And Suffer From Sickle Cell Anaemia And Die Before His/Her Time. Not Only Would Both Of You Spend So Much To Keep Her Alive, He/She Will Also Be In Serious Pains Most Of The Time.

THERE’S NOTHING GOD CANNOT DO! So, Before Making A Move To Marry Her, Make Sure First Of All, That God’s Hand Is In It And That YOUR FAITH CARRIES IT. If Not, Please Don’t Go Ahead. It May Seem You’ll Die Without Your Love But Consider Bringing In An Innocent Baby Into This World To Live A Life Filled With Pain.


Remain Richly Blessed..

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